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While Darkness Takes

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Summary: Something comes from beyond the Veil...

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > DramaKarenUFR1822,171031,83930 May 054 Jun 05No

While Darkness Takes

Title: While Darkness Takes

Author: Karen U


Category: BtVS/Angel/Harry Potter

Pairing/Characters: Faith/? (I already know the pairings, I'm just not telling yet)

Disclaimer: All BtVS and Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon. All Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling.

Distribution: ask first

Rating: R

Spoilers: BtVS - post-Chosen. Angel - sometime during season 5. Fred is still alive. HP - post Order of the Phoenix.

Notes: This one's been on the shelf for awhile in terms of an idea, so I decided to finally start writing it.


{ ... I'm making flowers out of paper... While darkness takes the afternoon... I know that they won't last forever... But real ones fade away too soon... I still cry sometimes when I remember you... I still cry sometimes when I hear your name... I said goodbye and I know you're alright now... But when the leaves start falling down I still cry... -Julie Miller, I Still Cry... }

She was doing yoga.

The thought made her cringe, because she knew without a doubt that it just didn't fit in with her image. She was tough and mean and a pain in the ass and she did *not* do the lotus position. Well, okay, she did, but she would absolutely kill anyone who went around telling people she did. Come on... Bad ass Slayer doing the latest 'it' workout in Hollywood... Or was that pilates? Who the hell knew... She certainly couldn't keep up. A little busy with helping to save the world and all of that shit.

Grumbling to herself, Faith Donovan carefully continued going through the motions of her workout - or really, this was more like a cool-down for the Slayer - her gaze moving over to the clock, ensuring that she still had time before the others came back from their 'patrol.' She snorted at the thought - she knew damn well they weren't patrolling. Or, if they were, they were just patrolling the trendiest night spots around.

And Buffy was supposed to be the 'responsible' one. Yeah, right. When pigs flew out of her ass. Okay, yeah, B had never gone to jail, but that didn't mean the blonde Slayer had never fucked up royally. She had two vampire ex-boyfriends. Not exactly a rockin' example for the newbies and all of that. Not that she cared. Not really, anyway.

With a sigh, Faith flopped back on the mat, closing her eyes for a moment as she thought about the way things had been since they'd defeated the First back in Sunnydale. As far as they knew, the crater that had been created was keeping anyone else from building there, which was a relief. They may have closed the Hellmouth there, but still... There was always the chance someone could try to open it again. Willow kept her mystical antennae up for anything happening in Sunnydale, though Faith wasn't sure what they could do from this distance if indeed something happened. Of course, the redhead was totally wicked-powerful now, even more powerful than she'd been before. Obviously the spell to awaken the dormant power in all the Potentials had given her an extra boost...

Frowning slightly, Faith turned her head to look at the clock again, muttering to herself when she saw the time. It was getting late, even for B and the others, which meant they would probably be back soon. At the moment, Giles was away at some sort of conference, which meant that with Buffy and most of the others out partying, only Faith and Willow were actually in the mansion at the moment... And it was still more than a little nuts to think that they lived in an actual *mansion*, but the Watcher's Council had plenty of old money in the bank, and with Giles being basically the only Watcher left and Willow's fun hacking skills, they had managed to get use of the money, which had helped a lot in the tracking down of new Slayers. It also meant they had a cool place to live and weren't stacked on top of one another like they'd been back at the Summers' place. She had her own room and everything, which was a huge change from where she'd been just a year or so ago... And she had Willow's mojo to thank for the fact that she wasn't currently wanted by the cops, too. It was definitely beneficial to be friends with a witch...

The thought had barely left her mind when a sudden crash echoed through the house, a short, startled scream that could only belong to Willow accompanying the crash. Faith was on her feet in an instant, immediately processing the fact that the scream was only startled, not out and out scared, and certainly not a scream of pain. That meant Willow was probably okay, but she still had to go and check. Not that Willow couldn't totally take care of herself (hello? Super-power Wicca ring a bell), but still, Faith wanted to be sure. Red was, after all, one of the few people that she could say she genuinely liked around this joint.

Moving quickly and quietly, Faith made her way out into the hall, then up the stairs to the second floor, where the room where Willow did all of her magic was. Everything seemed to be silent now, something that made Faith a little concerned, and she hurriedly shoved the door to the room open, hoping she wasn't walking in on some major spell that would screw up totally if she interrupted it.

"Will, you okay?" the brunette Slayer asked as she opened the door to the room and stepped inside, her gaze quickly jumping to where the redheaded witch sat in the center of the room. A circle of salt surrounded her, and Faith could see some stones laid out as well, but that wasn't what really drew her attention. What drew her attention was the fact that there was a man in the room. An unconscious man with long-ish dark hair. He was thin and a bit pale - though certainly no more pale than a certain witch looked at the moment - and if Faith wasn't mistaken, he held a wand in his hand. Or, at least, it appeared to be a wand.

A confused expression on her face, Faith shifted her gaze over to Willow, who was still seated in the middle of the circle of salt, her gaze glued to the unconscious man, her porcelain skin even paler than usual. Faith frowned as she looked at the girl. "Willow?" she prompted, and the young woman gave a slight start of surprise, as if just now realizing that Faith was there, then turned to look at the Slayer. "Willow, what is going on here?" Faith wanted to know, and the redhead gave her what was probably supposed to be an innocent smile.

"Um, oops?"
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