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Adventurer Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adventurer Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Dresses as an Adventurer for halloween (Anarchy Online Cross)

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Games > Sci-Fi > Anarchy Online
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Humor
(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131622,39574666,81127 May 052 Oct 06Yes

Five G

Five G

“Where’s Buffy?” She asked; her voice high and perky.

“Probably out saving the world again,” Joyce Summers replied, trying hard to hide the worry in her voice, instead she turned her face down; gazing at the dishes she was washing with quiet, motherly fearful attentiveness.

“Yeah,” Dawn replied sullenly, “’cause it’s not as if she would do any real work”

Joyce just rolled here eyes as the swift shift of mood on her daughters part, she was far to used to that to do anything else.

“She doesn’t have a lot of choice,” Joyce noted, not bothering to hide her worry, fear and despair this time, “but she could phone more often, let us know shes still okay”

“Yes,” Dawn replied, frowning as she placed the newly dried plate in its place on the rack, “she could”

“You just want her to bring Xander around” Joyce teased.

Dawn blushed, “mum!”


Worried and dismayed, O’Neill led the charge into Giles house with a will, angry at hearing of the attack on his people, but knowing that he most likely hadn’t been lied to, these unknowns had done their best to save those they could. They probably hadn’t used methods approved by the Federal Drugs Administration either, which explained why they were here instead of at the local hospital.

Still… he was second in command of the SGC. That meant everyone who worked there was his people, just as he was Hammonds, and that meant any attack on them was an attack on himself. Doubly so for someone like Davis, whom he respected and trusted.

Still, O’Neill already knew that this report was going to be a real dozy.


“What did you see Tara?” Giles asked calmly, gently, and above all else, quietly, knowing that in all likelihood, Tara would not appreciate loud noises right now.

“Pain…” Tara grimaced, carefully, slowly sitting upwards on the couch, her eyes pained, her arm shielding her eyes from the light, “evil, and the end of days”

“Ah,” Willow nodded sagely, “Apocalypse season has come late this year”

Tara blinked, then shuddered slightly, “that… was actually quite disturbing”

“Quite,” Giles’s face was grave, concerned, but the corners of his eyes lit up with a smirk, evidently humorously agreeing.

“Darkness,” she shuddered again, delicately, wrapping her arms protectively around her body as she shivered, “it comes, formless but its servants are many. Those who come seeking truth, they know its name, its threat but they don’t know its plans”

“Those who come seeking truth?” Giles frowned, puzzled, and then started, “of course, SG-1. I see, well, anything else?”

Tara nodded, “we are supposed to face this together, and that Dawn is involved somehow”

“Dawn?” Giles was puzzled, and wasn’t bothering to hide it, “what do you mean by that?”

“Buffy’s sister, she’s important somehow. I don’t know how, but the visions that sent me here, the ones that told me to take this job, they all go back to her, how she is here now but wasn’t here always. How she came into being fully formed…”

“Oh, good lord” Giles was fascinated, but dismayed, and his hands were worrying at his glasses with far more then the usual vehemence.

“There’s also this Duck,”

Giles blinked, as did Willow, who finally turned her full attention back to the shy blonde, her eyes rising startled above the line of her laptop screen.

“This Duck,” Giles repeated, his tone in its quiet understated way managing to convey quite clearly the expression ‘what the fuck?’

“Yes, and its constantly quacking,” Tara shook her head, then groaned, grimacing g as the movement sent a shard of pain through her head, “quite surreal”

“Yes quite,” Giles stuttered, “well, Buffy always has that cheese man, I suppose some sort of avatar may just be a secondary indicator that the visions are not reality perhaps…”

An enlightened expression dawned across Willows face, “or it could be telling us what profession Tara would be if given a nano-controlling unit?”

Tara shot Willow her own ‘what the hell?’ look before shyly averting her head even as Giles frowned, “how do you get Tara’s possible nano-profession from a duck?”

Willow grinned, almost bouncing in her seat at putting one over her mentor, “what ‘quack’ slang for?”

“Well, a Doctor of course….” Giles paused, and then sighed, glancing heavenwards as if asking for divine patience, “The thought processes of modern teenagers never fail to bemuse and terrify me”

Willow chuckled outright, even as Tara hid her smile behind the palms of her hands.
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