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Summary: BtVS/TT Xander tried for another road trip but this one turned out worse than the last.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDarkElfFR1346,40232722,55624 May 0527 Aug 06Yes

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don’t own, Buffy Titans, or much of anything.

This is a crossover with the Teen Titans Cartoon. I am dragging the timeline of Titans back to more intercede with the Buffy Time Line. I am also making some minor changes to the Titans storyline.


Chapter 1:Capture and Freedom

“You made a grave mistake this time young man.”

Xander stared at the speaker. He didn’t recognize the guy. After the whole mess with Adam he had decided to give the road trip another try. He went north first. And ran into trouble with some fledgling vamps in Seattle. Next thing he knew he was strapped to this table. Oh yeah, this was so much better than last time.

“While you were unconscious I took the time to sift through your mind and was highly intrigued by what I saw. You fought along side a slayer. I was impressed to say the least.”

“Yeah, and I should care why?”

“Well you see, I did a little analysis of your DNA. I noticed in your memories that you have never really taken serious damage in all your fights. The worst I saw was a broken arm, and even that healed quickly. Your body seemed uniquely durable. Well lo and behold in your DNA is a mostly latent Meta Human Gene. I thought I would tell you before hand that I plan to make that gene very active.


“Meaning that once I am done you will be mine. You will have no choice in the matter. My powers will make sure of that.”

“I will never serve you.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Who the Fuck are you?”

“You will know me as Headmaster. But I am known as Brother Blood.”


Three years later…

Mammoth shot up in bed. And that was when it hit him. His name, his past, everything. And for the first time in years he felt free. He couldn’t feel Blood’s taint in his mind. And based on the shouting going on outside his room, he guessed he wasn’t the only one.

Mammoth, no Xander, he corrected himself, ran to his door and when he opened it he saw mass chaos. Students of the Hive were everywhere. Some were running, some were screaming, some were laughing. But many were leaving. He had opened his door just in time to see Gizmo flying down the hallway with his jet pack, probably heading for an exit.

Xander’s first thought was actually his other team mate. Jinx. He had come to know her during his time at the hive, and had a feeling that like him, she might not be all bad. Gizmo was nuts, this he was sure of. But he wasn’t positive about her. And he was proven right.

When he found her room, he ended up having to knock the door open in order to get in. And there she was curled up in a corner crying her eyes out. She looked up at him when he entered, and his heart broke at the look in her cat like eyes.

“Mammoth. What have we done? What did that man make us do?”

“He made us do a lot of things Jinx. But for some reason he is gone, so we have to get out of here. Grab what you think you need, and you may want to change to. No telling where we are since he dropped us in this new school and left.”

“You’re right. We need to get out.”

Xander returned to his room and grabbed a duffle bag and started tossing clothes into it. He also found the stash of money he had been keeping from some of their raids. He knew it was stolen, but they mainly stole from government buildings so he didn’t feel as bad about keeping it as he might have. He also changed out of his normal battle attire, and into a set of large cargo pants and a hooded sweatshirt with a hood deep enough to hide his face.

He then returned to Jinx’s room and found her with a similar bag. She hadn’t actually changed clothes but she had tied her hair back into a single low ponytail and added a paige boy cap to cover most of her hair, giving her the look of any goth girl you might see. The two followed others that were leaving. After following a staircase they have never noticed before they made it to what they assumed was the surface. The stairway came out inside an empty warehouse.

It was when they exited the warehouse that Xander got his shock. They seemed to be in a warehouse district near a port. A port he had seen. He saw it during his trip when he got caught. It had actually been one of his first stops. When he stopped to see Cordy. They had been underneath Los Angeles. A smile suddenly graced Xander’s face.

“I know where we are.”


“We are in LA. And that means we have somewhere we can go. Come on.”

Pulling his hood tighter over his head just to be sure, he started heading in deeper into the city. Jinx followed close behind several seconds later. As they were walking through the streets as Xander got his lay of where he was exactly they passed by a magazine vendor Xander noticed something on one paper and immediately picked it up. The headline read “Small Town of Sunnydale Destroyed.” Pretty attention getting, throw in the picture of a crate that was monstrous in size and you really get people.

He read threw the article how it claimed some kind of underground cave system collapsed, though he had a better idea what may have happened. But this gave him reason to move faster. He turned to Jinx.

“We need a cab.”

Jinx startled by her friends sudden statement just nodded.

Xander went to the street and flagged down the first cab he saw. When he pulled up Xander leaned down to the open passenger window.

“Hey man, you know where Hyperion Hotel is?”

“Sure. But you know it ain’t been a hotel in years right?”

“Yeah, but I know the guy who owns it.”

“Well I can get you there. Hop in.”

Xander and Jinx climbed into the cab after stowing their bags in the trunk. It wasn’t a particularly long drive but with LA traffic and all it took close to 40 minutes. Xander then paid the cabby and then grabbed to bags. He waited until the cab drove away before approaching the front of the building. It looked just the way he remembered. But he was in for a surprise when he went through the door.

The lobby was full of girls.

There were at least a dozen of them.

They were scattered around the lobby. Some were chatting, some were cleaning weapons, and one even seemed to be taking a nap. One brunette girl, who had her arm around the shoulders of another girl, was the first to notice the two enter.

“Can we help you?”

“Yeah, we are looking for Angel. Last I heard he owned this place.”

The girl got up from her seat and began to approach as she responded.

“He has a new office. He loaned this one to us for the time being. Maybe we can help.”

“Well I was really hoping to talk to Angel. Are you sure you couldn’t give us his new address?”

“Well I guess we could…” Her sentence died off as she got closer to him. It was at this point Xander realized she had gotten close enough she might have seen under his hood and his suspicions were confirmed when she turned back to the others and shouted “DEMON!” And with her shout completed she turned and threw a massive round house kick at him.

Which he caught. And used to throw her back into another group of girl who had just risen.

“Jinx, Attack plan gamma 3, but don’t hurt them.”

He then raised his no clenched fists and brought them down to the ground at the same instant that Jinx leaped into the air. When his fists struck the entire floor shook, knocking the girls off balance, except for Jinx who was, while airborne, sending hex bolts at the weapons that several of the girls had been holding. These weapons promptly fell apart.

When jinx landed Xander raised his hands again, and once Jinx took her second leap he brought them down again with a similar result. But this time a couple of the girls were paying attention and they too leaped into the air. Two heading for Xander and one heading for Jinx. And with that the real fight was on. Jinx battled her opponent and was able to keep her off balance with the occasional hex blast. Xander on the other hand was keeping his busy by plucking them out of the air and throwing them into the other groups of girls. He wasn’t really doing enough to really hurt them but it was keeping them distracted enough that jinx was now only up to two opponents.


All action stopped as all heads turned up to the staircase where stood one very pissed off Buffy Summers.
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