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The Lost Son

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Summary: Xander Harris moves to Colorado Springs looking for the parents he was taken from many years before.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilyAbbyFR133054,85951513311,85823 May 051 Nov 07No

The Lost Son

Standard Disclaimer Applies

AN: Big thanks to WhiteWolf who's making my mistakes better and to all the people that reviewed and inspired me to flesh this little ditty out.



They had needed for him to go on a mission. A mission he would be prepared to not come back from. They needed him destitute and broken and they needed him desperately, so they took his son.

Took him and gave him a new name and a new family and a new life and never expected him to remember. But he does. He dreams late at night about a woman with soft caramel blonde hair and gentle blue eyes, singing a lullaby as she rocks him to sleep in her arms.

It took magic to find out the truth. Magic and Willow and a little luck. And now he stands at this front door eleven years older then when he was taken away. Taller and broader and older. Wiser and wittier and changed, so changed.

He sighs at the old oak panelling and his heart pounds at the inside wall of his chest as he wonders what he will say over and over. Will he admit to being their child? Will he tell them the truth first or lie to get to know them?

The door is opened and the woman from his dreams is there a little greyer around the edges and with a few more lines creased across her brow, but he knows this woman. He came from this woman.

She opens her mouth to ask something and pauses then stops as her eyes scan the face before her, the dark brown hair. From her Father’s side. The chocolate brown eyes, His father’s gift to the gene pool.

He sees it in her eyes, the confusion that lingers there.

‘‘It’s ...! But it can’t be, he’s dead.’ Reason commands these thoughts, but deep inside in a small locked and secured section of her soul a figurative chest is opened and something spills from it slowly;



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