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Batman/Buffy: The Slayer Prophecy

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Summary: An unholy alliance drives two very different heroes (and their allies) together.

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Two Months Later

Epilogue: Two Months Later

Dawn had just logged on the computer when a soft ‘ping’ alerted her that a friend was online. She grinned, and contacted him via IM.

Dawn’s Early Light: Hey, Jack!

Wonder_Boy: Hey, Dawn!

Dawn’s Early Light: Whatcha doin’?

Wonder_Boy: Research. You?

Dawn’s Early Light: Just surfing. I’m not bothering you, am I? :(

Wonder_Boy: Nope. This is just for me. How are things on your end?

Dawn’s Early Light: Where do I begin? Let’s see- Buffy’s still taking me to ‘work,’ sometimes. She still only lets me handle the ‘easy’ problems.

Wonder_Boy: You still getting bruises?

Dawn’s Early Light: What do you think? :(

Wonder_Boy: (hugs Dawn) Ouch! I still remember the first couple months of my training. It gets better.

Dawn’s Early Light: (hugs back) Really?

Wonder_Boy: Ha-ha, no! (points and laughs)

Dawn’s Early Light: (picks up shovel and beats Jack with it!)

Wonder_Boy: (no, Dawn only *tries* to beat Jack with a shovel. Jack is much too fast for her!)

Dawn’s Early Light: (Dawn picks up bazooka and fires it at Jack, blowing him up!)

Wonder_Boy: (No, Jack dodges missile, because Jack rox!)

Dawn’s Early Light: (Dawn tells Uncle Matches that Jack has been mean to her!)

Wonder_Boy: … Truce.

Dawn’s Early Light: LOL!

Dawn’s Early Light: :p

Wonder_Boy: Yeah, rub it in.

Dawn’s Early Light: I will.

Dawn’s Early Light: :D

Wonder_Boy: Seriously- that all on your end?

Dawn’s Early Light: No. The Xander/Anya saga progresses on its merry way.

Wonder_Boy: (winces) Don’t like the sound of that…

Dawn’s Early Light: Xander’s backbone is almost what it was, so the two are arguing a lot, when they aren’t making eyes at each other’s backs.

Wonder_Boy: In other words, more of the same?

Dawn’s Early Light: Yup. One of these days one of them is going to time it wrong and look at the other’s face. Then they’ll end up ‘playing checkers’. Spike’s started a betting pool for how long it will take for that to happen.

Wonder_Boy: (grins) If I ever see her in person again, I have to thank Tara for giving you that phrase.

Dawn’s Early Light: It’s not that funny.

Wonder_Boy: I’ve been using it at the Tower, and one my friends *finally* got what it meant!

Dawn’s Early Light: Little-S or Bigfoot?

Wonder_Boy: Bigfoot.

Dawn’s Early Light: Oh.

Wonder_Boy: Anything else on your end?

Dawn’s Early Light: Willow and Tara are still cute together.

Wonder_Boy: (drools)

Dawn’s Early Light: (provides bucket) They’re still doing the witch-teaching thing. Willow’s never gonna do it the way Tara does, but she’s learning. And Tara says she’s learning too.

Wonder_Boy: Cool. Anything else?

Dawn’s Early Light: That’s all on my front. The big mouth has been super quiet, but that’s standard for this time of year. I think that the clown scared away whatever big bad was scheduled to appear. Yours?

Wonder_Boy: Let’s see… R2 is still in therapy- he’s down to three hours a day every day with JJ.

Dawn’s Early Light: (winces) So he’s getting better?

Wonder_Boy: He’s still pretty screwed up, but he’s starting to get better. Emphasis on starting. I hear he has some wicked nightmares.

Dawn’s Early Light: That’s understandable. I wish we were able to put Buffy in therapy after she came back.

Wonder_Boy: You need the right therapist, and you really can’t do better than JJ.

Dawn’s Early Light: If you say so.

Dawn’s Early Light: Anything else?

Wonder_Boy: I told you about Robbie’s love life, right?

Dawn’s Early Light: You mean about that girl he crushed on as a kid, went on to date as an adult, and who dumped him a while back?

Wonder_Boy: Yup. Well, after a lot of groveling he’s finally talked her into going out together as friends.

Dawn’s Early Light: Go Robbie!

Wonder_Boy: Go Robbie! However, the woman in question is really strong willed. Just because she’s agreed to be friends means that he’s got a long ways to go to get her to take him back. If he even can.

Dawn’s Early Light: Is Candy still OD’ing on Snoopy?

Wonder_Boy: I caught myself humming the theme song just now. What does that tell you?

Dawn’s Early Light: lol!

Wonder_Boy: It’s starting to drive you-know-who up the wall, but Grandpa is delighted that her interests are expanding, and how can you not love a dancing beagle?

Dawn’s Early Light: Exactly!

Dawn’s Early Light: Hello?

Dawn’s Early Light: Are you there?

Dawn’s Early Light: Yoo-Hoo, Wonder Boy!

Wonder_Boy: Sorry. Urgent message. G2G. Bye!

Dawn’s Early Light: Bye!


Buffy stared down at it. She was in her washroom, checking the results of a test. What she was impossible- except it wasn’t. Not really. She knew how it had to have happened. [Oh. My. God. This has to be wrong, I mean, these things can be wrong! They’re wrong all the time, aren’t they?]

She started pacing. [I have to see a doctor- no, I have to call Giles! He’ll know what to do! Giles knows everything! He’s a great, big, knowing person! He has to know what to do!] She glanced back at the results. [Oh God!] She continued to pace, and tried not to look back at the results, or what it said on the box: two lines means the test is positive. She was… pregnant. [Oh God!]

The End (For Now)

The End

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