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Xander Mercenary - the sequel

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Summary: Continuation of Xander Mercenary

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kevinmFR155499,550100309733,13726 May 0512 Mar 08No

chapter 2

Xander Mercenary -Sequel
Pt 2

"Petey," Xander examined the grey and blue
vehicled sitting in the hanger. "What's this?"

"That's your new vehicle, sir. I've already added
the registration into the State of California
computers." Petey replied, "I patterned it after a
vehicle in use with your military."

"Whoa, A Hummer." Jonathan said as he and
Andrew entered the bay, "Civilian design, or
military specs?"

"Neither," Petey replied, "I fabbed the entire
structure out of Carbonan Fullerene. It's equipped
with a annie power plant, gravitic shielding and a
gravity drive control system."

"Cool." Andrew looked inside. "This thing can

"Yes." Petey didn't elaborated, not wanting to
encourage Andrew's questions.

"Petey," Xander sighed, "I can barely understand
how to control *this* ship. I can't possibly learn to
fly this hybrid."

"You won't have to," Petey's voice came from
inside the Hummer, "I can fly it for you."

Xander stuck his head into the Hummer, the inside
dash was heavily customized, including what
looked like a radar display. But it was the small
antenna like holo-link that got Xander's real
attention. "You've got a node copy of yourself in

"Of course," Petey replied, "I intend to take every
precaution in keeping you safe."

"Oh wow!" Andrew gushed, "You're KITT!"

"Kit?" Petey asked. "A baby cat?"

"No." Jonathan was geeking almost as badly as
Andrew. "The Knight Industries Two Thousand."

"Knight Industries?" Petey frowned, "I can find no
reference for a company called..."

"Petey?" Xander frowned, Petey stopped in mid-
sentence, something he'd never done before.

"I found the reference." Petey said flatly. "I know I
was just insulted."

"Insulted?" Jonathon retorted, "KITT was the
coolest car on Television!"

"I'm being compared to the AI of an 80's action
series." Petey glared at the duo. "And only you two
would think that was cool."

"Petey..." Xander warned.

"He started it." Petey pointed at Andrew.

"I don't believe this." Xander sighed. "Drop it,

"Yes, Sir." Petey looked sullen. "Are you sure...?"

"No, Petey."

"Maybe just Andrew?"


"Understood, Sir."

"What was he talking about?" Andrew asked about

"You don't want to know." Xander replied.
Climbing in the Hummer, he examined the interior,
"So we fly back to Earth?"

"Of course not," Petey's voice came over the link,
"I've equipped this vehicle with a teraport. And
I'm currently monitoring the garage at XWB
Technologies. We have an open window to teraport
in without anyone seeing it."

"Let's get home." Xander told Petey.


"See you two tomorrow." Xander told the Duo as
they headed home.

Taking the Hummer out of the garage, Xander
turned to head for L.A. and the hotel where Buffy
and her mom were staying. As he drove down the
street, Xander asked. "Okay Petey what other toy's
do you have in here?"

"Hey sweetie." Buffy waved as Xander got out of
his vehicle. "New ride?"

"Yep," Xander grinned as he pulled the Slayer into
a hug, "An armored, teraporting version of Chitty
Chitty Bang Bang. All courtesy of Petey."

"Can I drive?"

Xander blinked, "I'm an idiot."

"Because I want to drive your car?" Buffy asked.

"No," Xander laughed slightly, "I should have
thought of this sooner."

"C'mon, you can drive."

Buffy laughed as she took the keys from his hand
and dashed for the driver's seat. Xander chuckled
as he opened the passenger side door and slid in.

"Petey," Xander said once they were on the road.
"Pull up the most popular car designs for this year."

"I have the designs, sir."

"Put the images onscreen." Xander ordered.

On the dash a holographic display popped showing
ten images of various automobiles.

"I've limited the display to the ten most popular
cars." Petey replied.

"Wow," Buffy leaned over to look at the display.
As she did so, her hand tugged the wheel slightly,
sending the Hummer into oncoming traffic.

"BUFFY!" Xander shouted as the car corrected and
slid back into the proper lane.

"Don't worry. Captain." Petey reassured him, "I can
compensate for Miss Summers' driving."

"Thank god." Xander sighed as Buffy examined the

"Why did you have Petey pull those up?" Buffy
asked, slightly hopeful.

"Pick one." Xander told her.

"What?" Buffy's eyes widened.

"Pick one," Xander repeated, "or pick any thing
you'd want. I'll have Petey fab one with a node
clone to help keep you safe."

"For me?" Buffy's smile warmed Xander.

"For all of you." Xander told her. "The
Government's got a secret military installtion setup
at Sunnydale U. I've got to stop letting Tagon's
memories cloud my decisions."

"Okay, that was a 'huh?' comment right there."

"Kaff Tagon was a soldier, a Merc." Xander
explained, "For him, vehicles were just tools, to be
issued out when the mission profile warranted it. I
didn't even think about getting all of us cars till you
asked if you could drive, I should have."

"You can't think of everything." Buffy smiled, "I
always wanted a 1966 Corvette."

"Petey?" Xander asked.

"I have the specifications for that model." Petey
replied, "Any particular color?"

"A Corvette should be red." Buffy stated.

"Noted." Petey replied.

Xander opened the glove compartment to reveal a
keyboard, and started typing. "Okay, Petey. I want
you to start work fabbing Buffy's car and the other
six vehicles I've got listed."

"Yes..." Petey's voice trailed off, then he whined.
"Captain. You can't be serious about those two.

"Petey, Just build the vehicles." Xander ordered.
"Oh and make those two exactly like the one's I've
typed in, Okay?"

"I'm doing this under protest." Petey told Xander.
"I hope you realize that, Captain."

Xander typed some more and Petey voice
brightened. "Oh! Yes I can do that! And Captain

"Yes, Petey?"

"You have my eternal gratitude."

"No problem, Petey."


XWB Technologies Garage
(Formerly CRD)
One month later.

"Okay, Xander." Willow said as Giles and Miss
Calander joined the group. "We're all here. No
what's the sitch?"

"Nothing much." Xander grinned.

"Xander..." Willow looked over at the matching
grin on Buffy's face. "What's going on?"

"Like I said, nothing much." Xander walked over to
where a large cloth curtain hid part of the garage. "I
just thought you might like to see your new cars."

Xander pulled the curtain down, to reveal five cars
and a van sitting side by side. As everyone looked
on in shock, Xander held out a set of keys to Oz.
"The van's yours."

Willow frowned at the green Aerostar, the color
scheme looked really familiar to her. Then she
recognized it. "Xander!"

"Huh." Oz saw the name 'Mystery Machine'
stenciled on the side of the van. "Cool."

"I don't mean to sound rude." Miss Calander told
Xander, "but isn't that a bit... conspicuous?"

"A little," Xander agreed. "I'll explain in a sec."

"Giles." Xander held out a pair of keys to the
Scoobie's 'Father figure'. "I think you can guess
which one is yours."

"Couldn't you have gotten him a grown up car?"
Buffy asked as she glared at the Citreon.

"That's the only Citreon in the world that can out
maneuver and out run a Lemans racer, with enough
armor to take on a Abrhams tank."

"Miss Calander." Xander held out the keys to a car
that looked exactly like her current vehicle. "This
one's yours."

"Herbie is mine right?" Willow asked.

Xander grinned. "I remembered how much you
liked that movie, Will."

Xander walked over to where the last two cars were
still hidden by a tarp. "Jonathan, Andrew. These
are yours. I'll let you two fight over who gets

He pulled away the tarp to reveal a 1980's black
Trans-am and a red Dodge Viper. "The instruction
manuals are inside, with the exception of these two,
all of the cars have node clone of Petey as the
control system."

"Why not these two?" Andrew asked, still drooling over
the Trans-am.

"Because the two of you really irritate Petey."
Xander told them. "So I had Petey install a pair of
new AI's into your cars. They're not as advanced
as he is but I think you'll like them."

"Guy's." Xander told the two cars. "Introduce

"I am the Knight Industries Two Thousand." The
black Trans-Am introduced itself.

"And I am the Knight Automated Roving Robot."
The Viper reported.

End part 02.
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