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Summary: BtVS/TT Xander tried for another road trip but this one turned out worse than the last.

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Gathering of Forces

Chapter 4: Gathering of Forces
(AN: This chapter takes place after the events in the final episodes of the Titans series Calling all Titans.)

Somewhere in LA

Three girls can be seen rushing with all speed away from an area of the city. All are moving faster than humans should be able to. All three are Slayers. And the all look terrified. They continue to run until they finally reach their apparent destination, a parked van, whose side door opens to allow them entry, and the moment they are all in the van peels out.

After a fast drive through the streets of LA, which was aided by the exceptionally late hour, the three girls, and the two men who had been in the van reached their destination. That destination was the Hyperion Hotel, former home to Angel Investigations, now home to the reborn watchers council. The three girls didn't even wait for the van stop, for the moment they reached the parking lot they dove out of the van and ran for the door.

The moment they were through the door they were screaming.


This cry got the attention of the girls all seated around the room, though fewer then our last time in the hotel, there were still nearly a dozen girls in the room. And at that cry they all came to immediate attention. But those girls weren't the only ones who heard.

Up on the balcony, an older man we know as Giles stands, waiting for a report from the team of slayers. Finally he gets one.

“The scourge is on the move.”

“Oh my Lord.” Is all Giles managed to get out.


Several hours later in a room that had been titled the briefing room sat the three slayers as well as several others, several faces were also on large TVs against one wall, with locations underneath, places like New York, Rome, London, Tokyo, and others. Each face looked grim.

“How big an army?” asked Buffy, whose face was on the screen for New York.

“Massive, at least several hundred strong.” replied one of the young slayers. “And if we heard right, they plan to move, tomorrow.”

“Buffy.” this came from Giles. “We don't have enough slayers here to stop an army that strong, and Willow and Tara can't bring us enough back up by tomorrow to help.”

“We will stand against, them, I will have Willow and Tara bring me and my team, we will be able to help. And we can contact whats left of Angel's team, they have access to some heavy weapons.”

“What about Xander?” Asked Faith, whose somewhat sleepy face was on the screen for London.

Several around the room stopped at that, no one had thought to contact the now Super Hero former member of their group.

“Faith, you have that communicator he sent, right?”

“No, it burned out about a month ago, I don't know why? But I do have another way to call as long as they are in their town.”

“Then call him, his team can definitely help, any other team that can get an overnight flight here should do so. We are gonna need as much help as we can get without leaving to much undefended. Everyone knows what to do?” Asked Giles.

He received a round of nods.

“Then good luck, and Godspeed.”


At Titans Tower East Coast...

Jinx was the one sitting at the com station when Faith called in, and the moment she heard the word scourge she hit the main alarm button. She was just finishing up the call when everyone came in.

“What is the situation?” asked Bumble Bee.

“Possible end of the world.” replied Jinx with complete honesty.

“Not Again.” Replied Speedy. “I just got unfrozen last month.”

“Not that kind of end of the world, my kind.”

“So which demon clan is it this time?” Asked Xander.

Jinx looked up at his towering image. “The Scourge.”

“Ah Shit.”

“Whats the Scourge?” questioned Aqualad.

“They are the Neo Nazi's of the demon world, they think humans are to low on the food chain to be worth keeping around. And they normally want to bring back the old ones, who are on the same level as Raven's old man.”

“Oh, great.”

“If we head out now, we can get there with enough time to prepare.” said Bumble Bee.

“Uh, I have a crazy idea.” Said Speedy.

All heads turned to Speedy, a plan coming from him was a rare occasion indeed.

“Here's what we need to do...”

As he went on, smiles began to appear on the faces of all those around the circle.


Thanks to the efforts of Willow and Tara, as well as some hastily purchased airline tickets, nearly sixty slayers were there, and Riley and Graham had assembled several of there men, so they had almost 2 dozen armed men and woman. Unfortunately there were two factors not expected.

One was that there were nearly 600 demons among the scourge army.

And Two was that nearly a hundred of them were armed with modern weapons.

This had the small slayer army backed behind a stack of destroyed vehicles while the soldiers returned fire. Unfortunately the demons had far more guns. All of a sudden the fire from the demons stopped.

“Surrender Slayers. You can not beat us.” This was shouted by an authoritative looking demon in a fancier uniform than the others.

“GO BACK TO HELL.” was the shouted reply from collected slayers.

“Very well. You leave us no choice.” The demon moved to signal for the assault to continue when a sound that could only be described as a birds cry was heard, and a flare of dark energy appeared between the two armies. When the flare died a figure stood between them. She, for it seemed like a she, was over six feet tall and wearing a dark cloak, at the base of the cloak black tendrils seemed to be whipping back and forth. The head which was showing above the top of the cloak, had bright red skin, with long black hair, and four glowing eyes.

The lead demon was greatly surprised by this new arrival.

“Demon, who are you that interrupts the scourge?”

The figure looked back and forth between the two armies.

“I am the heir of the 8th Devil Trigon.”

Whispers passed through the scourge army at the mention of one of the few surviving old ones. Several even dropped to a knee in honor to the power before them.

“And have you come to aid us O' powerful one.”

The red face shifted into something of a smirk.

“No, I am just here to distract you. Azarath Metrion Zinthos.”

As these words were spoken, the illusion masking Raven as her more demonic side fell to reveal the girl we all know, whose hands were now glowing with black energy. The same energy that enveloped many of the guns in the demons army and shattered them to pieces.

That was when they appeared. On both the street and the roof tops. Titans all. And one was well known. Former partner to the batman, his name was Robin. And it was he who gave the call.


And that was all it took. Energy blasts of all kinds rocked the scourge army. And when those stopped that was when the earth quake started, at least that was what it felt like, until the giant green T-Rex came bowling down the middle of the line sending demons everywhere. And others came behind him, including Mammoth.

But soon there was more then just titans, for some of them had called in favors and others had arrived. So joining Argents red energy constructs were the green ones of the lantern John Stewart. Matching the dark powers of Raven, were the law based magics of Doctor Fate. Speedy was matching his mentor Green Arrow shot for shot. And more continued to appear.

Soon the entire scourge army had been decimated. The heroes were victorious.


It was a very grateful Giles that met with the various heroes.

“Thank you so much for coming to our aid.”

The youthful hero Robin stepped forward to respond.

“We are never to busy to help others who are fighting the good fight. You have our number, and some of us are right up the road. We'll be happy to help.”

And with a shake of hands the agreement was set.

But that was not the end of it for next came forth Dr. Fate.

“Mr. Giles I believe. I was informed you employ several magic users. I was curious if they would enjoy some more advancement to their training.”

“I believe they would.” Replied Giles with a grin.



On the other side of the street a very different meeting was going on.


That was the only warning he got before half a dozen girls tackled him to the ground. This included faith, and several of the girls he had met the last time he was in LA. Even with his strength they had him on the ground in no time.

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” was all that came from the pile of girls.

“Well I wish I could take credit for this, but this was all Speedy's idea.”

This got a laugh out of Faith at least for she had heard of Speedy's exploits from Xander several times.

“So what have you been up to Xand?” asked Faith.

“A lot of things, once we finish up I can tell you a few.”


It was now several hours after the battle, and many had left a few still remained. And it was those few that were currently lounging in the main hall of the Hyperion. And they were discussing new plans.

“The watchers council is strong and with the slayers you have an impressive fighting force, but this most recent event shows that you can not always be prepared enough for what is coming. So I have a new idea for you.”
Several around the room stared at the green man who called himself the Martian Manhunter.

“And what is that idea Mr. Jonzz.” asked one of the slayers.

“It might be easier if I showed you.”


“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the JLU watchtower. From here we coordinate the actions of nearly one hundred heroes. And we believe we can help you to coordinate the actions of yours slayers. And when necessary we can offer our assistance.”

This little intro was being given by one who hadn't been at the battle but all knew him. His name was Superman.

“In other words you want to add the slayers to those of the JLU.” asked Robin Wood, one of those sent to hear Jon Jonzz proposal.

“Exactly.” Replied Superman.

The watchers looked between each other, then they looked to Buffy, who was hiding towards the back, when she nodded they returned their gaze to the man of steel.

“We accept.”


A/N: This is the end of Transformations but not the end for this series, I have a few ideas, for various crossovers with different JLU teams, as well as more stories of Mammoth Xander and the Titans, and those should start appearing soon. But this just seemed like a good way to finish this. So Long For Now.

The End

You have reached the end of "Transformations". This story is complete.

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