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Summary: BtVS/TT Xander tried for another road trip but this one turned out worse than the last.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDarkElfFR1346,40232722,55024 May 0527 Aug 06Yes

Chapter 2

I don’t own of the buffy characters or any of the characters that belong to DC Comics.

Chapter 2: Old and New Friends

All motion in the room had stopped at the time of the shout. Though several of the girls had backed away.

Xander though had stopped not from the shout, but simply the sound of a voice that he had not heard in several years. When she had shouted he turned to stare straight at her. She was located at the top of the main staircase. Two men stood on either side of her. Both were black, and had shaved heads. One was wearing what looked like clothes for exercise with a towel around his neck, the other was in a well tailored business suit and holding a brief case.

“Well?” this second statement caused those around to begin moving again. Most of the girls backed away from Xander and Jinx. Jinx herself did a quick series of flips to land on Xanders broad shoulder. Finally Xander spoke up.

“I apologize for the damage, but I came here looking for Angel, and these girls decided that since I appeared to be a demon that meant I and my friend here were a threat. We defended ourselves.”

Buffy thought this through. Then looked to the brunette girl.

“Is this true?”

The brunette looked a little ashamed, but nodded.

“I see. So what were you looking for Angel for?”

“I met him a few years back, told me to look him up if I needed some help”

Buffy seemed about to respond when she seemed to notice something behind Xander. That’s when the doors opened behind them and four people entered.

Willow, the one in the lead looked at the devastation as she entered.

“Damn, what hurricane hit in here.”

Xander hearing that voice spun so fast he almost threw Jinx off his shoulder.

“Mammoth, you moron, you almost dropped me.”

But Xander wasn’t listening. He was staring at the best friend he had ever known. He was staring at the girl who had practically been his sister since he was 4.

Riley, who was standing next to her though was reaching for his gun, which was tucked into the back of his pants. Because the name Mammoth meant something to him.

But it was the attractive young woman next to Willow who reacted the greatest.

Tara stared at Xander for several seconds before walking right up to him.

“Tara, back off, this guy is a wanted criminal.” This came from Riley. At this Graham had also drawn his pistol.

“No he isn’t. Isn’t that right Xander.”

This was another one of those moments of absolute silence.

Xander himself was the most stunned. He wasn’t sure how he had been planning to say this. But having the girl who he had barely known for a year, know that it was him immediately was not the way he had been expecting.

“Hello Tara. It has been awhile.”

“Yes it has. I think Willow is just about to recover so the young girl on your shoulder may wish to drop down.”

Jinx had no idea why she did, but something in the girls voice made her think this was a good idea.

Willow on the other hand was staring at Xander’s eyes. The dark chocolate brown eyes that had not changed one bit. The eyes she had memorized years ago.

“XANDER.” With this exclamation she practically flew at him. And despite being Mammoth. Despite having more strength than most of the larger demons. He was still taken straight to the floor by the force of this hug.

Jinx grinned at Tara in thanks for the warning.

After an intermittent amount of time Willow released him.

“You have a lot of explaining to do mister.”

“Yeah, I expect I do. Hey Buff, care to join us down here.”

Xander had just gotten to his feet when the missile that was Buffy Summers tackled him back to the ground.

“Buff. Not that I am not enjoying this and all but is there some place we can go. I believe there is some explaining to do. And you may want to get G-Man. He will want to see this.”

“Right. I will get the others. There is a conference room in here that is really cozy.”



About an hour and one almost fight later.

There had almost been some trouble when Faith had walked in the room. But Buffy was able to defuse the situation before the fight started. There were now quite a few people in the room.

Seated around a table were many people that Xander knew and some he didn’t. The ones he knew were Buffy, Willow, Tara, Giles, Faith, Riley, and Graham. The new ones were Robin Wood, and Charles Gunn. Along with Xander and Jinx this made quite a full room.

And over the course of an several hours two stories were told. The first story was told by Xander and Jinx. They each told of how they were taken by Brother Blood. Of there training. Of the many conflicts they had with the titans. And finally of their escape.

The story told to them was far longer. They told them about Glory. How when she came. Graham and Riley had come back to help. They told them about Tara assault by Glory. They told them about Dawn. A girl they would never know. For she had sacrificed herself to close the portal.

The next year had been the calmest of them. The only real problems came from three morons from school, and from Buffy’s depression at the loss of her Mother and Sister. How she had been near self destructive. When questioned they learned the fate of the nerds as well. One was dead. One was working for them. And Warren had been shot by Graham, while he was trying to shoot Buffy. Warren was currently locked in a maximum security prison.

Then they were told about the First Evil. How at times it had seemed hopeless. How Spike had in the end redeemed himself. How everyone of those girls downstairs were slayers. How they had lost Anya who had at that time been in a relationship with Graham. By the time it was over Xander sat in stunned silence at the immense number of things he had missed.
It was a tremendous story. Xander was happy to see so many had made it through. But he grieved at the loss of so many as well. From the Potentials he never got to know, to the woman he had once loved.

But with all said and done, now they turned to the present.

“So Xander, what do you plan to do now?”

“I don’t know Wills. That’s originally why I wanted to find Deadboy. Me and Jinx are still technically wanted felons.”

Now, Gunn, who up till now had been fairly quiet finally came forward.

“That might actually be something I could help you with.”

“What do you mean?”

“With Brother Blood captured, and the Titans having testified to his mental abilities, it may be possible to get you pardoned. Though it may take a little time.”

“Really. Would it be possible to open that up to others. I doubt Jinx and I will be the only ones.”

“Most likely. But we shall have to wait and see. But for now I guess you can hang out here. I need to get back to Wolfram and Hart. I will call later when I have more info.”

“Thanks man.”

With Gunn’s departure things seemed to break up.. Many in the room returned to their schedules. Or some decided to go to bed. Rooms had been set aside for Xander and Jinx. Jinx chose to go get some sleep. Xander on the other hand sought out Graham.

“So Graham. They got any good liquor around here.”

“They keep some Jack upstairs. Why?”

“Cause I think you and me need to share a drink.”

Graham grinned at that, and led the way to a room that had been converted to a study type room, with several overstuffed chairs and some tables. In a cabinet Graham pulled out a large bottle of Jack Daniels and a pair of glasses. He poured each a generous amount and sat down in one of the chairs.

Xander sat in the one next to Grahams.

“So, did she ever learn what tact meant?”

“Nope. Continued to make embarrassing sex comments even in open company. Though it did seem like you disappearing calmed her down much.”

“Sorry to hear that. She was an amazing girl.”

“That she was.”

And this was how the night ended. With two men recalling the stories of a woman they loved.
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