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Adventurer Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adventurer Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Dresses as an Adventurer for halloween (Anarchy Online Cross)

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Games > Sci-Fi > Anarchy Online
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Humor
(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131622,39574666,79427 May 052 Oct 06Yes

Five C

Five C

“It is perhaps a good thing then that the demon population fears us,” Riley commented, “if we ‘suggest' they lay low for a few days…”

“It's an idea,” Giles commented, “we know at least parts of the military and US Government are aware of the existence of demons and magics but it is highly unlikely that the majority do. A group that works with aliens would have to be somewhat open-minded of course, but if they are truly distrustful of the NID then its entirely unlikey that they are aware of the NIDs actions in this area and perhaps of the existence of the monsters”

“In simple terms,” Xander drawled, “we guess that they don't know but if anyone was to be able to spot the weirdness, a team that includes an alien is going to be the one to do it”

“Yes, quite”

“See,” Buffy smiled mischievously at her watcher, “now that explanation I understood”

Giles responded with a look of tolerant annoyance, and refused to comment.

“Still,” Xander noted, “that keeps most of the demons out of their way, but we know there are a few out there who are likely to show themselves ‘accidently' to this ‘SG-1' just because we told them not too”

“That is a very human reaction to a Law Enforcement Agency,” Giles pointed out, “and official or not, that is how a lot of the underworld is beginning to perceive us”

“Freakishness of the demonic community aside,” Buffy noted with a bemused smile, “we still need to figure out what to do about SG-1 themselves”

“Best option is of course to give them no reason to stay,” Riley pointed out, his former role giving him a greater understanding of the military mind then most, “one way or another; they will be under a time-limit. In order to stay beyond that limit they have to have some form of proof, we give them none…”

“I don't like it,” Faith commented, frustrated, “that means not doing anything that might get their attention. All it takes is one wanna-be-a-big-bad to come along and we risk tipping our hand”

“The demons will certainly know something is up, having been told to stay under cover” Willow added.

“Basically, we need to get rid of this team without giving then any evidence or weakening our position,” Xander shook his head, “there's no simple, answer to this, though I know what an agent would suggest”

“I know,” Giles frowned, “and if it were to be suggested, I would say no, it would only bring more attention to this town from the authorities”

“A short term option is to charm them,” Xander noted, “but that would only work on one at a time and for very short periods… and the effects on the alien would at best be unpredictable”

“Indeed,” Giles frowned, “and as the only one with such a nano, I must say I find the thought of using it on a normal human somewhat repugnant. Demons yes, darksiders okay, but we have no proof that this SG-1 is on that side of the line, therefore no”

“Your option,” Xander smiled, “and one I have to agree with. If we start charming anyone who is a possible threat, then we end up no better then the demons we fight”

“We have a problem,”

“Oz, nice to see you too, how was your day, was your surveillance time fruitful?” Xander sardonically commented, glancing across as his fellow Adventurer, who was still surrounded by a halo of glowing nano-particles from the polymorph he had just de-activated.

“They have their proof,” Oz replied.

“Oh,” Xander noted.



“The technology… I mean, this is simply impossible. It is a fundamental rule of physics that mass and energy must be conserved. We have found a few technologies that force a change between the two states, the gate itself is an example of one, but,” Carter shook her head, awed, “if I am judging the satellite imagery correctly, then that bird was merely the size of the shifters head. If E=MC2 is to hold true in this case, then the difference in mass should have been converted to energy. That much energy, unless he had some containment for it we are not aware of, would have caused one hell of a discharge”

“How big a… discharge are we talking about?” O'Neill asked slowly, his head turning as he swiftly glanced around the park, checking for any observers, or anything out of the ordinary.

Carter shot him a look; one that O'Neill had little difficulty reading having seen it far too many times in the past for his comfort. The look said ‘you don't want to know, these numbers scare me sir'

He decided not to ask.

“We need more people here,” Daniel pointed out, making O'Neill and Carter glance at him, surprised.

“We've been spotted,” he noted, “or at least that's the way it looks. So, we use that; make sure we are seen to investigate. Have Hammond send in a second team to assist but don't have them make contact with us”

O'Neill blinked, then smiled proudly at his friend, “make sure we are known and visible, drag attention away from the real investigation. Daniel, good idea”

“Indeed,” Teal'c quietly added, “if all goes well, that should be most effective”

“We still need to get Hammond in on this,” Carter noted, “preferably without our ‘friends' catching on”

“There ability to change forms makes that a most tricky proposition,” the tall dark warrior noted, “with the appropriate cover and form, they could be merely feet from us and we would not notice”

“Then,” O'Neill noted, “we take all due precautions but the risk will still be there. All we can hope is we don't put the unknowns on their guard and looking for another team”
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