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Talkers, Planners (Doers)

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Summary: A continuation of my previous fic, "the Wish"

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Talkers, Planners (Doers)

Talkers - Sunnydale (Faith and Cordelia)

Disclaimer: the characters present belong to Joss Whedon.


Cordelia found Faith in the library, being ignored by smooching Willow and Xander.

On the other hand, Faith seemed to be unaffected by that at all, looking more bored than irritated.

“Faith,” Cordelia said slowly but firmly. “You have time to spare?”

“Sure,” Faith replied, idly.

“Great!” and Cordelia took the other girl firmly by her jacket’s sleeve. “Then let’s have a talk!”

Warily, Faith followed Cordelia deeper into the library. Unlike Willow, with whom the dark Slayer currently had an all-out Cold War, she and Cordelia didn’t show much inter-est in getting to know each other. Didn’t have much interest to begin with, either. And now this. Interesting…

“So, Queen C, what do you want to talk about?” she said.

Cordelia paused, her decisiveness receding quite a bit. “Well, Faith, I’ve noticed that we don’t really know each other, not really-“

“Well, yeah.”

“Just hear me out. See, you’re hanging around Buffy and Scoobies because you don’t have anything better to do, and so do I. Now, after graduation, I’m leaving for LA. Want to come with me?”

For a second, Faith stared at Cordelia with open-mouthed amazement. Then her gaze hardened, and became… somehow familiar to Cordelia.

“You’re serious,” Faith finally spoke. “You’re actually serious, aren’t you, C? Well, here’s a counter-question; what brought this on?”

Cordelia paused, thinking. “I don’t know,” she finally admitted, feeling surprisingly vul-nerable. “I just got this idea in my head that you can be really someone if someone else gave you a chance… I don’t know. I just had that idea, you know?”

“I think I get the gist of it,” Cordelia said, with an actual wryness. “Still, what are your plans for LA?”

“I don’t know… I want to be an actress…”

“In a sitcom?”

“I don’t know,” Cordelia said with a sudden seriousness. “Personally, I was angling for a movie, you know?”

“I don’t know, C. The only thing longer than a sitcom is a soap opera-“

“Yuck! Soap operas are so stupid! No, seriously, after watching one for any long amount of time, I want to start knocking sense in characters!”

“Yeah, but a good soap can go on for years… and for all those years you get paid!”

“Um, Faith? My folks are rich, I already have money to spend and lend?”

“And you’re content with that amount?” Faith asked, with a surprisingly shrewd look in her eyes.


“Exactly. You’ll just have more money “to spend and lend” as you put so eloquently.”

“Huh.” And Cordelia grew genuinely thoughtful. Originally, when she thought of acting, she thought of doing so in a movie. Now, though…

“Anyways, this leaves another question – what will I do in LA?” Faith continued, break-ing the train of Cordelia’s thoughts. “I don’t have any acting skills, you know?”

Now it was Cordelia’s turn to look shrewd. “Come now, Faith,” she said, “you’re the big city girl here – surely you have an idea what to do once you come to a big city – come back to a big city, I mean.”

Something flickered at the bottom of Faith’s eyes. “You seriously mean it, don’t you? Me doing my thing,” she asked, unexpectedly softly, “don’t you? Well, C, I hope you realize that that will take a lot of my time.”

“That’s okay,” Cordelia slowly said. “I just want to have a friend in a LA – a real friend, not someone like Harmony.”

“Well, people like Harmony have their little uses too,” Faith said with a Cordelia-like snigger.

“Amen!” and the two brunettes high-fived each other.
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