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The Strength to Fight

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Summary: My idea for a Xander's real father story. Response to Challenge #1496

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDarkElfFR711,969167,09020 May 0520 May 05Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters who appear.

The Strength to Fight

Buffy was dead.

She had jumped through the portal to close it. And in doing so sacrificed her life for the good of the world.

But now things were bad. They had thought they could hide the truth with the Buffy-Bot but it was trashed beyond repair two days out by a lucky demon. Now the whole gang sat around a room trying to come up with a solution. At least most of the gang. Giles was gone.

But the others were still there. Willow and Tara had made a glamour spell so they could appear as Buffy for meetings but they couldn’t use it while hunting because it would cause to much a strain. So now they were stuck with what to do. They knew that word of the slayer’s death would spread fast.

“What are we gonna do?”

All eyes turned to the youngest. Dawn hadn’t spoken much since her sisters death. Blaming herself for what had happened. She had slowly drawn more into herself. So it was a surprise to those gathered that she would make the first comment.

“I really don’t know.” Was Willow’s only response. “I mean, we are good enough for a few vamps, or the occasional weaker demon. But the demons are gonna start throwing a party once they find out what is going on.”

“They already have.” This came from Anya. “I saw a demon biker gang racing through town earlier. Seemed like they were getting ready for something.”

“What we need is something that can fight them as well as Buffy could. Unfortunately the only ones who could possibly do that are Angel, and Spike. And with the Slayer dead, most of the demons that don’t have a problem with sunlight are coming around and causing mayhem. And with Angel busy, even Spike is only one guy, and he is in a way, a lot more vulnerable than most.”

The others continued to talk about options, and battle plans. But one person remained silent.

Xander sat thoughtfully in his chair. Seemingly ignoring the others, until finally Anya smacked him to get his attention.

“Xander, we are discussing something important here. You think you could actually pay attention.”

“Sorry, but I think I might have an idea. Though I am not sure how it will work.”

“What do you mean?” Asked Willow.

“I’m not sure yet. It’s a long shot but if so it would give us someone who could fight the demons on equal or better footing. Can you guys handle things without me for a few days?”

Though Anya looked disappointed the others nodded their ascent.

And with that, Xander walked out.

After leaving, he journeyed to one place he had at one point vowed never to return to. The home of his parents. His mother and his step-father. It was his mother he needed to speak to. She had told him once who his father was, though he really hadn’t believed her. But now with so much on the line, he needed information she could give him.

He walked up the stoop to the front door and calmly knocked. He wasn’t surprised that his mother answered, though based on the expression on her face she was surprised to see him.

“Alex. What are you doing here?”

“Is dad around?”


“Good, cause I need to talk to you.”

Once inside he got straight to the point.

“You told me a long time ago who my father was. I need to know right now if it was really true.”

“It’s true. Every word I told you. I assume you want to find him now from the way you are asking.”

“Yeah, I am.”

Without anymore words his mother stood and left the room. She returned a few moments later with an envelope.

“He told me to give this to you when you asked. It’s all I have.”

“Thanks mom.”

“You know I still love you don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. Which is why I am giving you this advice. Leave town. It is gonna start getting bad out there real soon, and I don’t want you here to see it.”

And with those words, he was gone.

Inside the envelope there wasn’t much to find. But the main thing was a phone number. He immediately found a pay phone and dialed it. The phone didn’t even ring. Instead a computerized voice spoke.

“State your full name.”

“Alexander Lavalle Harris.”

The phones response was to name a restaurant in LA and a time that was in roughly 8 hours. Knowing this was probably his only chance. He went to his car and left. Hoping that this would turn out how he hoped.

The restaurant wasn’t too bad. He got there a little early and was seated and eating before the time of the meeting had arrived. Though he ended up not waiting too much longer. The man who sat down beside him, look like he should be in far worse shape. One eye was missing, his hair was pure white, and his face bore many scars. But under the Italian suit he wore you could still see the chiseled muscles that showed him to be incredibly fit.

“So you are Alex?”

“Yeah. Though I prefer Xander. So I guess you are my father?”

“Yes. That I am. Though I am curious why you have come to me now.”

“Look. I know who you are, and I know what you do. It pays to have a best friend who is literally one of the best hackers alive. I have even read your Interpol file. Interesting story.”

“Yes, though it doesn’t know half of it.”

“I figured. The reason I called is because I need your help.”

“I assumed as much. Though there is really nothing I can do. I know of what happens in your Sunnydale, and I have no interest in getting involved. That is not what I do.”

“I figured that. But I thought there was one thing you could do for me.”

“And what is that?”

“If what I read in one of the files was right. The same thing you did for my half sister.”

“Your serious. You are willing to undergo the treatments. Even knowing what they can do.”

“If it will help save my friends. I would walk through hell and back twice.”

“You’ve got guts boy.”

“I would hope so, being the son of Slade Wilson.”

“So what is this exactly going to do?”

“The serum I gave you is a modified version of what I gave to your half sister. While she had the time to learn much from me, you have no such time. Which is where this comes in. This machine will download the information into your head, that you will need to survive.”

“So it’s like in the matrix.”

“In a way. Though this will be far more extensive. And if you hadn’t taken that serum your brain would probably crash from the information I am about to give it. Now brace yourself.”

The man called Slade adjusted several controls on the machine that Xander was connected to before finally activating it.

Which had Xander screaming in pain.

Slade simply watched as his son absorbed close to ten years of training. Slade knew it would take close to ten hours for it all to download successfully. So all he could do was watch. Instead he prepared for the time when his son would finish.

At the end of the ten hours Xander’s body was soaked with sweat. The pain had been intense as so much information was shoved into his mind. But now that it was there he knew how to access all of it. And he knew he was ready. Or so he thought.

When he said as much he was very surprised to be told he wasn’t.

“If you think just the information will be enough, your wrong. Your body is still adjusting and even with the treatment and the knowledge you aren’t at full power yet. Though you won’t need that to just get started. But to keep you alive I have some gifts.”

Slade led Xander to a room he guessed was some sort of armory based on the weapons lining the walls. Weapons of all shapes and kinds filled the room to overflowing.

And laid out across a table was everything Slade had assembled to aid him. Xander looked at the gear and weapons laid out. But his eyes finally landed on the center piece. It was a uniform very similar to the one Slade himself normally wore. Its colors in a dark blue with some orange trimmings. From the files Willow had gotten for him Xander knew what this armor was.

“Are you serious.”



“I think Grant would have liked another brother. That and I always look after my family.”

“Alright. Time to take back the night.”

“Good luck. I don’t often fight with the so called light, but when I do, I give it all I have. Do the same.”

It was night back in Sunnydale. Which is never a good thing.

Spike was fighting a whole slew of vamps. He would probably have been doing better, but unfortunately he had Dawn with him. And he couldn’t do as much for fear of her getting hurt.

“Come on Spike, you know we are gonna win sooner or later. We just want a taste of the girl. I mean she’s the slayers sister. She’s gotta be good.”

“You ain’t getting near her.”

“Come on Spike. Do you really think you can stop us?”

“Maybe not.” Came a voice from outside the group. “But I know I can.”

Many turned to stare at the newcomer curious of who was gutsy enough to take them all on. The figure was garbed in a blue body suit with orange gloves, boots, and belt. The suit also included a mask that cover his entire head except for his mouth. Some kind of sword was strapped to his back as well as multiple other blades and other weapons. At each hip appeared to be a crossbow, and in each he was holding a high caliber pistol.

The leader actually laughed at the man.

“You actually think guns will help you against vampires man. You might slow a few of us down, but we ain’t gonna die from bullets.”

“Wanna bet?”

And faster than even the vampires could track, one gun was aimed and fired, and with a noise like thunder a bullet flew from the gun into the leaders face. He would have started laughing since he had barely felt any pain. Until his head exploded. Before others could react the figure fired round after round, and each bullet exploded upon impact dusting the vampires that were shot. When the bullets ran dry he drew the sword from his back and made quick work of the remaining few.

Spike stared in awe as this unknown figure took down close to thirty vampires. In less then a minute. Once the dust settles he stared at the figure. Still keeping Dawn behind him for protection. Until he caught a wiff of the air. And couldn’t believe what he now knew.


The figure chuckled.

“Hey Spike. Surprised to see me?”

“You could say that.”

Xander looked around before pulling the mask from the top of his face. The moment his face was visible Dawn practically tackled him in a fierce hug.

“Where have you been?”

“Taking care of some things. And meeting my real father.”

“Your real father?”

“Yeah. He gave me all this. He gave what I needed to protect our town.”

“So you our new savior.”

“In a way. Though I am no slayer.”

“Then what do you call yourself.”

“The Ravager.”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Strength to Fight". This story is complete.

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