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The Hero in the Shadows.

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Summary: When Willow screws up on a spell, it has dire reaching effects for Xander.

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Anime > Gundam WingBurningicecreamFR2121,9941206,54230 May 052 Apr 06No

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The Hero in the Shadows.

I Own neithe Buffy nor Gundam Wing, I also have no claim to them, they are each owned by there own Factions

Chapter 1

My story is a tale of how playing with forces beyond your control, should not be done, It was once said by some famous dead guy that “What is going to Happen is going to happen, and there is nothing you nor anybody else can do about it.” Well as smart as we were about this, for the most part we were cocky and young. I the normal one in the group, well as normal as it can be on the Hell-mouth, and slaying Vampires every night, for a year and a couple months. Then something as in every story goes wrong, in this case my good friend Willow Rosenberg, decided to dabble in something that maybe was just out of her league an the Magical scale.

But in truth my tale starts before that, It started the day my life changed, it started out as a normal day of high school, I was riding on my skateboard, when I caught sight of who I thought was a beautiful goddess, it was from there that everything changed and as the old saying goes from there I fell down the rabbit hole and into a new adventure. One that would cost me blood, pain, killing and death. During those two years and a couple months I had been fighting with Willow and Buffy, it never once occurred to them that there may have been a different reason to fight the Vampires just because I could. That reason was Jess, no one except him and I knew we were going out together. I knew that Willow had fallen for me, in a crush type way but I was gay, and well there was nothing I could do about it.

As for my Attire well, that was part of my ‘Father’s’ doing, you see years of Abuse and what could possibly be conceived as Painful torture, which led to my back being full of scars, which were easily passed off from the gang as injuries from Vampires. The hideous wardrobe wouldn’t irritate the bruises or pull on the half healed cuts. I think it was this that led to Willow trying that protection spell on me, unfortunately it backfired. Something went wrong with the spell and it sent me to a different time and place, well actually a whole different reality.

From there well I was forced to live on the streets of L2 a Space colony, I gave up my name, and most of my past in order to survive, that was all that counted survival. I used a couple of other tricks I had picked up over the years, I stole from people. I high jacked cars, and learned to fly, I also learned that I had my memories from Soilder guy, who turned out to be SpecOps, so shooting a gun was no problem.

Eventually I’m not sure how long I had been living on the streets at that point, but I was picked up by the Maxwell church, what I didn’t realize for the rest of the time I was there was that due to the fact I had no mirror, was that I hadn’t aged since I arrived, I still looked 15-16, the only difference was the number of scars. And the fact that my hair was down to the middle of my back. While on the streets I began using the name Duo, and when Maxwell church was destroyed, well, I took up the last name in honor of them.

What no one knows is that For every braid in my hair is for me to remember them by, the first one is for Jessie, the others who I’v known and have actually liked follow after. It’s funny the Scooby gang if they saw me now wouldn’t even recognize me, Giles would be ashamed, because even in his darkest hour he had never set out to kill people, he may have brought Chaos forth, but he has never really stood in the darkness, never like I have.

You know Giles once told me that those of us who are Hero’s are destined to walk the path of life alone. If you use Buffy as example then yes you are, but well, even the darkest Shadows there is some light, for without the light a shadow cannot exist. But what neither Buffy or Giles realize that sometimes in order to fight back the darkness you must first step into it.

What Buffy or Giles don’t know is that I have killed before to protect my friends, Giles and Buffy honestly thinks, that the only thing that has come after Buffy were demons. There have been quite a few contract humans, coming for her, I removed them from the picture. You see I do what I do, because I know that Buffy and Willow cannot and as far as I know Giles will not do it.

It’s Funny Buffy always complains about being the Slayer, about having a destiny, about being the Hero, she sees the advantages such as the Super strength but she doesn’t realize is that she is saving people, constantly. She complains, I know that Buffy wishes that she could grow up normaly and live a normal life, that she would end up living in a nice house with a picket fence, what she doesn’t realize is that those who are living her dream wish of being her.

I am no longer the person I use to be, I am a war veteran, a Terrorist of the people, a Hero, a Survivor, a Warrior, an Assassin, a Theif, a Friend, a Comrade at arms, a Lover, a Boyfriend, a Tool, A piece of the chessboard of the game The Powers That Be play. Unlike my friends from Sunnydale, I’m cold and jaded, to them I would be a murder, a killer in there eyes I am what represents all that is evil. What they don’t see, is that sometimes it takes Evil to do the greater good.

I leaned How to Pilot a Mobile-suit, not just any Mobile-suit but a Gundam, the name of which is Deathscythe. I am Happy, the war which was long fought by me and four other people. The Endless Waltz is over, it’s been over for a month now. I guess my story has just started, I guess it is time for me to return home.

My Name Is
Xander Harris
Known as
Duo Maxwell. aka Shinigami.
Pilot of Deathscythe.
Pilot 02.

End Chapter
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