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Until I Wake

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Summary: She wasn’t always Buffy. Once she was Alice, and after the events of Empty Places a more seductive Wonderland starts calling her back.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Alice in WonderlanddragonfireFR1821,5972183,11630 May 0510 Jul 05No

Until I Wake

I shouldn’t be starting a new story without giving any updates for months. But it suddenly came to me. I lost what little new stuff I had on Misplaced and Sanctuary, so until I rewrite tell me if I should continue with this story. I’m still working on getting all my fics in one place. Hope you enjoy.

I know it’s very short but I just got this idea and you’ll understand if I’m a little iffy about it.

Until I Wake

Summary- She wasn’t always Buffy. Once she was Alice, and after the events of Empty Places a more seductive Wonderland starts calling her back.

Rating- let’s go with R just to be safe.

Disclaimer- Don’t own it and I’m not even sure I want to own them. I happen to like my little fantasy worlds where I occasionally ignore things like story lines.

Which brings me to this: Buffy was in a mental institution but not because of being the Slayer and it was years earlier.


She walked down the street feeling rather dejected and angry. They didn’t see it and never had. The sacrifices, the pain, the secrets held for their own good. Not even Giles understood the cost of war. These children, cannon fodder, had been fostered upon her and she was expected to care for their every need. She could barely care for herself let alone a few dozen teenage girls. They blamed her because people died in battle. It happens and she had accepted it long ago.

A white shape was flitting along at the edges of her vision, but she ignored it. If it was a ghost it could no more harm to her than had already been done, if it was a demon then it would have attacked already.

The streets were quiet and deserted. If someone wanted to find her they wouldn’t though. She had disappeared off anyone’s radar. Angel’s claim, Dracula’s challenge, even the presence of death had worn off. The only voices she heard were the damned that were always with her. They pulled at her, whispering for her to let go. It was like the call of that other place. A child’s dream the doctors had said, but she knew better.

The white shape had stopped behind her, waiting. Noticing the bright clothes it wore she closed her eyes before turning around. *Don’t be Whistler, don’t be Whistler,* she begged before opening her eyes.

“Hello, Alice,” the White Rabbit hissed.


If I continue this, and I probably will, the next part is Buffy and White Rabbit’s conversation which the rabbit gets a little pissy. Anyone wants to read?
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