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The Light of the chosen

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Summary: Nerie thought she had a normal life then she turned up pregnant with no father in sight or even remembered . Then all hell really broke loose and she just wishes that someone would stop this insane ride so that she could get off of it.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralripperFR1512,397015892 Jun 052 Jun 05No
First of all i just want to say that if you recognize it i don't own it . I only own the orignal stuff 'Nerie' etc......

Thank you , enjoy and please leave feed back...

My life just went from crazy to completely insane.

For a few weeks I had been feeling off ...just not right like I was

coming down with something.

And boy was I right I just had no idea what I was getting into.

I went to the doctor only to have him tell me that I was pregnant.

Now for anyone else this might not have been a shock but I knew

that I had done NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING to actually get that way.

Which made it all very confusing as well as laughable.

I wasn’t laughing though when I realized that I would have to tell

my mother .


Well I certainly fucking can !!!!

I mean don’t get me wrong I love my mom but I come from South Texas .

And everyone is still a little old fashioned down there they probably wouldn’t think anything of me being pregnant but they would want to know who the father was .

And I just don’t think they are going to react well when I tell them the invisible man.

The beginning of the end

Now I decided to sleep on it and try and think of a good way to tell my mom.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a shooting pain in my chest. Oh the fun just wasn’t going to end.....I thought as I opened my eyes.

I looked around and found that I was lying in an old time style hospital bed in what looked like a really weird hospital.

The light was coming through the windows and I had a feeling it was morning so I decided to go check everything out .

Maybe I could find out where I was and get home.

I followed the sounds I heard until I got to a set of huge doors.

Now I’m thinking that if they need doors this big then I don’t really want to meet who lives here.

But hey what the hell!!!

I pushed open the door and walked in when I was all the way in the entire room got stone silent.

Cool...Now if I can learn this talent for everywhere else I go.

The room was huge it had five large tables four of which were full of children (oh great more kids that’s all I need as if this one rug rat hasn’t caused enough chaos.) The other table was towards the back of the room and thankfully it was filled with adults.

Although they are an odd lot and I don’t think they are all completely human.....and the fun keeps coming.

“Hi ....I hate to disturb your breakfast but I need a little help with something.” I said fingers crossed

The elderly man in the middle stood up...oh my god what on earth is he’s a dress and a lime green one with little moons on it as well.

“Welcome to Hogwarts my dear....please join us.” He seemed nice enough ....and yet he’s freaking me out

“Thank you ...but I am going to have to pass , me and food aren’t really getting along right now.” I said while trying to not throw up all over the nearest kid who is eating kippers.


“What the hell is a Hogwarts?? And where is it located??” please tell me it’s still Earth.

The old man smiled and yes his eyes are twinkling oh joy....

“Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and we are in Scotland.”oh great more twinkling!

“Oh wonderful , the land of bagpipes and bad fashion. ......I want out of here somewhere with normal people....” Yes I am yelling deal with it!

A blinding pain hit me in the middle of my chest and then as sudden as it came it was gone.

When I opened my eyes again I was walking through what looked like water.

“Stop right there!!!” A voice yelled

Oh great this gets better and I would ask what next but I don’t want to know.

“You don’t need to yell I’m not deaf....and where am I going to go anyway? I’m unarmed could you all put the guns down who ever you are..” I said

“Stand down! My name is General Hammond and your at the SGC

on Earth. Who are you?” the general asked

“Well at least it’s the right planet....I think ! My name is Nerie

and I don’t know what a SGC is but I’m sure I won’t like it ....on the up side this place is better then where I was....just please don’t offer me any food” I said while looking around

“Hi I’m Dr. Jackson... gate travel has some side effects, your stomach will feel better soon.” Dr. Yummy said...bad Nerie...but god he is cute.

Tousled brown hair , sweet smile ,blue eyes (I think) just totally adorable.

Smiling I said “Oh your gate thing didn’t cause this side effect

the little stranger did...So I think it’s going to be awhile before it gets better. But thanks for the thought.”

“Little stranger?” Dr. Adorable asked looking puzzled

“Yeah , you” I said pointing to my stomach

that seems to have grown in the time since I went to sleep.

Well that’s odd stomachs should not grow like this over night

but then blinding flashes of pain shouldn’t send me on a trip through the twilight zone either.

But they were.......or I’ve gone insane

HMMM....Complete silence again , the guns are down and they’re mouths are open.

I kind of like this power ....

“Did you say baby?” Asked the one that called himself General Hammond

“ you not have those here?” I asked

“Well yes we’s just” he started saying

“Oh crap , here we go again..” I yelled as another blinding pain hit.

Then everything went dark !

When I opened my eyes I thought for a minute that I might be going blind then a flash of light caught my attention.

So I decided what the hell and walked towards the light only to find out when I got there that it really wasn’t a light ...light.

It was a flash from a cigarette lighter but as I got closer to the man using it the area around me became brighter.

“Oh joy I’m in a cemetery.......” I said

The guy smoking laughed and said “ Well were did you think you were pet?” he’s smirking at me and he is so british

Damn he’s cute to......blond hair , black duster really fair skin the color of his eyes though are a mystery.

“I didn’t really think ahead to where I might end just keeps surprising me.” I said

“Well now that you’re here I’ll take you to the watcher maybe he

can help with all of this .......whatever this is.” he said as he stood up and started to walk away

And crazy me I followed him !

“Why were you out here anyway...?” I just really felt the need to

ask that question

“I felt something odd I thought it was a demon......then you appeared out of no where. And you are no demon , love”

he said without turning to look at me.

Hmmm.......okey dokey then.....we walked for about ten minutes

then luckily we reached our destination cause the little stranger was starting to act up..........and oddly enough my stomach was

bigger then before.


When we were far enough into the building I could see that it was full of teenagers!

“Spike who is this?” the man that asked was thankfully an adult

and sounded very British.

“Haven’t a clue watcher that’s why I brought her to you.....” blond boy said as he walked over to sit down

Right then a brunette girl walked out of the back room....

“Oh.....I heard a rumor about the new one but I never thought you’d show up must really be getting into being the chosen one .” She said

“Anya what are you talking about?” adult British man asked

“Yeah I second that what are you talking about?” I asked

“You mean you don’t know anything about why you’re here ?”

He asked

“No all I know is that I turned up pregnant when I hadn’t done anything to get that way and then I started getting these terrible pains in my chest which keep sending me to really strange places.

And every time I for lack of a better phrase slip from one place to another my stomach is bigger. And I am REALLY getting tired of this shit.!” Now by the end I was yelling

The older British man had taken off his glasses and was cleaning them.

Then before anyone said anything another blinding pain hit..........

............................This SUCKS !

When I opened my eyes this time I was In the middle of what

looked like a very nasty fight.

And the first thought I had was I am not dying for these people.

“STOOOOOOOP!!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs .......and everything around me stopped.

“ Oh.........How Cool!” I said turning in a circle to see it all there

were people actually suspended in mid air

I walked over to the closest person it was a man about 6ft give or take , blond hair ,empty eyes.......hmmmm

I lightly poked him in the chest and he moved......but everyone else was still frozen.

“What are you?” He asked pointing a very large gun at me

“Hey that’s rude and not just the pointing but the asking me if im a what ............I’m a who thank you very much and my name is Nerie........Who are you?” I said

“My name is Ted” he said

“No it’s not......and don’t ask me how I know I just do even I don’t

know how.”I said

He looked at me for a minute then said” fine my name is Edward

happy now.?” he said smirking

“ Yes I am thank you..........(I could feel something building in my chest I didn’t think I had to long) you know you have sad eyes Edward it’s a shame to that such a handsome man is so unhappy.”

I said then I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and whispered

good-bye to him.

Just in time to the pain hit as I was pulling away........When I opened my eyes I was in a clearing surrounded by trees with a small brook running through it.

“ I was beginning to wonder where you were” a voice said from behind me

I turned around and saw a very regal black woman dressed I a flowing dress of some kind with a hat.

“ Not to be rude but who are you and where am I?” I asked

“ That’s not rude at all I’m Guinan and this is the nexus . Now

I have a question for you do you know why you’re here?” Guinan

asked while walking closer

“Not a clue but that’s kind of the norm for the you know?” I asked .....maybe someone would have some information

“You’re here because you are the chosen .” she said

“Ok , but the chosen of what ....and who chose me?” I asked

This is all VERY confusing!!!!!!!

“Of what......well are our light......and by who....the Nexus is the who.” she said

“I thought the Nexus was a place now you’re telling me it’s a who.”

I said I really was tired

“It’s both a place and a one expects you to understand everything right away it will make sense in time. The main thing that you need to know is that you are the light that will help push back the darkness . And that the child you carry will one day take over for you so teach her well.” she said and then she just wasn’t

there anymore.

VERY CURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I want to do is go cuddle up and get some sleep........then The pain hit.

When it ended I was in a warm comfy bed and I knew I was NOT

getting out of it until I had some sleep.

In the light of a new day

I woke up feeling warm , comfy and safe . Then I opened my eyes and all hell broke loose.

I guess when I thought about cuddling up I should have made sure I pictured myself alone .


Because at the moment Dr. Yummy I mean Jackson was snuggled up to me sound asleep.

Hmmm what to do , what to do...........another thing we’re at my house in my bed.

Funny thing is I don’t remember thinking about anyone I just wanted to get some sleep.

“Oww.....” oops....I didn’t mean to say that out loud but this kid kicks like a quarter back.

But it was enough the doctor started to wake up and lord help he was stretching.......this man is just to good looking for my own good.

“Uh....hi” he said as he opened his eyes

“Hi.........morning” I said

Ok Nerie think of an answer to the question you know is coming.

“How did I get here? And where is here exactly?” he asked

Damn.........I’ m stumped!

“Well I don’t really know how you got here and as for where you are well that’s my house on Earth but I don’t know if it’s your Earth or not.” I said

“Ok” he said he looked a little confused..........I don’t blame him I’ve been confused.

I have to think of a way to get him home.......oww.........odd!

‘Baby can you hear me’ now I know I’m losing it im thinking to my stomach.

Oww........’he has to go home he’s not a pet we can’t just keep him no matter how tempted mommy is do you hear me young lady?’


“You know what you should go home and I’m going to get you there somehow.” I said pacing then suddenly there was a flash of light.

I looked up and the bed was empty..........oh I hope he made it home ok since I’m not even sure how I did that.....looking down at my stomach........or if I did it at all!

On another part of the planet.....yes the same one......Daniel Jackson suddenly found himself in his own bed in his own apartment.

“Now that was strange wait till I tell the guys” Daniel said laying back in bed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Light of the chosen" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jun 05.

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