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And They Danced to Different Tunes

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Summary: A bunch of minis written from spefications of various people on LJ. Thanks for lending me your plotbunnies/pairing preferences

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherCalexFR1847,686011,59612 May 0511 Jun 05No

Fai-Faerie (Buffy/Galen)

Title: Fai-Faerie

Author: Calex

Rating: 15, for language?

Disclaimer: I own nada. BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and MG by Laurell K Hamilton. I just play around with the characters. No copyright infringement meant, no profit to be made etc.

Notes: For angylinni and goddessvicky on LJ, because they wanted to see a Merry Gentry fic, and Vicky wanted the crossover.

Wordcount: 2788

It was a long, long day and all that she could ever possibly even think or want, at the moment, was a long, hot bath. A long, hot bubble bath would be better. Yeah, using that rose-silk stuff that Dawn had given her for her birthday, last week, the one with the really expensive glass bottle. Buffy walked towards her room in the four bedroom house she shared with Dawn and Willow, peeling off a grimy and gore-stained top, wrinkling her nose at what she saw. Eww… note to self: Moloch demons don’t only smell bad, but they were also messy. Really messy. Dropping the top on the floor, Buffy walked towards her ensuite bathroom whilst kicking off her shoes and watched them, with mild satisfaction, as they flew across the room. Her hands were on the zipper of her jeans when she saw him. Buffy screamed. He shouted. Footsteps pounding as Willow, Dawn and Xander spilled into her room. More screaming from Buffy, this time way embarrassed. Somewhere within all that screaming, Dawn started laughing, and the man… thing was looking sorta bemused… and worried.

“Alright, what is going on here?” Her voice sounded just a little shrill as she pointed to the green, yes, green, guy on her bed. “Who are you? What are you? Are you an alien? Cause if you are, where’s the antennas? And you look nothing like ET, mister. And if you’re not, what’s with the green? Hello, am I the only one seeing the green, naked guy on my bed?”

“Oh, hell no,” Dawn murmured, eyes moving appreciatively over the body, a mischievous look on her face. “How come I don’t get presents like this?”

“Dawn,” Buffy crossed her arms, and tried to look stern. “Language. And you are way too young for dirty sex-like thoughts.”

“Hello, nineteen!” Dawn rolled her eyes. “And hello, pot calling the kettle black. Do I really need to remind you of a certain incident with ye broody vampire-boyfriend of old? Certain events leading to said broody vampire-boyfriend to turn not-so-broody and more sociopathic and… and whoa on the evil scale?”

“Mentionings of Angel and high school are on the list of “not to bring up”,” Buffy reminded her sister. “You’re cheating.”

“Also on the list of “how we’ll change”, right up there with me giving up klepto habits of old, was you trying not to be all protective-Buffy, remember? Nineteen, college student, does have a love-life and will have the sex, one day.”

“As long as you never tell me about it.” Buffy winced at that thought. Dawn just rolled her eyes again. Xander just cleared his throat and Buffy noticed how he was studiously not looking at her. “What?”

“Ah, could you, um…” he waved his hand a little in her general direction and Buffy looked confused. She looked down. And let out a little shriek. She’d forgotten she’d taken her top off. And had started to unbutton her pants because really, Xander seeing her nearly naked? Eww. There was a deep chuckle that came from the direction of the bed, as Buffy rummaged on the floor to find the discarded, disgusting, filthy… anyway, to find the discarded top. She pulled it on, buttoning up her pants, then looked at the bed. The guy… thing was now sitting up in her bed and had wrapped the sheet around his waist to cover himself. There was still a great deal of exposed green skin, though, and really, being so-not clothed like that was really asking for a girl to ogle a little, especially considering the body that was in the process of being ogled wasn’t half bad, not bad at all. The green thing aside, of course, but who was she to complain? Her boyfriends hadn’t been all too normal, two were vampires (though Spike couldn’t really count as a boyfriend, but that was besides the point), Riley was part of military group of nutsos and, well. Yeah. Her track record? Bad. Really bad. She couldn’t help but be fascinated at how far the green ran, from his skin, to his hair and his eyes. Skin that looked as soft as silk and with some plenty impressive muscles. And the hair, like moss, fell to brush into eyes that looked amused and oh so green and as she looked, she couldn’t help but feel a little breathless, and she noticed that he had stopped chuckling and he had this look on his face, like he was drowning, and she couldn’t help but think that it was the same look that had to be on her face….

Dawn nudged her, neatly, and Buffy turned to glare at her sister, but the spell was broken. She’d been staring. Oh. How embarrassing. She felt her face flush in her embarrassment, and turned back to the guy. She thought it might be a good idea not to go anywhere near the bed, and so she stood there, all battle dirtied and tried not to notice the way his happy trail, exposed, was just as green as the rest of him… okay. Blushing worse, now. Dawn was smirking at her, and she shot her sister a glare. Okay, trying to be normal, human Buffy with vocal skills.

“I’m Buffy.”

“Galen.” He didn’t have that incredulous look most people got when they heard her name, that “who’d be sadistic enough to name their kid Buffy” look that always got her plenty ticked off. So, okay, his name wasn’t all run-of-the-mill, so that was probably why. She smiled at him, and watched as he smiled back. Noticed that one vital thing that set him apart from them, the four of them in the room with him. Other than his green skin, obviously. He had an openness about him, a trust and naïveté that was refreshing and set off something in her, an aching she almost forgot was there. She’d gotten so used to the dull throbbing it left in her, that she’d forgotten its existence, the part of her that wanted her innocence back. He was handsome, beautiful, even, and it wasn’t just looks that made him that way, not to her. His innocence made him just as beautiful as anything else about him would. She wanted that part of him, wanted it like she wanted normality and security. But she couldn’t have that, and these days… these days she didn’t think she did want it, not when it had gotten her her Key sister, her badass Wiccan-lesbian best friend and her… well. Xander was normal, except for the eyepatch, but she figured she had to thank the bad things in life for Xander as well, because if she wasn’t the Slayer, she wouldn’t have moved to Sunnydale, and if she wasn’t Slayer and freak, she wouldn’t have made friends with Wills and the Xan-Man, and hung around the Cordelia-types. Thank god she hadn’t, Buffy thought, thank god she hadn’t.

“Where’re you from?” Buffy turned to Dawn, who’d asked the question, and frowned at the little flirty note in her voice. Okay, yeah, had to remember that Dawn was all grown up now and that she could do the… guy thing. Although, no, that wasn’t quite it, not quite it at all. Galen smiled at her, an open, warm smile that made a blush colour Dawn’s cheek, and Buffy felt like… well. Okay. Whoa, she was jealous of her sister? So not right, on any level! She tuned in, though, to listen to what he had to say, since she found herself having this… unexplainably innate curiosity about him. Oh, all right. Maybe the curiosity could be explained. He was a) hot, b) hot and c) was reclining, naked, on her bed. What’s not to be jealous about?

“Los Angeles.” He frowned, looking around him. “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore?”

“You know, this is the part where I go all ironic and say, actually…” Dawn said, dryly. He grinned at her, quick and easy, and Buffy felt her heart do a little flip. Oh. Bad, bad bad. Bad when the flipping was in the general heart area, and not just the stomach. SO bad.

“So… what are you? Demon?”

“Some have called us that,” he shrugged elegantly, but looked a little curious. He tipped his head slightly, in what was a way that made his neck stretch a little and he had this cute little “thinking” face on and… okay, Buffy. Stop. “You truly don’t know what I am?”

“Uh,” Buffy met Xander, Willow and Dawn’s eyes and shrugged. “No?”

“I am sidhe.” Blank stares met his pronouncement. There was bewilderment in his gaze, now, and the starts of unease. “A faerie.”

“A fairy?” Buffy’s eyes lit up. “Cool, do you have wings? I always thought fairies were tiny and, you know, female. Like Tinkerbelle. Oooh, do you have fairy dust that can make us fly?”

“Buffy was watching Peter Pan last night,” Dawn said as an aside to Xander and Willow’s questioning looks. The immediate nods of understanding were almost insulting, and Buffy ignored them, looking excitedly at the fairy on his bed. He turned that boyish grin on her, and okay, she melted a little. She had this gooey look on her face that made Dawn look purely disgusted. Stupid little sisters, anyway.

“Not fairy, faerie. I think what you’re thinking of are the demi-fey.”

“Demi-fey?” Buffy scrunched her nose in a way someone had told her was cute. “What are they?”

“Tiny,” he confided, all smiles. “Beautiful and small, with little wings. But they’re not as cute as people make them out to be?”


“Mmhmm,” something dark entered his face for a little while, and there was a great deal of anger, there. Anger and just a little pain, too. He pushed it away, visibly, but it had been there. Buffy made a mental note: Galen hates demi-fey, check. He smiled again, but it was weak, this time. “They have teeth… and they… they like the taste of human flesh.”

“Oh, ew,” she wrinkled her nose for real, now. “Don’t you just hate the flesh-eating kinds. I mean, you’d think the blood sucking was bad enough, but no. They had to add flesh eating into the equation.”

“How did you know that the demi-fey drank blood?” Galen frowned, and Buffy’s head shot up, surprised.

“They do?” Then she shook her hand dismissively. “Okay, whatever. Let’s not go there. I wasn’t talking about demi-fey, but vampires.”

“Vampires?” Galen let out a little startled laugh. “Vampires don’t exist.”

“You’re a fai-faerie,” Buffy corrected herself. “And you’re trying to tell me vampires don’t exist? If one of you does, I guess the other does too. Why do you think we’re taking the whole faerie thing in our stride?”

“I…” He looked around him again, and the unease increased in his eyes. “I expected you to. I… we’re not exactly a closed race, we had that written agreement, and after all everyone knows of our existence. Our royalty is as famous as human royalty.”

“Wait, stop, people know about you?” She got some of that unease in his gaze, and she shot a look at her friends. “How’d you say you got here, again?”

“I.. don’t know. I was sleeping, it’s my night with Merry tonight, then I felt this sharp pulling, and there was light and… and then I heard you screaming.”

Your night with Merry? “Light?”

“Yes. Bright white light. Then this pulling sensation and now I’m here. What type of magicks is this? I’ve never felt anything like it.”

At the word “magicks”, Buffy’s head shot up. She looked accusingly at one of her best friends and saw Willow studiously looking away. She’d wondered why the redhead was all quiet-like, but had gotten distracted by Galen. Dammit! Her eyes narrowed at her now blushing friend.


“It was just a simple spell, I didn’t mean to do it!”

Hell. Buffy sighed, closed her eyes. Somehow? Not so surprised. Okay, so she was surprised, but that had ore to do with the naked thing than anything else. And the green thing. And the guy in her bed, thing. Yeah, okay, surprised, but she wasn’t surprised that it was Willow. She’d thought Dawn, but Dawn was a little too appreciative.


“Happy Birthday?” her friend laughed, nervously. Buffy was incredulous.

“You got me a guy for my birthday? Will! You know what Giles said, no playing with portals, that’s Dawnie’s job.” She ignored Dawn’s outraged ‘hey!’ and concentrated on her squirming friend. “Bad, Willow. What if you’d gotten something bad? What if you’d sucked in the next Big Bad into my room? Snap, dead Buffy. And you know I’ll haunt you, right?” Willow cringed.

“Well, you were all sad and stuff for the past year, and then when you made your wish I couldn’t help but take a peak into your head. When you blew out the candles. And when you said you wanted to fall in love, that you’d like to find a nice guy, boom, idea hit me. What a more perfect present than a man-shaped one? And, and if the spell brought him, then he has to be a good guy, right? And you can do the sex thing with him, and, and enjoy that as a bonus and all that love stuff will happen after it and I didn’t mean to make an inter-dimensional trip-”

“Willow,” Buffy put her hands on her friend’s shoulders, and looked into her eyes. When Willow stopped, she shook her head. “Breathe. Full on Willow-babble mode, switch off. Not of the good.”

“Right,” Willow was turning tomato, but Buffy just shook her head. “Sorry.” Her voice was small, when she spoke up again. “I just wanted to get you a cool birthday present.”

“It is,” Buffy hugged her friend, once. “Just… nothing alive, ‘kay? Cause I’m going to have to take care of them, and you know I can’t cook. Or do the mommy thing, or… yeah.”

“I can cook,” Galen offered, and the four simultaneously turned to him, and he blinked. “Whoa. Freaky.”

“Okay, mister, what?”

“The simultaneous turning thing. Very strange.”

“No, the comment before that.”

“What, that I can cook?” he shrugged. “Yeah. I’m pretty good, too.”

“Buffy,” awe was in Dawn’s tone. “Buffy, we gotta keep him, please can we keep him?”

“Dawnie, not our dimension. Not ours to keep.”

“But Buff,” a whiny tone entered her sister’s voice. “He’s so cute!”


“Does anyone else find it disturbing that I’m being discussed like I’m some kind of puppy?” Galen asked the room in general. No one answered him, and he sighed. “Guess not, then.” He groaned, dropped his face in his hands. “Rhys would love this. Vampires and interdimentional travel. He’d love it even more if there was some kind of detective agency.” Dawn started to laugh. Loudly. He looked up, confused. “What?”

“There used to,” she looked amused, and Buffy, abashed. “Angel Investigations. But they kinda merged with an evil law-firm and do the good, there. Oh, the head-guy’s a vampire.” Galen looked incredulous.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. Come on, I think Xander’s clothes might fit you better than any of ours. We’ll get you some clothes, and then we’ll tell you about this world, and you can tell us about yours, how’s that?”

“Sounds like a plan.” His smile faltered. “Will I… Will I be able to go back?”

“Willow will find a way.” Buffy’s voice was soft. “Don’t worry.”

“Okay.” That was it. He took her word, just like that. She wanted to be like that. She smiled, almost sadly, at him.

“Stay here while Xan gets the clothes. Dawn’ll make something, she’s the only one of us that can cook. Just… don’t pick up anything that looks remotely different from normal, she experiments.”

“They turn out to be good.”

“No,” Buffy frowned. “Not good, not good at all.”

“You tasted one tiny experiment gone wrong and you think all of it’s the same.” She sounded exasperated. “If you’d only try – ”


“But – ”

“Are they always like this?” Galen asked Willow, who’d paused at the back of the leaving group. She watched the way his eyes lingered on Buffy and hid a smile.

“They’re sisters,” she said, simply. Galen nodded. Then he turned to his head to the side.

“How long ‘till you could send me back?”

“A few hours?” Willow admitted, with a sigh. He looked thoughtful, looking at the doorway again, then seemed to come to a decision.

“Could you,” he sounded hesitant. “Could you extend that a little? For a week or two?”

The grin spread over her face. “Hours? What are hours? I meant weeks.”
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