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Long Way Home

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Summary: After "Chosen" TPTB decide that Buffy is needed elsewhere...Her home

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredMarilwenFR1812,2173143,48631 May 0531 May 05No
A Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cross-over

Long Way Home (Also known as: An Elf's Slayer)

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss (Who is god). And LOTR belongs to Tolkien (Also god) Alas, do not sue. Purely pleasure, and no profit.

Since I'm still new to this, anything that is being thought will be in []'s. Bear in mind that this is my first Buffy/LOTR fic, but I'll try my best to make it as painless as possible:) You can also find my fanfiction on under the name SilkRose.

Oh! Buffy's Elven name is pronounce: Mare-ill-wehn

Chapter One


Watching down on the scene, he wasn't really all that suprised that she had survived this long.

She fought bravely, and with a skill that he had never seen before. Uber Vampires were being

dusted left and right, and not just by her either. There were dozens of brave women who were

killing countless vampires. Turning his eyes back to the Slayer herself, he watched as she

was gutted by a Turok-Han. Falling to her knees, he silently hoped that this was not it. This was not the way a champion like her should go out. After a few moments of worrying, he watched with a strange feeling of proudness as she got to her feet. She slaughtered the

Turok-Hans around her, and regained the scyth she had given away when she was stabbed. He watched as the blonde vampire looked down in amazment at the amulet that was silently glowing on his chest. Beams of light filled the cavern, and the thousands upon thousands of Turok-Han were turned to dust.

He watched as the brave Slayer ordered everybody out, but stayed with the vampire until the end. Words were uttered, what was said he would most likely never know, but he sincerely hoped that they were saying things that needed to be said. The vampire turned to dust, and the slayer turned to leave the collapsing hellmouth. Too late. With a crash heavy boulders fell from the ceiling, blocking her only way out. Realizing the end, she turned and allowed a small, sad smile to cross her face. And that was the last thing that Buffy Summers ever did. On earth.

Whistler smiled to himself, she had done it. Against all odds, she had saved the world. Again. There was a blinding flash of light, and he found himself looking into the confused eyes of the Slayer, who had just watched save the world.

"No. I don't care what you're going to say, the answer is no." Buffy stated in a calm voice, before the balance demon could speak.

"Hey! Relax, I think you'll like this one." Whistler said with a casual grin.

Buffy hesitated, whatever his offer was, she supposed that she would be able to see her friends and family again, which was gladly something she would give up her 'eternal rest' for.

Taking her hesitation as an opportunity, Whistler explained the situation. "You've saved the world, a lot. And now I think it's time for you to return home, besides, they could really use your help."

The blonde Slayer narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?...I was home."

Whistler shook his head slightly, and played with the rim of his black bowler. "Now, see, that's the thing. You haven't been home for a long time. If I don't get interuptted, I'll have time to explain what's what."

She nodded and crossed her arms, mentally bracing herself for whatever he was going to say.

"First things first. Earth? Not your home. You belong in Middle Earth. Simular name, but very different. Middle Earth has been having a lot of trouble, evil beings wanting to take over the earth. Pretty much the same thing you've been dealing with for the past seven years. But there's a difference. On Middle Earth, there are human beings, but there are also other races. Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, and a few others. Now, don't hurt me when I say this, but you're an elf."

Buffy simply stared at him, as if in shock by what he told her.

"We, The Powers That Be, took you from you home when you were 700, or fifteen by your standards, years old. You have a sister, two brothers, and a father. Your mother...Well, I'll leave that for you to find out on your own. Elves are immortal, they can only die of a wound or of a broken heart. Now that you've had your trip to the department of backstory, I'll get on with why you're needed there now.

There is a ring. This ring has terrible power, especially to the one who is trying to get it back. Sauron. He was once defeated, but he is slowly returning, raising an army of dark force. Middle Earth needs you're help if it is to destroy Sauron and return peace to its lands."

At this, Buffy rolled her eyes. Something always needed her help. "If all this is true, why don't I remember anything about what you've told me?"

Whistled sighed. "Because, The Powers That Be thought that you'd be better of not remembering the past 1200 or so years of your life. But, when you return to Middle Earth, all will be remembered. Except for one thing. You're name."

"My name?..."

"You won't be Buffy Summers anymore. You'll remember your life on Earth, don't worry about that, but you won't remember your old name. The Powers That Be figure that this'll be easier on you. Personally, I don't agree, but..." He gave a small shrugg "It's not my opinion that counts."

"Okay...So? What is it? What's my name?"

Whistled grinned, he had been waiting to tell her, wondering what her reaction would be. "Your name is Merilwen."

"Mer-il-when...That's not too bad..."

"Don't worry about it kid, you'll get used to it. I guess that's about it. Any questions before I send you on your merry way?"

"Will everyone I knew before, will they remember me?"

"Yeah, they'll remember everything. Relax, you'll be fine. Just remember, that this was the world you were meant to be in."

"One more thing."

Whistler looked at her expectantly.

"Are elves tall?" Buffy's voice was timid, after hearing all this...Everything was just happening too fast.

"Yeah, elves are tall. You're not meant to be short, you'll be the proper height for an elf."

"Yay!" Buffy did a quick dance, then composed herself. "Okay, I guess I'm ready."

"Good luck kid."

Buffy smiled pleasently at Whistler, and he returned the favour. Bright white light surrounded her and she disappeared from wherever it was she had been.

Whistler adjusted his bowler and murmered to himself "She's gonna be all right..." Before disappearing into a white light of his own.


"Tanya awra!" [Wait a second. Did I just speak elvish? I guess I really do remember everything...[

Marilwen landed on the ground with a soft thud. She groaned slightly, and refused to open her eyes for at least another minute. Too much was going, for once in her strange life she forced herself to stop and think.

[Okay. I had a family. I had a whole different life. Wait. Not had. Have. I have a family. I have a whole different life.[

Slowly, she sat up, surveying the area around her. Her eyes were still adjusting from the blinding white light that had transported her to Middle Earth. Trees and vines slowly came into view. Everything was dark, and Marilwen realized that she was in a thick forest.

"Well, better a forest than the bare plains of Rowen...Woah...Where did that come from?"

Though fully transformed into her true elvish self, Marilwen was sure it would take some time getting used to. Slowly, she reached a shaking hand up to her throbing head. Feeling something warm, she quickly pulled her hand away. It took her a moment to realize that her hand was now coated in blood. She looked to where she had landed and noticed a large deep grey rock with the same sticky substance.

"Last time I trust a Balance Demon to transport me to a dimension..." It took Marilwen a moment to realize that this had most likely been the last time she had seen the badly clothed demon, and she felt oddly sad for it. Suddenly it all came rushing back to her. The fight. Her friends. Her sister. Everything.

[Oh god...What if they didn't make it? Wait a second, who am I kidding? Of course they made it! I'd know if they hadn't...Wouldn't I? Whistler would have told me if they didn't.[

Not wanting to think about what Whistler would have, and would not have told ger, Marilwen turned her mind to the situation at hand. The ground was scattered with dry leaves and small sticks, looking up she could just barely see a cloudy sky. "Okay, so, weather looks okay..."

Now turning her attention to her clothes, she realized that she was not wearing the same clothes she had been wearing before. Marilwen was now wearing tan leggings and a deep brown shirt, over top of that was a forest green cloak. On her feet were brown boots, much better for travelling then the high heeled boots she had been wearing previously. Marilwen also noticed that her injuries had been healed, save for the new one she sported on her head. With her attention now on her head, she prodded the injury a bit more, and decided that it was only minor. As she felt her head, she noticed that her hair was now in a braid. Marilwen grinned, it had to have been Whistler who convinced The Powers That Be to dress her in more appropriete wear, she was quite sure that they wouldn't have helped her otherwise.

Now wanting to get dizzy, the blonde Slayer stood up slowly. She was quite certain that she was somewhere in Fangorn forest, that was the only place she could recall that would have such thick forests. Fangorn...Fangorn...I know there is something I should remember about this forest, but what is it? Oh yeah! Ents!

Casting a weary glance around, Merilwen was quite sure that there were no Ents around her, not that she had expected there to be. She could vaugly remember her father telling her that it was rare to see an , mainly because they simply had little respect for those who roamed their woods.

Her father. Who else was there? Her sister, and of course! How could she forget! The twins, surely they would still be around! Names...Names...Why could she not remember names? Marilwen smacked her forehead gently, she had always been bad with names. E...Elrond! Her father was named Elrond. And her sister? A...Arwen! With the memory of her sister, everything else came rushing back. Elladan and Elrohir, the twins. Everyone else that Marilwen had known suddenly popped into her head, she smiled, happy to finally feel as though things would be okay. After a few moments of enjoying the past, Marilwen turned her attention to the problem at hand. She needed to get home.

Rivendale was probably around 250 miles North of her current position, if she was correct in guessing that she was in Fangorn Forest. From here she had two options. Number one, follow the Anduin River north, and the make her way west through the Misty Mountains. Or, she could cross the Misty Mountains now, and follow them north. Out of the two, Merilwen found herself more drawn to the first option. Either way she would need to pass through the Misty Mountains, but following them all the way to Rivendale? Nope, that was not the way she wanted to go. Besides, more people were likely to follow the Anduin, perhaps she could find someone to lend her a horse.

Marilwen did the best she could to calculate how long it would take her to reach Rivendale. Thanks to her both her Elven and Slayer heritage, she would have more speed and indurance then most. But, she didn't want to over do it, so Marilwen guessed that she would walk five or so miles an hour, and she would try for around 9 hours a day. She quickly did the math in her head, it would take her around 5-7 days to reach Rivendale, depending on how often she stopped. Glancing at her wrist, she was glad to see that she still had her watch, and even better, it still worked. Biting her lip, she reached around her neck for the necklace Angel had given her, Marilwen was very glad to that it was still there. 5:37, according to her watch, whether or not that was the right time, Marilwen was unsure of. But, it sounded right, according to where the sun was. With a sigh, the slayer decided that she would start for Rivendale tomorrow. Though her slayer abilites would allow to push through the night, she still had a lot to think about.

After a quick glance around, she was quite sure that she would not be found if she spent the night below the tree she was currently standing under. Slowly, she slumped to the ground, wrapping her cloak around her before she landed completely on the ground. Almost the instant she was laying down, her eyes got extremely heavy, and it wasn't long until Marilwen the Vampire Slayer fell into a well earned sleep.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Long Way Home" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 May 05.

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