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Tara Never...

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This story is No. 7 in the series "They Didn't, Right?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 10-100 word crossover drabbles featuring Tara, the non-shippy version.

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Multiple Crossings > Tara-CenteredLucindaFR7111,150045,0352 Jun 0526 Jul 05Yes

Info & Disclaimers

author: Lucinda

a series of 100 word crossover drabbles (Challenge # 389) featuring Tara McClay

rating: will vary, nothing worse than the source material

distribution: Jinni. Anyone else even going to want it?

notes: this one is supposed to give a slightly wider look at could-have-been's for Tara, instead of merely sexual fantasies that she might have had.

Disclaimer: No profit is being made. Tara is the creation of Joss Whedon for BtVS.

1 - Addams Family - um, I don't know who holds the legal rights, but it's not me.

2 - MacGuyver - shown on ABC, created by a guy named Lee David Zlotoff

3 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure belongs to MGM studios.

4 - Highlander (the movie with Conner MacCleod) - Screenplay by Gregory Widen, Peter Bellwood, & Larry Ferguson

5 - Indiana Jones was a Speilberg & Lucasfilm production.

6 - the Munsters - I'm not sure who's got the rights, but it's not me.

7 - Gargoyles (animated series). Shown on Disney, owned by Buena Vista.

8 - SG1 belongs to the Sci-Fi Channel.

9 - Dead Witch Walking belongs to the author Kim Harrison, as do its 2 sequels.

10 - Herbie the Lovebug belongs to Disney.
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