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Adventurer Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adventurer Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Dresses as an Adventurer for halloween (Anarchy Online Cross)

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Games > Sci-Fi > Anarchy Online
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Humor
(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131622,39574666,79227 May 052 Oct 06Yes

Five E

Five E

“They are making a show of investigating,” was the first words out of Oz’s mouth as he walked, more then a little tiredly, into the house.

“I’m inclined to agree,” Giles commented, “now, I have not been on watch as often as you adventurers, but they aren’t splitting up, ever, indeed, they are making a conscious effort to stay together and to be seen to investigate”

“And they know that we know that they’re here to investigate us, so do you think that they called in a second team for a more covert investigation?”

Oz and Giles blinked, then spent a few seconds carefully trying to decode Willows sentence.

“Well,” Giles stuttered, “perhaps, but if that were so, I would expect…”

Oz raised an eyebrow as Giles trailed of and began glancing suspiciously about the room, “I think we need to check for more bugs”

“Shit!” Davis was officially not happy.

Surveillance was so much easier if the people you were trying to watch didn’t know that there was an active investigation going on, or if they were stupid. This group unfortunately, was proving to be neither. In fact, they were proving to be quite smart, the information they had let slip merely whilst reading up on the Goa’uld had already filled in several blanks for the anthropology department of the SGC… a department that had bypassed screaming and without Daniel handy to keep them under control, had gone straight to threatening behaviour in an attempt to have the Air Force… procure access to Giles library, one way or another.

The fact that Giles had access to such books in the first place…

Well, Davis noted ruefully to himself, it wasn’t the first time he was writing up reports for the White House… but it was certainly the first time he got his own line to the President.

To put it mildly, there was high level interest in this investigation now. That at least was a help in that the NID had to be at least wary of the potential for a shitstorm should they step out of place somehow…

Maybe that was why they hadn’t shown their faces?

Davis stiffened, then growled annoyed.

Of course…. A military operation he couldn’t find any files on? The NID appearing to keep their distance from what would normally be a priority to them? The languague used by Buffy mainly, but her friends as well suggested that the Initiative hadn’t just gone sore, it had gone totally FUBAR and Riley… well, Mr Finns entire attitude just screamed Soldier, and proud of it.

No, that particular mess was now smelling a particularly unfragrant scent of NID.

Perfect, his bad day was now officially complete.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” a voice sounded from outside the surveillance van, “looks like cops, but they know better… and they aint so stiff”

“I know what it looks like to me,”

“Lunch!” came the chorused response to that and Davis groaned, reaching for his pistol. For fucks sake, he thought to himself, he hadn’t even said it, yet still he managed to bring Murphy down on himself.

The Universe, he noted, really sucks, as someone began hammering at the rear door of the van.


“Hey, is that a surveillance van?”

Riley nodded sharply, his eyes steady through the binoculars he was holding to his face, “looks like it, about to have visitors too. I count three…”

The Soldier tapped once at a button on the top of the goggles, “no heat signatures”

“That means Vamps,” Faith groaned, “and ten to one says the surveillance van is there to watch us”

Riley snorted, “Sunnydale PD don’t have a surveillance unit and they still aren’t willing to call for outside assistance… got to be military”

“Great…” Faith spat out, “we ever let them die and keep our secret or blow it all…”

“Shall we evac M’am?” Riley asked, his binoculars discarded in favour of his rifle.

Faith shot him a disgusted look, “do you want to have to deal with turned field personnel again?”

Riley blanched, and pulled the safety of his rifle, swiftly following Faith as she jogged towards the besieged van.

Faith frowned for a moment, not pausing in her stride she asked, “You know… how exactly do we know that this is a surveillance van?”

Riley snorted, half-smiling, “how’s about the highly noticeable ‘government vehicle, don’t notice me’ aura about that van?”

Faith grinned, “Right, that would be it”


She’s here, shes here.

The mantra ran constantly through Tara’s mind as she struggled to concentrate enough to manage the shop… well, okay, do make work around the shop. For some reason, today was dead… not literally though, she noted to herself, remembering the towns night-life, still, she was here.

And she had seen her, the powerful green winding itself around her aura, mixed in with the fading shards of the magics which had brought her to Sunnydale, made her of the Slayer… and a tiny, brilliant shard of purest white that labelled a soul requested, and granted. Tara had never seen such before, but in her heart she knew what that mark was.

The door opened, and she glanced around, smiling, hoping to maybe make her first sale of the day… or something. Anything to break the monotony.

Wasn’t a customer though, “Hi Willow, I’m afraid Giles isn’t here at the moment”

She nodded, “he’s at the house, came to grab a few supplies”

“Oh… okay, just remember to sign off for them if they are for one of Giles projects okay?” Giles projects, Tara noted, was pretty obviously a cover for anything required in their duties, but it wasn’t time to comment, not yet.

“Personal this time,”

“O-Okay, give me a shout when you’re done and I’ll ring them through”

Sighing, Tara forced herself to turn away and stop watching the redheads rear, she wasn’t interested in her that way after all. She didn’t think Willow was interested in Girls at all, which was a pity.

Somewhat sadly, she began walking up to the upper level, but she stumbled, holding her head for a moment, and then whimpered, dropping the book in her hand to the ground without noticing.

“Tara,” Willows concerned voice sounded behind her, “are you okay?”

Stifling a mental groan, she turned, trying to hide her pain as she reached down to pick her discarded book back up, “I’m fine… j-just stubbed my toe that’s all”

Tara glanced back up to see Willow looking at her very doubtfully.

“Really I’m…” Tara trailed off, and then groaned, dropping to the ground, her head held in her hands as the vision ripped once more through her mind.
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