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Dirty Family Secret

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Summary: Buried memories of a lost family send Faith in search of a place called Godric's Hollow

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Theme: Real FamilynsahdmdtoFR1544,91212816,12131 May 057 Sep 05No

Pro-Hollow Dreams

Disclaimer: The characters, entities, ideas, places, and anything else you may recognize belong to their respective creators. I make no claims to anything but the plot. No profit is being made and no harm is intended/

Rating: FR 18 (just in case because Faith has a dirty mouth, though most chapters will be more 15/PG-13)

Pairings if any: Faith/Spike (eventually)

Distribution: Changing Destiny, Twisting the Hellmouth

Spoilers: through 'Not Fade Away' (final ep. of Angel) for the Whedon-verse, set just after Order of the Phoenix for the Potter-verse. Anything is fair game.

Summary: Haunted by dreams of a family she never knew, Faith sets out to find the truth, with only Spike for company.

Notes: Changing Destiny Ficathon response to Bavite's number 2 challenge.

Prologue: Hollow Dreams

The bad men were downstairs. She was hiding in the closet, being quiet like a good girl. The baby was sleeping. She clutched at the teddy bear and bit her lip, wide brown eyes filling with tears. She wouldn't cry, though. She was a big girl. She had to be a big girl and help take care of the baby.

There was shouting downstairs. Uncle Jamie was shouting at Auntie Lil. She huddled further back, folding herself into the corner behind the clothes. She could hear someone coming up and she wanted to check on the baby but she was scared. The door slammed shut and she peeked out. Auntie Lil was there, standing over the crib. She started to come out of the closet but the door opened and the ugly bad man was there. He said mean things and Auntie Lil cried. Then there was a green light and Auntie Lil fell down. She knew what that meant. Uncle Jamie had told her about the bad men and the green light.

"Noooooooooooo! Auntie Lil!" There was more green light and then the bad man was gone and the baby was crying. She came out of the closet and climbed up to the baby's bed.

"It's OK baby. I'll protect you," she said, using the hem of her nightgown to wipe the blood off his forehead. "I promise I will."

Faith jerked awake with a gasp. It was the third time in as many days that the dream had come and it was getting more detailed every time. Last night, a giant of a man had come and taken them away on a flying motorcycle, leaving her with a tall man who smelled like moth balls and tobacco and flying away with the baby.

At first, she had written it off as just a dream, than she had thought maybe it was a slayer dream, a prophecy of some kind. Now though . . . well, she was beginning to believe it was a memory. Ever since she had left the council and gone to LA to help Angel and the others . . . had it really only been three days now? . . . ever since then she'd been having the same dream over and over again. The little house in-

"Godric's Hollow," she whispered.

Yes, that was it, the house was in Godric's Hollow. Only, well, how could she know that if it wasn't real? If she hadn't been there . . . Faith swallowed hard and shoved her hair back from her face. Before the blow up with the council (OK, Robin, Giles, and Buffy) she would have just gone to the research department and had them look into it. Now though . . . hell, now she couldn't even have Wes look into it. She swallowed again, pretending the burning behind her eyes was from lack of sleep, and the not in her throat was only because she was thirsty.

Faith slung her feet over the side of the bed and stood, arching her back in a bone cracking stretch. There was only one way to get her answers. She was going to find out if this Godric's Hollow place was real and put an end to these dreams.
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