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Summer Vacation

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Summary: Dawn is at Disney World with a bunch of slayers, and they are transported to the Caribbean. Same old, same old.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Dawn-CenteredLadyAlarielFR153977052,37317 May 0525 Jul 05No

Summer Vacation

Dawn Summers was positive of it. Disney World was evil. She had thought that Sunnyhell was evil, but this…this topped every evil place that she had ever seen before. At first it had been lots of fun, with watching Anya freak out at the six-foot Rabbit from Whinnie-the-Pooh and Xander chasing after the youngest girls when they wanted to go get some actor’s autograph, but it quickly decelerated to pure misery.

It all started with the rides. Dawn and Willow took the younger slayers on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride while Xander chaperoned the older girls on a shopping spree through all the shops. Originally, Dawn had thought that Xander had had the harder job, looking out for all those girls, having to carry all the purchases, chasing after the teenage girls when they squealed and ran for some really cute shirt, but now…She was going insane! They had all gotten into the boats, having one entire craft to themselves, and had started their ride down the river in relative peace. Once the boat had been a few minutes into the ride, however, it all went downhill.

Dawn had turned to speak to Willow through the chatter of the girls, when she saw a bright green glow out of the corner of her eye and she gaped slightly. Every slayer in the boat immediately stiffened and reached for various weaponry at hearing her gasp and Willow looked at her in concern. Wordlessly, she pointed towards the slight glow ahead, and the red haired witch’s mouth opened in a silent ‘oh’ of surprise. Without warning, the boat suddenly accelerated and flew with a huge whoosh! through a large, glowing green portal. All of the girls held tight to the boat and their weapons as they disappeared out of their world.

OK, so this is the first chapter, 300 words exactly. I am planning on writing 300 words for every chapter, and hopefully I will be updating every other day. Hope ya like! Review!
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