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Don't Get Your Kinckers in a Knot

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Summary: Ficlets from LJ Community twistedshorts - New Addition 6/6/2005

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherBrendanMFR1821,380011,52325 May 055 Jun 05No

#06 - Halloween Relevation

Title: Halloween Relevation
Rating: Adult for language
Fandom: Dead Like Me
Note: This takes place years after “Haunted”
Note 2: The dialogue in quotes with nothing else is George’s smartassed voiceover.
Challenge: #06, Memorial Day / Rememberance
Disclaimer: I don't own this stuff. Joss Whedon and Showtime do. No cash made, just fun had. I promise I won't break 'em, and I'll put 'em back in the case when I'm done


“Being a grim reaper has its perks. Advanced healing, increased metabolism, never aging... all good. And since I got promoted and transferred to LA, I’d say that I’ve got it really good. I’m even happy that my mom, dad, and sister moved into the valley.”

“But sometimes, there’s just something that comes along and knocks you on your ass.”










Millie Hagan (AKA George Lass) was filling in for Vi’s regular trainer. Vi had missed the pad that George had been holding out and ended up punching her in the shoulder, instead.


Which, in turn, knocked her unceremoniously onto her keester.

George rubbed her shoulder and took Vi’s hand when it was offered.

“I am soooooo sorry!!” The redhead continued to apologize profusely until George assured her that she was fine. She really didn’t want to do that again anytime soon, though. Besides, Vi’s concentration was shot for the time being.

“Vi, I think it’s time for dinner.”

As the girls left the gym, they discussed the remainder of their day. George was planning on taking the younger slayers out for trick-or-treating the next day, and was going to finish up her costume.

Violet was going to see if her usual sparring partner was going to be back soon.


“...And figuratively.”


“Good Evening, Council of Watchers Training Center.” She glanced at the clock and saw that it was five to midnight. Out of the corner of her eye, George saw the door open and recognized the short frame of Faith. There was someone with her, but she didn’t know who it was.

“Hey, Millie.” Dawn’s voice on the phone greeted her, “is Giles around?”

“Sure. I can transfer you to Mr. Giles.”

“Okay, thanks.”

When she had executed the transfer, she turned to look to see who had accompanied Faith.

She dropped the receiver to her phone.

It was Reggie. Her little sister.


“Okay... What the fuck?”


She recovered quickly and asked, “Is this another new Slayer?”

Faith nodded. “Reggie, this is Millie. She’ll get you set up.”


“Shit. Shit shit shitty shit.”


George stood up, smiled, and offered her hand. “Millie Hagan.”

“Reggie Lass.” The girl showed no emotion whatsoever.

“Well, Reggie, let’s go upstairs and get you a room.”

George put the phones on night service early, and got up from her desk.

Reggie just shrugged and said in a bored tone, “Okay.”

After climbing the stairs to the third floor, she selected a room that she knew was a little bigger than most, and let her younger sibling in ahead of her. She commenced the nickel tour. “Okay, here’s the bed, and there’s the bathroom.” She indicated the door. “I’ll go and get you some workout clothes for your training sessions. What sizes do you wear?”

She went down the hall and retrieved the clothing and returned to the room.

“If you don’t mind my asking,” George began, “You seem kinda... off.”

Reggie just raised an eyebrow. George continued, “Actually, you kinda seem depressed.”


“As if I don’t know why.”


“That’s ‘cause I am.” Reggie looked at her from behind those thick, dark framed glasses.

“How come?”

“It’s stupid.”

“I bet I’ve heard dumber.”

Reggie regarded her with open hostility.

“My sister died a couple of years ago,” the younger girl explained, “And every year on Halloween, Mom and I used to go and sit at her grave. And this year, Dad got a job at UCLA, and the divorce says that they have to live within fifty miles of each other.”

“And since you’re here, you’re not going to be able to go to the cemetery.”

“Right,” Reggie said, firmly.

George had known that they’d camped out in the graveyard the last couple of Halloweens, but she didn’t know what went on. “So, what did you do there?”

“We usually just sat there, and ate our dinner. A couple of times, we fell asleep.” She looked around to make sure that there was nobody listening at the door and lowered her voice. “Every year, right around dawn, I’d wake up, and there would be a pile of candy by my hand and I’d see her walking away off in the distance.”


“Shit. Apparently that thing where we all look like ourselves extends to All Saint’s Day.”

“Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.”


George Lass smiled and looked at her watch. One minute till midnight.

“Reggie,” George – As Millie – started, “What if I told you that my name isn’t really Millie Hagan?”

“What do you mean?”

“What if I said my name was really...” She looked at her watch again, and Reggie Gasped.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Don't Get Your Kinckers in a Knot" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jun 05.

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