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Documentation Runs in the Family

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Summary: Andrew's little cousin comes to visit

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Documentation Runs in the Family

Title: Documentation Runs in the Family

Author: Zili

Rating: FR7

Disclaimer: I don’t own Colin Creevy or Buffy and my inspiration for this fic goes to the wonderful talented EmlynII

A/N: Post Chosen and right after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Dawn, Buffy, and Willow were standing in the newly built Watcher’s Council in Scotland looking out the window at Andrew who was standing at the beginning of the driveway jumping up and down with impatience. “What is he doing?” Buffy asked tilting her head hoping that somehow it would give her better understanding of Andrew.

“He said that one of his aunts was letting one of his cousins stay for a week after his school let out.” Dawn answered.

Suddenly a cab appeared in front of the driveway and Andrew let out a squeal of excitement. A boy stepped out of the cab carrying a trunk. He looked about eleven years old, with blond hair, and he was about as skinny as Andrew. The boy hugged Andrew hard before paying the cab driver. Then the cab drove away and Andrew and the kid started walking up the long driveway. About halfway to the door the boy dropped his side of the trunk and pulled out a camera and took a picture of the mansion that was the Watcher’s Council’s new building.

Andrew enter the building and smiled at Willow, Dawn, and Buffy, “Hey guys this is my cousin Colin, he’s gonna stay here for a week.” Then he turned to Colin, “This is Willow Rosenberg, uber powerful witch although she doesn’t use a wand. That’s Buffy Summers, she really good with weapons and super strong. And lastly we have the lovely Dawn Summers, Buffy’s little sister.”

“Hello.” Colin raised his camera and took another picture that left the three girls blinking trying to see again.

“Andrew!” Buffy shouted.

“Sorry Buffy but documentation runs in the family. Would you mind taking his trunk to my room, it’s really heavy.” Andrew said before turning and grabbing Colin’s arm gently pulling him to the backyard. “Come on Colin, I want to show you something really cool.”

“Okay.” Colin said practically skipping beside his cousin.

Suddenly Buffy frowned, “Please tell me he isn’t taking his cousin to see the mini-slayers train.”

At the shout of about thirty girls yelling, “Andrew!!” Buffy, Dawn, and Willow ran to see the door to the backyard closed with Andrew and Colin leaning against it and with two axes embedded in the door.

“This is going to be brilliant.” Colin said happily clutching his camera as if it was a million dollars.

“It’s a mini Andrew, only British.” Willow said giggling a little bit.

“Yes I have trained him well.” Andrew said giving a slight bow in Colin’s direction.

“Yes, I’ve learned much from you Master Jedi.” Colin replied giving his own bow.

The three girls groaned and said in unison, “It’s only for a week.”

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