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Documentation Runs in the Family

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Summary: Andrew's little cousin comes to visit

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Game Night

A/N: I got more inspiration
Chapter 4: Game Night

“Come on Colin.” Andrew said dragging Colin from the library.

“But so many books with such cool pictures.” Colin pouted as he left the room of many books.

“Yeah but it’s game night and next to movie night it’s the best especially since there are so many more choices.” Andrew said.

“Is there exploding snap and wizards chess?” Colin asked.

“Umm no not really but we have a lot of other games I’ll show you around the tables.” Andrew said as they enter a large room that could accommodate all the girls with tables set up.

Colin paused for a second to snap a picture of most of the girls laughing or yelling before Andrew started speaking again. Andrew pointed to the first table which had Xander and about six other girls situated at and Colin took a picture of that as well, “That’s been dubbed the Geek table, right now they’re playing,” Andrew leaned closer to look, “Hey you guys said you would wait for me before you started playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit!”

“Don’t worry Andrew, we’re playing teams. You can be on mine once you get Colin settled.” The smallest girl said smiling.

“Yeah they wouldn’t let us be on the same team again.” Xander smirked.

“Ha after last time I don’t think so. You two have too much knowledge to be on the same team.” One of the other girls snorted.

“Anyway moving on this is the Cursing table.” Andrew moved to another table where about ten girls all about 16 years old were playing B.S.

“Bullshit Mandi!” One of the girls yelled pointing at Mandi.

“God damnit every effin time.” Mandi started to take the cards before flipping over the top two, “Just kidding Sarah.”

“You ass!” Sarah grumbled while taking the big pile of cards. Colin’s eyes widened at the amount of swears but he still held up his camera to take a photograph.

“They have to play with two decks.” Andrew said before moving to a table which Faith, Dawn, and four of the older girls sat at. “This is the Gambling table.”

“Anti up ladies.” Faith said throwing a quarter to the center of the table.

“You don’t want to play at this table they cheat.” Andrew whispered quietly to Colin. Colin nodded before capturing a picture.

“Just because you can’t bluff doesn’t mean we cheat Andrew.” Dawn smiled sweetly.

Andrew stuck his tongue out at Dawn before moving to the next table where only four people were sitting, one of them being Willow. “This is the Smart table and tonight it’s Scrabble.”

“Counterpane is not one word.” One of the girls told Willow.

“Is too Hannah, check the dictionary.” Willow pushed the huge dictionary on the table towards Hannah. Hannah had just started looking through the dictionary when Colin took a picture of them.

Andrew walked over to a corner where Colin took a picture of a TV and a bunch of video games with four girls sitting on a couch, playing Mario Party and three girls sitting in front of the couch watching the others play. “The Arcade Section, since it doesn’t have a table or anything.”

“I want to play Mortal Kombat next.” One of the girls on the floor said.

“As soon as I win you can play that Jess.” The girl in the middle of the couch replied.

“I don’t think so Liz, there is no way you’re going to beat me this time.” The girl next to Liz retorted.

The next table held eight girls playing a board game. “This is the Feel of the Moment table because they never play the same game twice.” Andrew said not even stopping by that table but moving on to a small table that held Giles, Buffy, and a chess set. Colin took a quick picture before following Andrew.

“I know strategy I don’t need to play chess to figure out strategy.” Buffy whined.

“Buffy it’s only one game and then you can go back to gambling.” Giles sighed.

“And lastly the Strategy table every once and a while they play Risk though.” Andrew gestured to Buffy and Giles. “So where would you like to sit?”

Colin snapped a picture of Buffy in mid rant before saying, “Actually I’d like to play chess.”

Buffy immediately got up and pushed Colin in her seat, “You are a saint.” Then she quickly moved to the Gambling table before Giles could say anything.

Colin looked at Buffy’s pieces before glancing at Giles’, “We need to start over there’s no way I could salvage this.”

Giles smiled, “Well this actually might be challenging tonight.”

“Have fun I have a Trivial Pursuit game I have to go win.” As Andrew started walking away he muttered, “As if there’s any way I could lose, Xander’s knowledge of the force is large but mine is bigger than Yoda’s.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Documentation Runs in the Family". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking