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Adventurer Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adventurer Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Dresses as an Adventurer for halloween (Anarchy Online Cross)

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Games > Sci-Fi > Anarchy Online
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Humor
(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131622,39574666,81627 May 052 Oct 06Yes

Five F

Five F

“Good Lord,” Giles breathed, slightly awed, “a Seer”

“Perhaps,” Willow shook her head as she dropped three of the headache pills, watching but not truly seeing as they dissolved into the water, “but when that vision hit, it hurt . Tara dropped right to the ground. I don't remember reading anything about that on the many occasions we have had to research a prophecy”

“No, you wouldn't” he replied, unhappy, “most of the Seers on record fall into two categories. Those who were born with the ability, they tend to be the ones who write the books of prophecy, and those who are not fully human. It's believed a demon aspect, even if its heavily watered down provides some protection against having a vision forced into your head”

“Indeed, they….” Giles paused, his eyes widening, “oh… bloody hell”

“Giles, when you say bloody hell, experience tells me I need to be somewhat worried” Willow noted.

“Well, in this instance you would be quite right” Giles stammered slightly, “I'm afraid that Tara is most likely being given visions and if I remember correctly, most humans don't survive them”

Willow glanced up sharply, “that's not acceptable”

“Indeed, Tara is a nice girl, there's certainly no meanness in her,” Giles shrugged, “I'll just have to research. Unfortunately, we need to find out what her vision was about, I'm afraid it's almost certain to be important and time sensitive”

Willow shrugged, picking up the glass and the now well and truly dissolved headache tablets, “then we had best talk to her straight away, find out what the vision was about, deal with it, then figure out how much she can be trusted”

Giles nodded, “your thinking Xander?”

“We gave him our original nano-controllers back when we upgraded, he still has them, well, all bar the one we destroyed with Adam,” Willow nodded happily, “a new recruit is always a good thing. Hey, what profession do you think she would be?”


When carrying out surveillance, there are always a few things you have nightmares about having to put into a report. Being spotted was a relatively mild one, that happened and it got you a right royal chewing out… or perhaps a funeral if your suspect was annoyed or gung-ho enough, but there were worse.

Like being attacked by unknowns whilst on surveillance, like having attention drawn to you in a big way, Like, being attacked by apparent aliens, aliens who looked like they were the basis for the vampire mythology… though, at least being with Stargate Command, the brass tended to take mentions of mythology at face value rather then laugh it off. Anyone who had clearance for those reports would certainly know better then to just laugh them off after all.

But this was bad, this… this he had never even had a nightmare about.

Being attacked by unknown aliens who were apparently the source of the vampire myth and being rescued by the very people he was supposed to be running surveillance on. Worse, they arrived so promptly that Davis could only come to one off two conclusions, either they had been following the ‘vampires', or they had had his surveillance van under surveillance…

Davis knew that his career might not survive writing that in a report, despite how invaluable he might be to the project. Of course, first he had to survive long enough for that to become an issue, and even with the firm pressure of the compress against his neck, he could still feel the warmth of his own blood on his skin dropping steadily lower.


“He's in a real bad way,” Riley commented, glancing up sharply at Faith, “unless we get a Doctor here quick, I don't thinks he's going to make it”

Faith nodded, “I've put an alert out on the Org Chat, but Cordy hasn't responded. Buffy and Oz are on their way but they're not as good as Cordy and they're out of position. Willow is closest but she is already with a patient and Xander is dealing with a nest”

“Damn it,” Riley cursed, “can't you do something?”

Faith shook her head, “If he had an NCU, there would be a few nanos I could use which would help but he doesn't and we've got no spares with us. We've just got to wait until reinforcements arrive

“Shit,” Riley swore, his eyes glancing assessingly once around the surroundings before turning back to the blood streaked form of the officer in front of them, “I don't think he had long”

“Yea,” Faith shrugged, carefully assuming an uncaring, this doesn't hurt me air, “pity about the others. Pretty cute… for soldier boys”

“Thanks,” Riley commented dryly.


“So,” Daniel asked quietly, “how do you think Davis is getting on?”

“Well I hope,” Jack commented, his voice conveying his worry. He didn't know what exactly was wrong, but he was getting that prickly feeling down his back, the one he had learned to trust years ago, the one that told him something had just gone fubar.

“You are worried O'Neill” Teal'c commented calmly.

“Yeah,” O'Neill swore, swinging away from the window of their small, almost decrepit motel room, “I hate Intel jobs…. We know they know that we know but we must both pretend we don't… this horseshit gets on my nerves”

“Tell me again,” Daniel commented, “why we don't just have some major back-up moved to the outskirts of town, just in case, then go and ask these unknowns just what they think they're doing on Earth?”

“I'm not entirely sure…” Carter commented, somewhat puzzled and intrigued, “if it wasn't for the shape-shifting I would have said they were 100% normal humans, quite possibly earth normal humans at that”

“The background checks do seem to support that hypothesis” Teal'c noted, “perhaps they obtained these abilities through some ancient technology?”

“Reason enough to investigate more circumspectly right there,” Jack sighed, “I would hate to think what the NID would do with technology that grants the user the ability to shift forms”

Daniel frowned, “Perhaps not, I mean, each of the individuals in the group has a naquadah type energy signature originating from inside their bodies, but each signature is somewhat unique. This ‘Alexander' and ‘Daniel' have the most similar signatures and they are the only two we now have video recording of shifting form”

“Point,” Carter shrugged, “the energy signature isn't quite like Naquadah, it has more in common with naquadria in fact but almost as if it has been stabilised somehow”

O'Neill frowned, glancing out the window, looking carefully for something in particular. He didn't see it.

“The drops late” His eyebrows rose, startled, “and we have a primary heading in our direction”

Carter glanced out the window disturbed, followed by Daniel as a knock came at the door.

“I do believe the appropriate expression is ‘shit', is it not?”

“Yeah Teal'c,” Jack grimaced as he reached across to open the door, his other hand resting on the handle of a pistol hidden in the back of his trousers, “shit covers it”
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