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Tara in Hogwarts

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Summary: An Au, in which Tara gets adopted by the Malfoys and ends-up in Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter > Tara-CenteredDmitriFR15108,7280307,39922 May 0513 Sep 11Yes

Meeting the twins

Meeting the twins

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

The view outside Hogwarts-express was amazing, but Tara was slightly bored of it by now. The train had left the platform 9 and ¾ just twelve minutes ago, and already she was missing her family. Serena and her did make an agreement to meet each other on the train, but there was still no sign of her.

And then the door opened and the Weasley twins stepped inside. “Oh. It’s you,” Tara said non-committally.

“Yeah, us,” Fred and George admitted in a similar tone of voice, since Tara was a girl, and not even that sort of a girl with whom one can start a fight, or at least an argument, without looking like a complete jerk in the process. “Where’s your boyfriend?”

“Parker?” Tara asked, surprised. “He isn’t my boyfriend...we’re not even a couple...”

“Oh.” For once in their life the Weasley twins were put slightly off balance and that situation was made worse by Serena’s appearance.

“Hey, Tara, sorry about the long wait: it appears that my mother’s cooking and this train aren’t exactly compatible-“ Serena trailed away as she looked at the twins with a calculating glance. “And who are they?”

`The Weasleys,” Tara’s explanation was laconic. “Younger brothers of that boy with the rat from the Diagon-alley, remember?”

“Oh yes,” Serena nodded with a slight grin, remembering. “Did you ever get your pet back?”

“No,” one of the twins said crossly. “Poor Scabbers was gone. Let’s honour his passing with a moment of silence.”

Falk – Tara’s rat familiar – farted at that moment. Well, not exactly farted, rats are built differently from people, and one of their differences is a possession of a certain gland under their tails that can emit a rather powerful stench when the rats are nervous, stressed, or just feel like it. In Falk’s case it was most likely the latter, since few things could make him nervous or stressed (as opposed to irritated or angry). And though Falk was just a single rat, in the relatively enclosed space of the train compartment he made quite an impression.

“...That is your rat? Cool!” one of the twins exclaimed after they managed to open the compartment’s window with a combined allohomora spell, and Tara calmed Falk down with a treat. “Can he do tricks?”

“Only when he wants to; shouldn’t you be looking for Parkinson now?” Tara said a bit coolly – their families weren’t friends with each other, after all.

“Oh, we’re in no rush,” one of the twins replied cheerfully, as both boys were clearly intending to settle here instead. “What are your names, anyways?”

Tara and Serena exchanged definitely feminine looks. “Are you flirting with us?” Serena asked, her voice not-so-subtly implying that neither girl was particularly amused by them.

One of the twins leaned forwards, a rather superior smirk (“I’m a boy and that makes me better”) on his face. “Maybe,” he replied. “What are you going to do about it?” remained unsaid, but both girls heard it loud and clear – and in response they reached for the wands.

Things went downhill from there...

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