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The Long Sleep

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Summary: Post NFA, Illyria awakens in a place altogether unfamiliar...

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > XenosagaWiseFR71405022,25816 May 0516 May 05Yes
The Long Sleep

by P.H. Wise

An Angel Crossover Oneshot Shortfic

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel. I don't own Illyria. I own very little at all, really. AtS is Joss Whedon's baby, not mine.


Secure in the midst of nothingness, centered in the void and lacking any kind of center at all, Illyria slept. She was not, and yet she was. She had not been aware for ... she had no idea how long. She had no idea at all, actually. It was not light, nor dark, nor anything at all. She was nothing. And yet she *was*.

And then awareness returned to her in a glorious burst of sensation. Her first thoughts were a confused jumble, all coming at once. It was a few seconds before she was able to form coherent questions, though sounding within the confines of her mind, there was no one save her self to answer them.

‘Where am I?’

‘It is cold.’

‘Where is the dragon?’


Her eyes opened, and she recognized her surroundings, vaguely. She lay within some kind of metal coffin. She wondered if she had been buried in the ground. All at once, claustrophobia rose within her like a horrible, smothering cloth, threatening to overwhelm her and drive away the awareness that had only just made its return. But before she could do much, there was a faint hissing noise, the coffin slid open, and a mist rushed out of it all at once. Though she knew not what she would find outside the confines of her coffin, she stepped out of it... onto the metal deck of a starship.

She was in a lab, and a young woman was smiling at her.

“Good morning, KOS-MOS,” said the young woman.

‘Who is KOS-MOS?’ she wondered. ‘Who is this woman?’ ‘Where am I?’ ‘How did I get here?’ She felt the urge to simply destroy the young woman who had deigned to address her by a name that was not her own, yet even as these thoughts formed within her, she heard her own voice responding against her will. “Good morning, Shion.”

Illyria’s thoughts began to race, and for a moment, as her body moved forward of its own accord, she despaired.



I couldn’t seem to get this idea out of my head, so I went and wrote it down in the hope that in doing so I would be able to get back to work on Epigoni. I have no intention of developing this into a longer story.

Secondary disclaimer: I also don't own Xenosaga.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Long Sleep". This story is complete.

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