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Plain Pictures.

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Fan Art

Summary: Some fanart etc. *Non-btvs page updated*

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Multiple Crossings > FanartFortunaAngelusFR136685093,93722 May 0523 May 05No

Plain Pictures.


'ello 'ello!

Disclaimer: I do not own the persons in the pics nor the backgrounds (if there is one), I only own the combinations! Muha.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

The Max and Buffy - twisting the hellmouth is my absolute first try at manipulation and first try with photoshop elements 2.0, never did it before in my life. And now I need someone to say if I should delete photoshop from my pc and never touch anything like it again, or if I should have another go at it.

Edit side note: if anyone should want me to do more *prods silent people*, then who, where and such would you like?

To people:

Calex: Have I mentioned how much I love people writing me? I love you! ... .>
The size is photobucket, most of the pics are double the size you see here, that of course makes some of the text unreadable.

Blackfire: Thanks a lot again! It's nice to know someone likes my work :D And you're welcome.

Immortal: Oooh! I know the feeling! Had my first oral exam yesterday, damned math. Still need to do 5, in the end I'll have done 9. *dies*

To all that have written: I love you!

In memory of a little boy, whom will never laugh, or smile or sing.
We might never have gotten to know him, but we loved him.
It is a year since we lost him.

Om lidt blir her stille
om lidt er det forbi
fik du set det du ville
fik du hørt din melodi

Forladt og alene
danser cirkusprinsessen rundt
går i stå på sin line
i et sanseløst sekund

Om lidt, om lidt er vi borte
vi ses måske igen

My own translation, it will not rhyme, since I'm trying to translate it right.
In a little here'll be quiet
in a little it'll be over
did you see what you wanted
did you hear your melody

Alone and abandoned
the circusprincess dances around
stops on her line
in a senceless second

In a little, in a little we'll be gone
maybe we'll see each other again.
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