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Green Sky in the Morning, Hellmouth Take Warning

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Tales of the LSH (Legion of Sunnydale Heroes)". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Yet another fascinating alternate Halloween episode. How could have things been changed if everyone had chosen different costumes that night?

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DC Universe > Green LanternGreywizardFR715,1912912,10923 May 0523 May 05Yes
Title: Green Sky in the Morning, Hellmouth Take Warning

Author: Greywizard1235


Rating: Some violence and some language, but definitely not much worse than the show.

Disclaimer: They’re not mine. They belong to Crack-Head Joss. Deal with it. I have.

Category: A D/X story for Tim Joy’s birthday present.

Summery: Yet another fascinating alternate Halloween episode. How could have things been changed if everyone had chosen different costumes that night?

Time Frame: Canon for first season, then becomes AU at second season episode 6, “Halloween.”

Spoilers: None really, if you’ve watched anything past the middle of second season.

Character Bashing: None. Really. Maybe later if you’re good…

Feedback: Of course! Flames, however, will either be ignored or to used to toast marshmallows

Author’s Notes: As always, thanks to Bill Haden for beta-ing this so quickly for me.


Title: Green Sky in the Morning, Hellmouth Take Warning

Ethan’s Costume Emporium
October 30, 1997

“Interesting take Snyder has on the volunteer concept, isn’t it?” Xander grumbled as he followed Buffy, Willow and Dawn into the newly opened shop.

“He’s demonstrating all the worst traits of a petty-minded tyrant, along with all of the least endearing personal qualities of that Ferengi git, Quark, from DS9,” he complained loudly, drawing a wry, long-suffering smile from Willow and an eye-roll from both Buffy and Dawn at his constant carping.

‘Git?” Willow smirked at Dawn, “Somebody’s been hanging around Giles too much.” Dawn didn’t answer the redhead in deference to her crush’s feelings, but grinned back at her.

“Well, now that you’ve summarized the last hour and a half of our lives for us, Xand, do you want to try to help pick out costumes, or do you want to just keep on whining?” Buffy asked sourly. The Slayer was not at all happy with having been shanghaied into serving as a chaperone for the elementary school children that Snyder had drafted them for, and she wanted to be done with this chore as quickly as possible. She, after all, had a whole night of serious vegging out planned, down to the last movie and snack.

“Geez, lighten up a little, will you, Buffy? It’s not like you haven’t been moaning about the same thing since you got home,” Dawn observed, gaining a narrow-eyed glare from her sister and an approving grin and wink from her still unsuspecting (at least, at this point in time) future husband.

“Well, since Principal Snyder said we all have to have a common theme for our costumes, why don’t we look and see what’s available in all of our sizes before we start deciding, guys?” Willow suggested practically. “That’ll help us make our decisions a lot easier, right?”

The redheaded hacker optimistically took the lack of argument following her suggestion as agreement, and began herding her companions towards the themed sections in the back of the store.

Twenty minutes of Buffy’s complaining and Xander’s only semi-joking snipping at the Slayer’s proposed costume choices left them no closer to finding costumes suitable to all of the teens, when they were interrupted by an unexpected voice joining in their discussion.

“Could I perhaps be of some service, if you don’t mind a suggestion from an impartial observer?” a cultured voice interrupted them.

All four teens turned to find a lean, semi-distinguished looking older gentleman smiling at them in what some might call a condescending manner.

“I am Ethan, the proprietor of this establishment, and I couldn’t help but overhear your discussions,” he said in a somewhat ingratiating way that Xander found more than a little irritating. All of the girls, however, were smiling at the shop’s owner, so he let the guy’s somewhat slimy manner go.

”If I understood your comments properly, you are all failing to come to agreement about exactly what sort of costumes you wish to procure for your celebration tomorrow night, since you are all required to adhere to some sort of costume requirements, correct?” he asked politely.

“Yeah, you got it,” Xander nodded his acknowledgement of the man’s summation of the situation. “The Troll said the PTA’s decided all of the escorts need to dress as comic book characters, so that the little kids won’t be all upset by monsters or anything.”

“Well then,” the Englishman beamed, “I have excellent news for you all! I’ve only this afternoon received a shipment of costumes that were deemed surplus by several television production companies, and they contain a number of comic book costumes.

“Evidently, they were used when shooting various pilot episodes of live action series centered around some of the more popular superhero characters they hoped to sell to one or more of the network corporations.”

“Cool!” Dawn immediately piped up. “Where are they? I want to check them out! Which characters are available in my size?”

With a satisfied smirk, the shop owner led his clientele towards the back of the shop and several not-yet-opened boxes…


Summers residence
October 31, 1997

“Sorry, but I don’t recognize the outfit, Xander,” Joyce Summers admitted, as she stepped back and let him enter their foyer in the standard Sunnydale non-invitation to come in. “Who exactly are you supposed to be?”

“Hal Jordan. DC Comics’ Sliver Age Green Lantern,” Xander grinned at her. “Considered to be probably the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps. They’re characters chosen by the Oans, some self-appointed Guardians of the Universe, to become members of what was basically a galaxy-wide police force.

“Although this really isn’t the exact uniform that he wore. It’s more like the one Kyle Raynor, the guy the writers brought in to replace him after Hal’s supposed breakdown, created,” he noted parenthetically, his inner comic book geek coming to the surface.

“It looks a lot like the costume Dawn picked out,” Joyce noted with what might be the slightest bit of a grin as she reflected on the most likely reason for Dawn’s selection of that particular outfit. Considering the interlocking crushes that Dawn had on Xander and Xander had on Buffy, Joyce was willing to lay odds that one of her daughters would end up with the last name Harris. It was just a matter of who wised up first.

And as an added bonus, it would be hilarious to watch.

“Uh, yeah, it does,” Xander agreed. “She’s going as one of the female Green Lanterns.

“Actually, the Corps was very big on the whole equal-opportunity thing,” he noted. “Male, female, mammal, lizard, bird or fish – didn’t matter; all they really cared about was whether you were a good guy or a bad guy. Heck, a lot of the Corps members were female: Katma Tui and Arisia – that’s who Dawn is going as – were two of the more noteworthy members of the Corps.”

“Hey, Xan!” Dawn half-shouted in exuberance upon seeing him as she practically flew down the stairs to greet him. It was most likely only the presence of her mother standing there that deterred her from throwing herself at him and giving him a big hug. “You look great!”

“So do you, Dawn-meister,” the green-costumed adolescent grinned back at her. “Almost didn’t recognize you as a blonde there, kiddo,” he teased her, commenting on the alterations in her appearance.

“You’re gonna make Buffy green with envy,” he complimented her, drawing a pleased smile from the mystical-energy-made-flesh-and-bone.

“Buffy’s lucky you weren’t born her twin, because none of the guys would have ever noticed her, once they got a look at you,” he added with a wink.

”Thanks, Xand,” she beamed, exceedingly pleased with the clearly admiring remarks she’d received. The younger girl’s long, normally-brunette tresses had been bundled up beneath a shorter-haired blonde wig and that cosmetic change, along with the golden-bronze body makeup she’d applied to all exposed skin, made her look significantly different from her normal appearance. And, like Xander, she wore a predominantly green and black full-body uniform with a large stylized lantern symbol on the chest, and a solid green ring, which looked to be formed from a single crystal in the form of a lantern, on the middle finger of her right hand.

”Well, ready to go?” she asked, clearly eager to be off.

“We’re waiting for the other members of our own personal version of Justice League Sunnydale so we can all confront the Super-Troll together, remember?” he informed the apparently already sugar-charged girl, his reminder prompting a disgruntled expression from his younger companion.

“Well, if they‘re supposed to be superheroes, they should be able to handle Snyder on their own,” Dawn half-whined, preferring to walk alone with her crush as opposed to be accompanied by her sister and her heartthrob’s childhood friend. Off to one side by the couch, she could see her mother trying not to laugh at her behavior.

“Okay, Xand, we’re ready,” the small group heard, before the Key could make a disparaging remark about her sister or their redheaded companion.

Glancing up the stairway, the founding Scooby smiled in adolescent appreciation of the sight his hormone-enhanced eyes found descending to join them.

Buffy was clad in a long-sleeved navy blue body stocking that left the parts of her long, lovely legs not covered by the matching navy with gold trim knee-high boots bare, a gold-colored utility belt of some sort encircling her trim waist, while her long blonde tresses hung loosely around her shoulders.

Behind her, Willow was wearing an equally snug black body stocking, a black utility belt cinched around her waist and her normally alabaster features hidden by a matching cowl, the only relief from the somber darkness of her costume being the yellow oval displaying an open-winged bat on her chest.

“Gotta say, guys, the Black Canary and Batgirl never looked so good,” Xander complimented his two friends as they joined him, Dawn and Joyce in the small foyer.

Rapt in his appreciation of his two friends’ lithe forms, Xander missed the quick scowl Dawn threw at him and both girls and the subsequent despondent look as she quickly glanced down at her own still-not-fully-developed form, clearly comparing herself to her sister and friend and coming out on the losing end, at least in her mind. Joyce, however, hadn’t and again struggled not to laugh at Dawn and Xander’s behavior.

“Well, looks like we’re all here, so let’s get going, guys,” Buffy observed.

“Yeah, see you later, Mrs. Summers,” Xander called as he led the way out the door. “We’ve got to go make the world safe for a bunch of half-pint candy extortionists.”


< What happened? > Hal Jordan thought to himself as he picked himself up off what appeared to be someone’s front lawn. < Ring, what’s going on? >

< It appears you are currently located in what appears to be a small North American town located one hundred sixty-three miles west-northwest of the location of Coast City, although Coast City itself in not present, > came the response. < Scans of the local star fields and analysis of both their positions and their spectra indicate that this is not our native universe, but one quite similar which has developed along parallel lines of both stellar and biological evolution. >

< Analysis of both this unit and its wielder indicate that both have most likely undergone exposure to a currently unidentified form of molecular transformation, although there do not appear to be any negative consequences as can best be determined at this time. Wielder does, however, appear to have been regressed to approximate human mid-to-late adolescence, when compared against the base physiological data stored in my records, > it informed him.

“What?” Hal half-yelled, surprised by the ring’s news. “You’re telling me I’ve been turned back into a teenager?”

< Data inconclusive at this point in time, but physiological readings would appear to support that assumption, > the ring answered. < I am still recalibrating all of my sensors to compensate for some currently undetermined form of multi-spectral interference, but I am detecting numerous energy emissions that would indicate the presence of other metahumans in the immediate vicinity, > it informed him. < Several energy frequencies used appear to correspond to those used by Sinestro’s energy blasts, although the current margin of error in identification is seventeen point eight two percent. >

“Great!” Hal muttered under his breath as he willed himself up into the air. “I really need to meet up with that sociopath again. Especially as a teenager.”

Reflexively forming a low-level force shield around himself, he flew off in search of the renegade former Corps member.


Arisia shook her head groggily as she automatically looked around for whoever or whatever had attacked her.

Hearing screams from off to one side, she reflexively lifted into the air and headed that way, only to find scattered groups of elementary school age children being chased by various groups of aliens, none of whom she could readily identify.

< Is this another attempt at invading Earth? > she wondered, as she formed a solid energy scoop to rescue several children fleeing from several large furry, big-toothed and sharp-clawed aliens of a type she’d never seen before.

She would have thought the allied races who had foolishly tried that several years back had learned their lesson: messing with Terrans brought nothing but more trouble, especially when you took their not-at-all understood metahuman genetic structure into account.

< Oh well, > she thought to herself as she formed energy cages around the more feral and dangerous of the rampaging aliens, < there’ll be time to straighten that out later, once everyone’s safe. >


< Could this be another attack by one of the League’s enemies, scattering us across the globe to fight their minions alone, until we fall? > Dinah thought to herself as she gracefully ducked a savage, claw-filled attack by some unrecognizable furry creature she’d distracted from their pursuit of helpless, screaming school children. Easily spinning on her toes, she hooked her kick around her opponent’s outstretched arm and drove her heel into its temple, dropping whatever it was like a puppet with its strings cut. < It’s times like this make me wish I still had my Canary Cry, > she reminisced.

< Although I suppose I really should worry about the situation, about not being able to contact Barbara, and why everyone seems to be dressed for Halloween, later, > she decided as she took off after another strange-looking non-human chasing after the costumed children.


Barbara Gordon dove over a parked car and quickly rolled to cover behind the one parked next to it, feeling the fiery breath from what she would *swear* was a flying dragon-man that barely missed her heels.

This unexpected outburst of superpowered beings blitzkreiging the town had her completely mystified as to its source, let alone its motivation.

< Time to wool-gather later, girl, > she reminded herself. < Right now, you need to stay alive before you can do anything about that situation. >

Wasting no time, she pulled her emergency miniaturized fire extinguisher from its place on her utility belt and waited until her attacker swooped in close for a second attack, then leaped up and emptied the pressurized CO*2 into its face, taking it completely by surprise while also eliminating its major offensive weapon.

Grabbing hold of the reptilian humanoid’s neck, Batgirl pivoted and pulled, redirecting her opponent’s momentum towards the pavement, and was immediately rewarded with a dull THUNK! as the creature’s head connected with the sidewalk in an attempt to see which was stronger

The sidewalk won.


Arisia was just finishing up transporting a group of terrified children back to the local high school from which they had begun their neighborhood visitation when she finally caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass forming one of the school’s front doors.

< Creator, is that me? > she asked herself, shocked at the image she saw before her.

< I’ve been age-regressed, somehow! > the horrified thought flitted through her mind upon seeing the likeness of a girl barely into her adolescence staring back at her.


Turning towards the strangely-familiar voice she heard calling her name, the golden-eyed, blonde haired Graxos native found herself facing a flying dark-haired youth wearing a Corps uniform whom she’d never seen before, yet whose appearance prodded at some part of her mind insisting that he was someone she knew.

“Hal?” she asked hesitantly. “Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me, sweetheart,” he confirmed her hesitant identification, his forehead furrowing with concern and worry in a way that she found *very* familiar. “Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“Not really,” she shook her head negatively. “The only things I’m certain of is that we’re nowhere near home and it seems like we’ve both been age-regressed.”

“Now that things seem to have settled down a bit, I’m going to take the time to remedy that last bit right now,” she announced. “If you’ll keep watch, I’ll have my ring reverse things and get me back to the age I should be,” she said confidently, “and then you can do the same.

“It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes at most,” she pointed out, seeing the concerned expression on her lover’s face. “After all, I’m just restoring things back to the way they should be.”

“All right,” he agreed somewhat doubtfully. “Just be careful.”

“You bet,” the golden haired beauty smiled reassuringly. “Relax, okay? There’s nothing to worry about, darling,” she reassured him.


Sitting in the backroom of his shop, Ethan Rayne took another sip from his mug of Guinness as he quietly chortled to himself at the various happenings taking place around town, courtesy of the twenty-one inch television he had enchanted to show him the results of his latest prank.

This was one of his favorite tricks to pull, and what made it even sweeter was that these stupid, arrogant buffoons that filled the Colonies even *paid* him to help make it happen. He got the costumes for pennies on the dollar from friends and associates working in the costume departments of various movie and television production companies and then turned around and sold them to these sodding prats who never gave any thought to the vast, virtually unlimited potential of the costumes they chose to wear each All Hallow’s Eve.

Well, he’d first taken it upon himself years ago to show everyone just how much potential these costumes had, and he’d been celebrating the holiday the same way every year since. He’d managed to combine his interest in spreading the chaos his Lord Janus loved with the opportunity to teach these pseudo-sophisticated intellectual barbarians that they should be careful what they wished for, and he’d never enjoyed anything else he’d done nearly as much as this.

He was laughing aloud, watching a confrontation between two teenagers who had each purchased one of the superhero and supervillain costumes he had been offering, and who were even now battling it out in the sky above the town when a three and a half ton truck, whose driver had been hit by a stray energy blast from that very same battle, lost control and plowed through the rear wall of the shop, its front bumper turning the amused Englishman into road kill and reducing the contents of the back room, including an altar holding a double-faced bust with glowing eyes, into splinters and rather abruptly ending the spell.

Ethan would have been the first one to admit, being an advocate of chaos doesn’t confer any particular immunity to it and its effects.


A wave of energy surged through the town for the second time that night, and reality stuttered in its wake.

A Ring issued by the Guardians of the Universe to the members of the Green Lantern Corps allowed its user to affect reality around it, whether it be to form a solid energy construct, cross interstellar distances by warping space-time around it, or fly or perform feats of superhuman strength and durability by telekinetically manipulating the world around them. Regardless of the task being attempted, its success depended almost completely on the strength of willpower its wielder exerted to accomplish that task.

As reality shifted around her, Arisia/Dawn Summers realized what was happening and frantically sought to change it.

As a wielder of a Ring, Arisia had a strength of willpower superior to the overwhelming majority of her universe’s sentient beings.

As Dawn Summers, a young girl originally formed from a pool of unimaginably powerful pan-dimensional energy, she had fallen deeply in love with the brave and courageous young man who had defied a millennia-old prophecy to save her sister’s life.

The temporarily merged being saw what was happening around her and fiercely determined that she would not meekly accept a revision back to her former status as the tagalong kid sister.

Focusing her considerable willpower through her Ring, Arisia/Dawn sought to exert *her* will upon the world around her, and the magic of the Ring combined with the Key’s energy and that of the spell cast by the monks who had guarded the Key from the hell-goddess Glorificus for millennia and reality *shifted*.

Past events reshuffled themselves and experiences flowed like water around a rock and, for a meta-second in the matrix in which their universe was but one single thread making up an incomprehensible larger weave, everything stopped and was rewoven, and then time and reality once again proceeded on the way.


Dawn collapsed to her knees as a tsunami of energy washed over the town, choking down the urge to vomit and feeling as though she had been put through the proverbial ringer.

“Hey! You okay, babe?” she heard a concerned voce demanding as she felt strong hands helping her to her feet. Opening her eyes, she looked up into the worried chocolate brown eyes of Alexander (Xander) Harris.

Teenaged smart-aleck with a goofy smile.

Founding member of the Scooby Gang.

The guy who had brought her sister back to life after the Master had killed her.

And her boyfriend.

Her lips involuntarily smiled as she recalled her and Buffy’s first meeting with the man she could truthfully describe as her soul mate.

The fraternal twins had been exiting Principal Flutie’s office when they had bumped into him, knocking all of their books to the floor. He had immediately bent down to pick them up as he apologized, had smiled at Buffy as he handed her several books, then looked into her eyes and said, “Can I have you?” as he handed her the remaining ones.

She and Buffy had grinned at each other in momentary sisterly camaraderie as he had immediately blushed at his faux pas and stammered an apology, before she had smiled at him and introduced herself, and that had been the beginning of what she could only describe as a storybook romance. Well maybe an Action/Adventure/Comedy romance… You take what you can get.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Xand. No wonder Mom likes you so much,” she grinned up at him reassuringly, as she slipped her arm around his waist. “You take over her job when she’s not around.”

“When I look at you, honey, it’s definitely NOT maternal love I’m feeling,” he shot back with what she would appreciatively describe as a lascivious grin and a leering wink.

“You’re a pig,” she smilingly informed him. “No wonder I like you.” His lecherous remarks were always good for her ego.

“You sure you’re okay?” he asked again, the concern in his eyes receding slightly as he checked her over.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” she insisted. “Good thing neither of us were flying when whatever was responsible for this whole mess stopped working, huh?”

“Yeah,” he agreed wholeheartedly. “Can you imagine being a couple hundred feet up and suddenly finding out you’re NOT Superman anymore? Wow, talk about having a bad day – that’d definitely be worse than having to eat Buffy’s cooking.”

“Stop picking on my sister, doofus,” the brunette warned with a laugh. “That’s my job. Come on, now. Let’s go make sure everyone else is okay, too.

As they hurried off to find their friends, neither teenager noticed the faint glow still emanating the green lantern-shaped ring on Dawn’s right middle finger.


Sunnydale High School library
November 2, 1997

“So, what’s up, sweet lips? You said you had a surprise for me?” Xander greeted his girl friend with a quick hug and peck on the cheek as he entered the library.

“She said she had a surprise for all of us, Xand. So it’s almost certainly not what you were hoping for,” Buffy grinned from her position at the research table next to Willow. She was tilted back in her chair, balancing on the back two legs with deceptive ease.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Short Stuff,” he answered the petite blonde, grinning and mentally marking an imaginary scoreboard at the glare his comment received. “There’s barely enough room down in here for me as it is.”

“Might we get to the point of the meeting which Dawn requested before the two of you become sidetracked with your no doubt extremely clever and sophisticated repartee?” Giles asked as he emerged from his office, interrupting the two teens as they eyed each other as though in preparation for a massive verbal brawl.

“Sure, Giles, no problem,” Buffy immediately chimed in, turning to face her minutes-younger sister. “So, Dawn, what’d you bring me?” she asked brightly.

“Something in a Prada shoulder bag, maybe? Or possibly a Dior?” she continued hopefully.

“Sorry, Buff, nothing like that,” Dawn shook her head as she reached into her backpack and removed a small bag. “But how do you feel about jewelry?”

“Ooo! Diamonds and emeralds are always nice,” the Slayer cooed. “And gold always goes with everything!”

“Here, guys, try these on for size,” Dawn said, as she tossed what looked like an emerald crystalline ring to each of the other four Scooby Gang members.

“Holy – Are these things what I think they are?” Xander asked wonderingly, his eyes wide as he looked up from his examination of the ring he’d been given and quickly slid the ring onto his right middle finger.

“Sort of,” Dawn admitted as she smiled at her boyfriend’s quick recognition of her gifts. “They’re not the real things, and not nearly as powerful, but they’re as close to them as I could manage.”

“Where’d you get these things, Dawn?” Buffy asked as she looked at her gift with the critical eye of a born and bred Valley Girl. “Ebenezer’s Curio Shop?” Despite her seemingly disdainful attitude towards her gift, the petite blonde quickly slid the ring onto her right middle finger as Xander had done, Dawn noticed with a grin.

Willow had been closely watching the byplay between her two fellow Scooby Gang members, her half-finished plans for a batarang forgotten, and she examined her gift more intently as vague suspicions began forming in the back of her mind.

Xander’s reaction and the way he had immediately slid the ring onto his finger, combined with the faint luminescence she thought she could detect from her own ring, suggested to the young hacker that if her growing suspicion proved correct, then the items that each of the four held here in their hands could possibly herald a new era in battling the Darkness here on the Hellmouth, she thought to herself as she fit her ring on her own finger.

“If I might ask, exactly what is the significance of these items you have given us, Dawn?” Giles asked politely as he, too, slipped his ring on as the others had done.

“You’re holding the local version of what was probably the most powerful weapon in the DC Comics universe, Giles,” Xander stated authoritatively as he looked down at his fist and the now brightly glowing ring on his finger.

“Yours still worked, afterwards, huh?” he turned and asked the smiling brunette beauty watching the four of them.

“Yeah, mostly” Dawn nodded affirmatively, “but I didn’t realize it until this afternoon. I had put it back on, to help me think, ‘cause I was trying to figure out some very bizarre memories I have, from the time right before the weirdness stopped, when I noticed that I was floating about two feet above my bed and that my ring was glowing a little bit,” she confessed.

“Anyway, I tried a couple other things after that, and after talking things over with the ring, I had it make these others for you guys, ‘cause it’s more like Kyle Raynor’s than Hal Jordan’s ring, Xand,” she added in a side explanation, “and then I called you guys and asked you to meet me here.”

“What did you mean, ‘after talking things over with the ring’, Dawn?” Giles asked, staring a bit doubtfully at his Slayer’s sister, as though he might have some reservations about her mental processes.

“Remember what we told you about the other night, when we all changed into our costumes, Giles?” Xander said to the Englishman. “Dawn and I were both dressed as members of the Green Lantern Corps, sort of a galactic police force. They all carried rings powered from a central battery that let them do pretty much whatever they thought of, as long as they had sufficient willpower to do it, and the rings all possessed a sort of semi-sentient computer, which could answer most questions asked. That’s what Dawn meant when she said she talked things over with the ring.”

“So, what exactly can these things do, Dawn?” Buffy questioned her sister about their new gifts.

“Pretty much anything you want, if you want it enough, Buffy,” was the answer she received from her sister.

“But the most important thing about these rings, Buffy, is that you’re never going to have to fight by yourself, ever again,” Dawn stated as she looked intently at her twin. “We’re gonna be out there with you, kicking demon ass and taking names.”

"Of course, we already know the name of one demon ass - Angel," Xander chimed in helpfully, not willing to let any opportunity to tweak the Slayer about her undead potential boyfriend/stalker go by. He raised his fist and took aim at the dartboard across the room as crosshairs seemed to float before his eyes, and concentrated on projecting a beam of life-energy at his target. He was rewarded with an emerald beam slashing out at the board, but leaving it wholly intact. If it had been a vamp he'd been aiming at, he knew from a book he'd read while researching, that the beam would have acted as a stake. End result -one dusty vamp.

He then demonstrated one of the many additional potential uses of the Gang’s newly acquired Rings as he quickly flew out of the library, being closely followed by an incensed Slayer outlining for him in great detail exactly what bones she was going to break in which sequence, once she finally caught up with him.

“You do realize that the Guardians probably wouldn’t appreciate or approve most of the uses Xander’s going to find for his ring, don’t you, Dawn?” Willow grinned at Dawn as they both heard a low-voiced “Dear Lord,” issue from Giles’ mouth.

“Yeah, probably,” the Key grinned back. “Which makes it all the more fun to do.”

Both girls smiled even wider as they heard Giles’ whispered remark as he headed back into his office.

“Teenagers. We’re all doomed.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Green Sky in the Morning, Hellmouth Take Warning". This story is complete.

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