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Next Verse Same as the First

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Summary: Riley's new job isn't so different. Twisted Shorts Challenge #3

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Movies > Men in BlackshimaspawnFR131408012,21216 May 0516 May 05Yes
Title: Next Verse Same as the First
Author: shimaspawn
Rating: FR13
Crossover: M.i.B.
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon, M.i.B. to Columbia Pictures.
Summary: Riley’s new job isn't so different.


Agent R strolled calmly through M.i.B. headquarters. They were still cleaning up after Serleena’s attack. He was one of three new agents recruited in the wake of the near apocalypse. The other two, Agents H and C respectively were a bit more leery of the situation, but to R, near apocalypses were par for course. He had tried to get out of it, but he simply ended up trading one battle for another.

After his wife’s death at the hands of a Quouwagle Demon Riley had decide to get out of the demon hunting business. It was too risky, too dangerous, and far too under funded for what the government tried to have them accomplish. With the addition of the new Slayers, he just didn’t feel like he belonged there any more. He was going to retire. He had made a good show of it too until he ran in a man know only as Zed. He said he ran an agency that was looking for men like Riley. Men with special talents.

It was the same job, with a different face. The Men in Black may have had better tech, cooler guns, and snappier clothes than the military, but the big green things with teeth were still big green things with teeth. It was comforting in a way that he didn’t have leave everything behind to get a new start, though he could do without the slime. There were some other perks of the job that put it ahead of the Service as well, rocket propelled cars, and better medical technology were just a couple. He couldn’t help but think about the applications some of these gadgets would have in his own line of work, and he found it amusing that the M.i.B had never crosses paths with the Watchers before.

But of all the toys and gadgets the M.i.B. had, the Neuralizer was his favourite. At least now he had better explanations than “gangs on PCP” or “exsanguinated by a barbeque fork.” Just hold up the rod, press the button and they’d accept any remotely plausible explanation for the damage around them, though he did have to wonder if it would work on Slayers. Hopefully he would never have to find out. He honestly didn’t want to know how the girls would take to the idea of attack from above being as common as those from below.

The End

You have reached the end of "Next Verse Same as the First". This story is complete.

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