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Xander and the King of the Iron Fist

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Summary: Set at Post season seven Xander is having some doubts about his worth

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Games > Martial Arts > Soul CaliburMarcusWilliamsFR1343,844044,5311 Jun 051 Jun 05No

Xander and the King of the Iron Fist

Set at Post season seven Xander is having some doubts about his worth

Disclaimer I own none of the characters in this story Joss Owns Xander and Co.

Tekken I believe is owned by Sony Corp (Please don't hurt me if I'm wrong)

And Jose Cuervo is the owner of a rather good brand of tequila (Liked the name and decided to use it since they never name King)


Chapter 1

Xander lay on the bed and wondered what he was going to do. //Sunny-D is gone… the First is banished, Anya… damn it Anya's dead. Buffy is retired and Giles is setting up the new Watcher's Council… the Slayerlings have everything from Taiwan to Dallas under control… Andrew has left to start that computer company… and I'm left without an eye without a job and without a future… damn it I need a drink.//

Three Hours later

Xander was swaying on the stage looking over the gathered demons that seemed to be doing there best to ignore him "What… yous don think I can take you? Why don't one of yous stand up and fight," he slurred out as the two large Bregen Demons stepped up and grabbed both of his arms before they started to drag him to the back. "No fighting allowed human… go home or find yourself somewhere else to drink," they said and with a shove sent him out the back door into a pile of trash.

"Wha's the matter… can't stand seein a human kick your asses," he mumbled as he forced himself to his feet. //Aah hell… last bottle was a mistake// he thought absently as he doubled over and retched in the alley.

Thankfully the rain was enough that most of it was gone when he crashed to the ground. It took him a while before he was able to pull himself up and lean against the alley wall. Looking around he finally noticed the tall figure standing a few feet away "Wha do you want… yous wanna fight me?" he said as the figure uncrossed his arms from his chest and threw a small object to Xander. "No… I want to fight him," the figure said as he pointed to the object on the ground.

Xander pulled all his remaining strength to pick up the object and froze when he realized what he was holding. "Holy god… I thought this disappeared on Halloween," he said as he stared at the mask of a black panther for several seconds before he looked back up at the figure and realized he had on a similar leopard mask. "Maybe I have a future after all… where's the rest of my armor?"

Two days later

Xander bit down on the urge to scream as Jose twisted his arm and jerked in an attempt to rip it out of socket. Instead he swung with his right in a heavy haymaker before he reversed the hold and twisted his opponents arm around to his back. Snapping out in a low kick he brought him to his knee's before he wrapped his arm around his opponent's neck and applied pressure. At well shy of the ten seconds needed to knock him out, Xander's grip was loosened when Jose rose up and connected the top of his head with the lower part of Xander's jaw. Taking a step back he flipped around and lessened the pain of Xander's arm lock before twisting around and landing a heavy kick to the side of Xander's head. Not letting go of his arm his opponent pulled him back into a heavy clothesline. As the air rushed out of his lungs with the impact Xander lay on the mat and looked up where his Jose Cuervo grinned down at him.

"So Xander, what did you learn today?" the figure said as he helped Xander back to his feet where Xander devoted a good portion of his concentration on just breathing.

"I learned (Gasp) Not to (Gasp) Underestimate you," he grated out as he looked at the other who was shaking his head slightly as he stepped out of the ring.

"You never did underestimate me Xander… you simple did not have the necessary power to keep your submission hold in place long enough to disable me, that coupled with the fact that you were 'Playing fair' meant I had a decided advantage in ending the fight," he said as he stepped over and pulled two bottles out of the fridge and set them down on the coffee table before he sat down in the recliner. "Remember Xander, what you did was perfect… for the ring. We're not going to be fighting in the ring and you need to learn to play dirty sometimes. I know of several people who would have killed you just then," he said shrugging as he pulled the top off one of the beers and handed it to Xander as the young man carefully set himself down on the couch.

Xander accepted the bottle but just held it as he watched the other man "You mean the reason you won't let me put on the mask is because I won't cheat?" he asked as the other took a long drink before he shook his head.

"No Xander. I won't let you wear the mask until I know you have the strength to accept who it is… the mask is as much the previous wearers as it is you. If you're not strong enough to handle it the other wearers will dominate and take over… and trust me Xander, some very dark people have worn these masks before us," he said as a shadow seemed to cloud his face for a moment before he smiled again. "Drink up Xander, training's over for the day."

Xander looked down at the bottle and shook his head as images of his father and more recent memories of the hangover from yesterday came back to him. Still shaking his head he leaned over to set the bottle down when Jose stopped him. "One drink with friends is nothing to worry about, when you can't stop with one is when it becomes a problem… besides," he said looking over to the two masks that sat in the display case "the two of them would kick our asses if they ever found out we don't drink in celebration," he said as he turned back and raised the bottle to Xander. "In Celebration?" he said as he watched Xander stare at the mask for a moment before he turned back and lifted the bottle. "In Celebration" he said before he took a slow sip and sat back to work some of the pain from his body.
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