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Summary: Xander is sucked Into a world of darkness.

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Games > Fantasy > DiabloTjinFR15119,87057544,2911 Jun 0527 Aug 08Yes

Diablo 11 (Final)

Ashera looked over the gathered warriors that had banded together in the three years since she had followed Alexander from the safety of the Rogue Encampment.

Cassandra had been the first to join, something that pleased Ashera greatly as the elemental sorceress had saved her life many times in battle.

Next had been Zherrach; Xander had found the nearly insane necromancer locked in a cell beneath the desert sands of Lut Gulan, and while the pale man had refused to speak of why the demons had imprisoned him, or what the had planned for him, he was thankful for the rescue. Ashera turned away from the collection of rotting flesh and bones that always massed around the pale man.

Gabriel and De’lann were a druid and assassin that they had picked up in the Kurast docks; the two had proven their worth in the jungles around the docks and had more than held their own when they had finally faced Mephisto.

And then there was Michael; the paladin had grown weary of holding the line against the forces of hell at the Pandemonium fortress, and had ‘signed on’ as Alexander would say.

At that thought, the one time Rogue looked around for the leader of their intrepid little band. She blinked as she finally noticed the Berserker sitting in a large basket as he scooted himself towards the stairs leading to the burning plane below. “ALEXANDER!” She shouted as the big man turned to her with a manic grin on his face, “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” She asked.

Looking down at his chosen mode of transportation for a moment, the one time Zeppo looked back at her. “Umm… going to hell in a hand basket,” he explained simply as if it was the most obvious thing on the planet.

After three years, Ashera had learned there were some things she would never understand about this man. For a moment she simply stared at him before waving for him to continue. She may not understand him, but she had realized long ago that she could either humor him, or he would come up with something even more absurd.

Turning to the gathered heroes, Ashera motioned them to follow before making her way over to where Alexander had finally slipped over the edge of the first step.


Xander blinked as the blue Soul Stone shattered, sending a pulse of power into the demonic void and the ground trembled for a moment as a roar echoed in the distance. Turning, Xander looked at the gathered warriors as they stared in the direction of the roar.

“I do believe you have angered the beast, Diablo,” Michael said solemnly as the sound finally faded into the distance.

As one, the gathered warriors leapt several feet into the air as Xander shattered the second Soul Stone without warning, causing a another pulse and a doubling of the volume from the last surviving Prime Evil.

Turning away from the hell forge with a self satisfied smirk, the Berserker froze at the assembled glares his fellow adventurers had leveled on him. After a moment he had to check himself over for the cause of the looks-o-doom they had turned his way, Xander finally fell back on an age old tactic. “What?” His expression one of pure innocence.


Xander collapsed to a knee as he took a moment to observe the battle, he had just barely managed to avoid the red energy beam Diablo had shot at him when the major demon turned to face the other members of his team. Xander watched as a heavy overhand strike ripped a trio of deep furrows in Michael’s plate mail before he was distracted by a series of electrical strikes from Cassandra. Taking a deep breath, Xander rushed back into battle with the big red demon.

A heavy chop against the beast’s side earned a roar of pain as the massive creature turned its gaze on him. Jerking his axe out of the beast’s flesh, Xander spun into a cyclone of destruction as he tried to cause as much physical damage as he could to the Lord of Terror.

Moving away from the whirlwind of death, Diablo spun and caught the small human with a heavy strike from his tail and he grinned as the human was flung backwards.

Turning to deal with the accursed sorceress, he was unprepared to receive a strong strike from a massive Zweihander and his roar of pain was sufficient proof that the Paladin’s strike had caused damage.


Buffy grunted under the impact as Glory continued to batter her around the small battlefield. Riley and his team were currently trying desperately to break through the mental ward patients to get to the tower, while Giles, Anya and Willow were holding back a small army of knights who were determined to kill the Slayer’s little sister.

Shoving the pain aside, Buffy head butted the hell goddess in the face as she tried to get enough room to put the troll hammer into use, a scream from above drew her attention to the top of the tower as a small demon raked it’s claws across Dawn’s stomach, starting the ritual.

Across the battlefield, the combatants stopped to stare as a hole was ripped in the very fabric of the universe and below, the insane Glorificus cackled as she finally gained what she had wanted for the last several hundred years.

No one was prepared for a six foot tall screaming Barbarian to come flying out of the portal and collapse in a heap on the broken bricks below, every single one of the beings present stared in shock as the portal closed with an audible pop.


With a jerk, the armored being sat upright and turned to glare at the blonde, “Your portal? I didn’t see your name on it,” the man said with a smirk as he worked himself back to his feet, “Besides the bubble lady said to click my heels together three times and… Well you know the rest,” he joked before finally focusing on the battered slayer, “Buffy… love what you’ve done with the place.”


(A/N) I’m going to end it here, this story has dragged on far longer then I ever wanted it to and if I don’t stop now, it’s going to continue dragging on forever.

I hope you all enjoyed it.


The End

You have reached the end of "Diablo". This story is complete.

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