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Xander and the King of the Iron Fist

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Summary: Set at Post season seven Xander is having some doubts about his worth

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Games > Martial Arts > Soul CaliburMarcusWilliamsFR1343,844044,5311 Jun 051 Jun 05No

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Lin's Place
Heads turned to the door as an attractive female entered and walked quietly over to the bar where the bartender moved over with a grin.

"What do you need pumpkin? And are you over eighteen so you can get it?" he leered before her hand snapped out and wrapped around his neck.

"I'm looking for a young human, about yay tall, Dark hair and an eye patch over his left eye. Word has it his car was seen outside a few nights ago and I want to know where he went," she said as the bartender tried desperately to gain much needed air.

A Bregen Demon stepped over and tapped her on the shoulder. "He won't know as he only runs the day shift, me and my brother on the other hand were here that night," he said as the woman dropped the over weight human and turned on him.

"Okay you have one minute to wow me," she said as she stood up to the eight foot demon who merely smiled.

"Of course… the young man entered and choose a booth to himself, over the next three hours he proceeded to consume seven beers and two bottles of Banshee before he went up on stage and proceeded to insult and taunt the patrons here in an attempt to start a fight, my brother and I were forced to remove him from the premises and told him to find his way home or a new place to drink… I believe he was followed out by one of the semi regular patrons here."

"Who followed him out?" she said with deadly venom in her voice as the Bregen thought back.

"He seemed mostly human aside from the head of an animal… I'm not sure what but it seemed rather catlike. If he's not here the only other regular place he seems to show up is in the fighting rings around the city," he said with an apologetic shrug before she looked around.

"Where did you throw him out?" she asked and nodded when he pointed at the back door before he looked to a corner and sighed.

"If you will excuse me but I am required else were… is there anything else?" he asked and nodded when she shook her head and headed for the back door.

//Damn it Xander why the hell were you getting drunk?// she thought as she stepped out, she failed to notice the front door open and a young woman enter and walk quietly over to the bar.

Xander was mad. No, scratch that, King was pissed and Xander agreed with him whole heartedly. He only got madder when he looked at the passenger seat at the leopard mask that no longer had a wearer. He was thinking general bad thoughts on the people who took Jose when he noticed a rather heavy built human stomp across the walkway and just shove the people out of his way. //Him I know, yup definitely seen him before, where have I seen… HOLY SHIT THAT GUY KILLED ME!// he thought as images of Armor King looking up only to see the boot of this monster coming down on the side of his head. //Ooh yeah, this asshole will have something to do with this// he thought with a grin as he pulled over and put on the hood of his jacket before he stepped out.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander and the King of the Iron Fist" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jun 05.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking