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Summary: Xander is sucked Into a world of darkness.

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Chapter 1

i don't own Buffy or Diablo




The nausea slowly wore off as Xander lay on the ground in pain, he could still feel the electricity arcing across him as his body twitched in the dirt.

His vision was blurred and a slight ringing in his ears was more then enough to warn him he was in worse trouble then he wanted to be even as a red blob advanced on him.

The small demon like creature moved close enough for him to see and Xander tried to force himself up, tried to force himself to fight. As the creature drew a short sword from its sheath Xander realized he was going to die.

With a scream of rage Xander forced himself up and gripped the now squealing thing around the neck and twisted violently until a cracking sound ended the gibbering of the thing.

Even as Xander collapsed he faintly heard the approach of a wheeled vehicle from behind him, as he felt himself being lifted he glanced at the figure of a weather worn, though smiling, man before the world slowly faded away.


Xander's hearing came back first as he listened to the murmur of voices fade in and out along with the crackling of a fire nearby.

"Half dead… neck with his bare hands," one voice was saying when a slightly more irate voice cut in.

"I don't care if he walked on water and rebuilt the… in a day," he heard as he strained to hear more.

"Gently now," a soft voice said as he heard the speaker kneel down beside him. "The child, he was injured and we helped him, there is no threat in him," the voice said with a tone that spoke of ages spent teaching those who would not learn.

With a gasp he opened his eyes to an elderly woman in a black dress, a blue shawl wrapped around her to help keep off the chill as she looked down at him.

"Rest easy child, there is little threat here," she said and slowly reached out and laid her hand on his forehead, with a sigh Xander slipped back to sleep.


His eyes flashed open at the first screech from nearby; with a start he forced himself up and grimaced against the pain as dozens of the red creatures, similar to the one he had killed, swarmed over the wooden palisade walls, even as the men and women of the camp rushed to stop them.

When he tried to move he felt the pain rush through his side and he collapsed against a nearby wagon. His thoughts of the fight gone as he tried desperately to draw a breath.

A scream of pain brought Xander back as he saw through the fire a young woman in armor, barely his age fall to the ground, a wicked axe buried in her side.

At that point, Xander lost all pain, his focus entirely on the red thing about to put an end to the life of an ally.

With a roar of rage Xander leapt across the crackling fire pit and flew into the creature. As they tumbled to the ground the smaller creature snarled and spit as it jabbered away in a strange tongue. Remembering his last encounter with these things Xander forced it back with a kick as his hand closed around a blood slick rock, as the creature picked itself up and rushed him again Xander brought the rock across and connected with the creatures head and splattered more blood across the small camp.

Looking around Xander noticed the fight was over and several of the warriors stood near with weapons but seemed 'reluctant' to move closer.

He never saw the armored woman move up behind him, though he did feel the strike to the back of the head before he blacked out completely. The last thing he heard was the elderly voice speaking to the one who hit him.

"Now Kashya calm yourself, he assisted us tonight and rescued one of your rogues. Let him rest and we will speak with him tomorrow."
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