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Adventurer Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adventurer Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Dresses as an Adventurer for halloween (Anarchy Online Cross)

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Games > Sci-Fi > Anarchy Online
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Humor
(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131622,39574666,81627 May 052 Oct 06Yes

Five H

Five H

“Davies will live,” Cordelia shrugged, “he’ll know about if for a while. Buffy did enough to keep him alive long enough for me to get there, but at most, she’s a medic. Oz could have done better…”

Buffy shrugged, “showed up just after you did, absolutely swimming in vamp dust. Betting somebody tried for the bounty”

“Bounty?” O’Neill asked carefully.

Faith snorted, “pass, it’s a rather tempting number”

The Colonel nodded, “fine, now what happened?”

“Vampire attack,” Riley commented shortly, edgy at the presence of a senior military officer when technically he was a deserter.

“Funny, but you know what?” O’Neill replied sarcastically, “one of my men is injured, in fact, one of my men looks to have had his throat ripped out. I’m not particularly in the mood for funny”

“Okay,” Riley shrugged, “Vampire attack and I’m afraid I’m not kidding”

O’Neill paused, “you are”



“Children” Faith commented amused, walking up to the group, “do I have to order you to separate corners?”

“Yes M’am” Riley and O’Neill responded, O’Neill sarcastically, Riley bemused.

“You Riley, stop provoking the colonel, he cant help it that nobody has popped his cheery yet,” Faith clipped the soldier around the ear, “and as for you Colonel, we can prove that vampires exist”

O’Neill blinked, then shrugged, “okay”

Riley raised a surprised but calculating eyebrow, “you took that awfully calmly”

O’Neill shrugged, “Used to weird, if you can prove it, then it’s just another one to chalk up in the ‘suppress if you wish to sleep’ category”

Faith chuckled darkly, “not all of us have the option of suppressing it, for some of us, it’s our life”

“So long as it isn’t your ‘unlife’” O’Neill drawled back, and Faith laughed, knowing at that moment, if she could prove it, O’Neill would be able to accept and live with all the weird the Scooby’s had to deal with. It made him an unusual but perhaps useful potential ally.


“Do you think they were serious when they said Vampire Attack?” Carter asked carefully, gazing across the hall speculatively at the lounging yet still alert figure of Faith.

“Yes,” O’Neill replied, “said she could prove it too”

“You can’t believe that,” Carter grinned bemused at her CO, “Vampires are myth, nothing more”

“So are the Goa’uld,” O’Neill pointed out, “right now, there are enough oddities that I am willing to accept that vampires or at least, a creature that may be responsible for the vampire legend may be active in the area”

Carter nodded, accepting that for the moment, “alien?”

O’Neill shrugged, “we’ll see”


“O’Neill,” Teal’c said pensively, “we may experience some difficulty in removing Daniel from the premises”

“Oh?” O’Neill asked, not moving from the foot of Davis’s bed, “what’s up?”

“He found the library,” O’Neill winced, but Teal’c hadn’t finished, “I’m afraid to announce that he is behaving like…”

The tall black, totally fearless and dangerous Jaffa warrior shuddered fearfully, “triple espressos”

“Oh shit” O’Neill replied, eyes wide.


Carter was annoyed, how could these people bhe stuipid enough to talk about vampires, demons and magic as if they were real?

She could see the more primitive branches of humanity mistaking technology and aliens for such but these people were Earth human, they had to have some idea of what you could do with the correct set-up, they couldn’t truly believe the rubbish they were spouting.

They certainly appeared to though, and worse, it was mixed in with technological terms, some suggesting high levels of technical capability beyond that of the Earth normal humans, suggesting that they saw both as real and used such.

It was madness, that’s all it could be, and if one of them said magic just one more time…

“Right,” Carter barked, officially pissed off, “how do you scientifically explain magic then?”

The one called Willow shrugged, “dimensional bleed-over”

Carter blinked, “whaaaa?”

“You are aware of the differences between alternate realities and different dimensions right?”

Carter glared at the teen, annoyed by her supercilious tone, “alternate realities are like a tree, where a new branch comes off every time a decision is made. Dimensions refer to different trees entirely, the ‘everything goes’ principle, everything will be true in at least one dimension”

“Simplistic,” Willow nodded, “but at least you have the basic idea”

Carter carefully bit off her retort, no point revealing to this individual that she had deliberately dumbed it down for her.

“Okay, there is a weakening in the dimensional barriers inside Sunnydale” Willow shrugged, “the dimension in question is one where the Laws of Physics are secondary to what we would call the laws of magic. It is also a dimension which by its very nature, is extremely hostile to life as we know it”

Carter nodded; her mind racing as she automatically categorized, filled and expanded on the various possibilities represented.

“This breech is sealed, but weakly, not only have the seals been breeched in the past, but it allows a certain amount of, as I said, dimensional bleed over”

Carters jaw dropped, “you mean when you are talking about demons you are referring to creatures not of this dimension?”

“Demons is a contraction of dimensional monsters” Willow pointed out, “but it isn’t just beings which cross the barrier, the important point in this instance is that the rules cross that boundary too”

“Wait,” Carter was shocked, “when you are referring to ‘magic’, you are referring to the ability to manipulate the rules of this universe using the rules of a different universe”

“Precisely,” Willow replied.

“Which means,” Carter mused, “a magic user on this breeching would be more powerful then anywhere else on this world”

Willow nodded her confirmation.

“And a magic user off world would probably not be able to utilise there extra abilities at all,”

Carefully, Willow filed away that ‘off world’ for future reference, but Carter hadn’t finished, “Could that be what is interfering with our scans of the area? The presence of this breech and the ‘bleed-over’ of dimensional laws?”

Willow shrugged, happy at having found somebody of sufficient intelligence and training to discuss the local situation on a high, scientific level. She needed someone to bounce ideas off, and a different perspective was always useful.

“Oh my God,” Carter gasped out suddenly, “I cant believe that5 somebody just explained the physics behind magic to me”

Willow grinned, “and did it logically too”

“Don’t remind me,” Carter groaned, feeling the swift onset of a headache.
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