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Darkened Faith

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Summary: David finds a new challenge: Faith, the Slayer. Completed.

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Movies > Lost Boys > Faith-CenteredLucindaFR151621,0610115,42216 Apr 0320 Dec 04Yes

Darkened Faith

Darkened Faith 1: First Contact
author: Lucinda
rating: nothing worse than the series or movie.
pairing: Faith/David (from Lost Boys)
Darkened Faith #1 First Contact
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to any characters from buffy the Vampire Slayer or the movie Lost Boys.
distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, TNL. anyone else ask.
note: rather AU-ish for Faith. No big needed in Sunnydale Crisis, no big needed in LA crisis.

He'd barely survived the nightmarish disaster that had befallen his family. Things had gone so horribly wrong... it would have been better, safer, simpler if it had been only Max seeking to bring in the woman named Lucy, or if it had been only Starr seeking to bring in Michael of the mystery filled eyes. But the efforts to get both of them at once had caused disaster and death.

It didn't make any sense to him that the group who had known how to kill them, had known their weaknesses had missed him. He'd been impaled on antelope horns - excruciatingly painful, enough so that he'd passed out, but... not fatal. Wooden stakes, fire, beheading, holy water, sunshine - those were fatal. Not antelope horns, not the claws or teeth or horns of beasts unless they severed the spine or entirely dismembered the body. But they hadn't realized that, had simply dumped his body in the woods along with the scorched remnants of Paul and bits of Max.

But he'd known they would be watching for other vampires. They would be watching the town, maybe hunting. His survival had been a fluke that wouldn't last in Santa Carla. So, he'd reluctantly left, gathering a few things and his bike, heading towards Los Angeles.

There would be all sorts of opportunities there, and the city was so large that his activities would vanish, swallowed up by the actions of the teeming thousands... millions of inhabitants. He could vanish there, rebuild his strength, maybe even build a new family.

And so, for a time, David vanished into the dark underside of Los Angeles, hunting carefully, rebuilding his strength, waiting, watching. Someday, he would seek revenge on those who had killed his family, but first he had to be strong. He would need a new family at his side. But so far, he hadn't had much success finding the right sort of people. Wouldn't do to try to bring in just anyone... no, that had been the downfall before. Learn from the past or you are doomed to repeat it.

Years passed, and David grew strong again. But he had learned well from Santa Carla - do not assume that because you are immortal, that you are also invincable. Do not draw attention that you can't handle. There are always enemies, and someone WILL know how to kill you.

Fall was in the air, the humidity leaving the faintest hint of a night time chill in the air, something that fought with the heat that had been pounded into the asphalt all day. He felt her before he saw her, a feeling of power, of danger. It made all of his instincts rise up, a desire to find the source of this feeling and destroy it battling with the urge to possess the source of the power. When he saw her, he knew that he had to try to have her.

She had dark hair that fell around her shoulders like a shadow, smooth pale skin covering sleek muscles. Every movement was both precise and casual, showing a hunter's precision and confidence. Her lips had been painted a deep maroon, and her dark eyes had been made smoky and mysterious by shimmering powder. Deep purple leather pants hugged long legs, and a tank in lavender swirled with gold exposed a hint of taut stomach, marred by a vicious looking scar. She carried an aura about her, one of danger, and solitude,and near wildness.

This woman would be too dangerous to just swoop down and carry away. Best if he watch her a bit first, determine as much as he could about what made her dangerous and how to approach her. She would be a challenge.

David followed her, spying on her over the next few weeks. She didn't seem to have anyone - no family, no friends, no emotional support. But she did have something to fill her time with, a rather unsettling hobby? Purpose? Addiction? She would go out into the city by night, sauntering along the streets, looking, seeking Not seeking pleasure or profit as so many other women who went out by night, no, this one sought demons, sought vampires. And when she found them, she would attack, fighting, killing them. He learned that she was far stronger than a mortal woman should be, and faster. She called herself Faith, the Slayer.

He knew that he couldn't be assured of taking her by force, of bringing her into the family like that. No, he would have to persuade her, to lure her to the dark side. And it looked like he knew the way to go...

She seemed so confident, but... what if that seeming confidence was only skin deep? What if it was confidence in herself as a warrior, over insecurities of herself as a woman, as a person.

Finally, he had a plan. He would approach her casually, with no hostility, in a place full of people. Somewhere that she wouldn't be able to attack him. Then, he would talk to her, learn a bit more. Maybe even learn the right bait to lure her to him with.

No more than a night later, he was there, making his casual way into a coffee house. There were enough people that she wouldn't be able to attack him, but not so many that she would be able to vanish into the crowd. He got himself a cup of expensive coffee, a dark rich blend that smelled potent, and was almost as bitter as death, before loading it with sugar and a dollop of cream. Cup in hand as a feeble disguise of harmlessness, he made his way over to her, dropping down on the couch beside her with a smile and a greeting. "Hello beautiful."

Every muscle in her body went tense, and she turned slowly, her empty hand's fingers clenching as if wishing for a stake. "Hello."

Her simple word carried a wealth of hidden meanings. It said 'go away' and 'don't bother me.' Her slightly narrowed eyes and twitching fingers carried a near threat - if not for all these people... There was also a note of suspision, one that had entirely mundane, mortal origins, whispering that she'd played that game before, been approached as the 'bad girl' the person to see for sex and distraction. There was also a warning that she didn't do that now, regardless of the past.

For a while, he just sat there, sipping at his coffee, watching her through half closed eyes. He was better at playing casual that she was. A casual observer would think that David was relaxed, but Faith's tension... it was obvious. He would be patient, for the moment. If he waited for her to make the next move... Things would be easier.

His patience paid of. She looked at him, her expression filled with frustration over a hint, a flicker of what he hoped was confusion. "What is your deal? Out to help the helpless? Because I'm not. And I don't care if you are plagued by guilt."

David chuckled, amused by her spunk. "Not worried about how many helpless you have or haven't saved lately, Faith. And I'm not sitting here brooding or guilty. Bad for the digestion. I just wanted to drop over, say hello."

"How do you know my name?" She looked surprised.

Reaching out, he tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, his finger trailing over her pulse for a moment. "I'm David. I've been watching you. I'll be around."

With a parting smile, he rose from the chair, sauntering away. Not everything he'd wanted to do with her, not nearly enough. But... it was a start.

end First Contact.
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