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Summer Vacation

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Summary: Dawn is at Disney World with a bunch of slayers, and they are transported to the Caribbean. Same old, same old.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Dawn-CenteredLadyAlarielFR153977052,37317 May 0525 Jul 05No

Summer Vacation-2

All was still on the Caribbean Sea. No wind, no current, nothing. It was unnaturally quiet, and the Black Pearl was sitting dead on the water. Captain Jack Sparrow was standing at the helm staring out at the water, frowning to himself.
“’Tis positively unnatural, this quiet,” he spoke absently to Mr. Gibbs, who nodded as he scowled out at the water.
“Aye, sir. ‘Tis eerie, this calm. I’ve never seen such a dead sailing sea.”
Jack cast a frowning look up at the sails. “It seems almost as though…” his voice trailed off as he caught sight of something in the distance. “Break out the oars!” Gibbs blinked at him for a second in confusion, then shrugged and repeated the order. The crew immediately hopped to the job, glad for the opportunity to do something other than scrub the deck. Jack turned with a frown to Anna Maria as the woman hurried onto the upper deck.
“What’s going on, Jack? Why break out the oars?” Jack didn’t say a word, but simply gestured leeward. Both Gibbs and Anna Maria stared out at the water for a brief second, then blinked and looked again. Out on the still water floated a tiny boat, filled up with…
“What’re a bunch o’ females doin’ out here?” Gibbs asked without thought, only aware of his mistake when he felt Anna Maria’s familiar glare on the back of his head
“That is what I should like to know,” Jack said absently, ignoring the byplay between his first and second mates. Slowly, the ship approached the boat and Jack ordered two gurneys launched, himself on the first out. Let no one say that the captain of the Black Pearl was not the first into danger…after all, a boat full of females could be quite dangerous.

---OK, here’s the second chapter, right on time! Thanx for reviews, and CPTSkip, you got what you asked for! Hope you liked!
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