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Tara in Hogwarts

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Summary: An Au, in which Tara gets adopted by the Malfoys and ends-up in Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter > Tara-CenteredDmitriFR15108,7280307,39922 May 0513 Sep 11Yes

Getting sorted

Getting sorted

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

“Well, this is awesome!” Tara breathed some time later, standing in the great hall. “Look! It really looks like the sky’s up there!”

“Yes, yes,” Serena agreed with somewhat less wide-eyed enthusiasm. “Has Falk calmed down? We so don’t need him to do his impression of a stinking mouse in Hogwarts before we’re even sorted!”

“Yes, Serena,” Tara agreed with a sigh. “Though I honestly can understand him – it’s the twins’ fault. They were just so, so-“

“They still are,” Serena said with a grin. “Tara, relax. As my father has told me once, a presence of a worthy enemy in life makes life worth living.”

“Really?” Tara asked, sceptically. “So how are the Weasleys worthy?”

“Malfoy, Tara,” McGonagall’s summons to be Sorted came before Serena could reply, and so, Tara’s inquiry was unanswered.

* * *

“Hmm, interesting,” the voice of the Sorting Hat sounded softly in Tara’s mind. “Since the time of my creation, I never had such an easy job sorting. Warm, nurturing, caring – but also rigid and unyielding if the conditions just aren’t quite right, you’re earth, and you’re also Hufflepuff!”

“Thought so,” Tara muttered quietly to the Hat and took it off.

* * *

“Hufflepuff!” came the voice of the Sorting Hat over the surprised mutterings of the wizards and witches present in the great hall – but Severus Snape wasn’t one of them.

“A Malfoy in my house? Oh dear! What will become of her?” Pomona Sprout asked him. The question was rhetorical, but Snape decided to answer it all the same.

“She’ll probably rise to prominence based on her personal merit alone, Pomona, and maybe even take over your job, once you decide to retire,” the potions-master replied nonchalantly, “provided that what Ollivander speaks is truth, of course.”

“Hmm,” Pomona fell silent and thoughtful.

* * *

“Interesting mind,” the Sorting Hat told Serena Stormosi about fourteen sorting later. “Cold, calculating, ambitious, power-hungry – you’ll do wonders in Slytherin, don’t you agree?”

“My family’s devise is – “The greatest power in the world is freedom”,” Serena replied coolly to the Hat. “How you like them apples?”

“Oh, very well,” the Hat sighed. “Freedom of air it is. Ravenclaw!”

* * *

“No colourful commentary for me, Severus?” Fillius Flitwick asked, partly in jest. “This is a first time that a foreign student went to study in Hogwarts for the first time, you know!”

“She just stared down an older student of her new House,” Severus replied flatly. “How’s this for a start?”

* * *

And the Weasley twins, sure enough, went straight to Gryffindor. Nobody was surprised, though Minerva McGonagall, who already was somewhat aware of the twins’ reputation by rumour and hearsay, almost had a nervous breakdown about Gryffindor’s future loss of points that night.

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