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Just Another Tuesday

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Summary: Buffy gets sucked into a portal and meets a snarky professor

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapealwaysanangelgurlFR1813,3436246,3642 Jun 052 Jun 05Yes
A/N: This is brand new and not beta-ed or anything, so I do

apologize, but any feedback would be great. I hope you do enjoy it.

Title: Just Another Tuesday

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling own

everything. Pre ending of season five in BtVS and book five in HP.

The blonde looked around the room and survived everything and

everyone that was going on in front of her. She had the feeling that

something big was going to happen, it was Tuesday after all, the

demons didn't care that she had almost died last night, all's that

mattered was that she was still there and they wanted to cause

trouble for her. She sighed and sat down at one of the tables,

watching her two best friends dancing on the floor to the

horrendously loud music. She loved to go out with them, but with her

advanced senses everything always seemed so much louder than it

should have been. A slight commotion on the dance floor brought the

avid predator to her feet, moving faster than a normal human, she

reached the commotion just as a light flashed.

"Buffy!" the red head yelled as the light flashed enveloping their

friend, before dying out and the blonde was no where in sight.

"Where'd she go?"


"Willow?" Buffy asked looking around the room, trying to use her

senses and figure out where the hell she was.

"Sadly you are quite mistaken," drawled a dark, sensual, silky voice

announced from behind her, "I am not Willow, nor am I female."

"Who the hell are you?" Buffy asked whirling around, Mr. Pointy her

trusty stake in hand, going into an immediate fighting poise. The man

gave a slight chuckle that sent shivers down the slayer's spine.

`Stop thinking about jumping this guy's bones,' Buffy thought, `Bad


"I am Severus Snape," the man responded, "and you are?"

"Buffy Summers." She replied looking around the room, "So, how did

you get here?" She watched the man watch her, he was dressed in a

dress looking thing and she giggled slightly.

"It's not a dress, it's a robe." Snape retorted, laughing when the

girl turned bright red as she realized that she had said the comment

out loud.

"Alright, why are you dressed in a "robe" then?" she retorted

watching as he slipped a stake looking thing into one of the

pockets. "Isn't that a very small stake?"

"Stake?" he asked and she nodded towards the pocket he had just

placed the "stake" inside of. "That is not a stake." He looked very

indignant, making Buffy start laughing once again.

"Alright, then what is it?" she asked, she could feel a strong pull

of magic coming off of him, but she didn't really get the feeling of

evil. "Are you a wizard or something?"

"Who told you of the wizadaring world?"

"You just did." Buffy replied a wicked grin splitting across her

face. "What's the wizadaring world?"

"How do you know about wizards, but not the wizadaring world?" Snape

asked, his hand tightening around the wand in his pocket. He noticed

immediately that she seemed to sense the threat and moved into a

defensive position, making him wonder what she was exactly.

"I'm human." Buffy retorted jumping Snape, who gave her a startled

expression. "How about we make a deal," she said and Snape nodded

slowly, wondering what he was getting himself into, "we take turns

asking and answering questions."

"Alright," Snape replied, "That sounds agreeable. How do you know of


"My best friend is a Wicca and my mentor is wizard." She told him,

watching a surprised look cross his face, followed by a look of


"Wiccan magic doesn't exsist." Snape replied, his patented sneer

firmly in place. She gave him a look of disgust, before rolling her

eyes at him. Saying a few simple words, she had him floating in the


"NO?" she questioned, he gave her a startled look pulling out his

wand and pointing it at her, "Then how are you floating in the air?"

She mentally thanked Willow for the practice of Wiccan magic, it had

certainly come in handy in the recent years the vamps rarely knew

what hit them. Snape eyed the woman-child in front of him,

contemplating what he should do. He could hit her with a spell, but

there was no telling where that would leave him and he couldn't seem

to break the magic she was using on him either. He was startled out

of his thoughts by her voice, "What if we're from different


"Different dimensions is it?" he asked with a sneer, "What would make

you think that?"

"Listen!" Buffy demanded, "We went through a portal, there is no

telling where we ended up or in which dimension. We know that

wherever we happen to be its not here to do us harm, which means we

are supposed to be doing something."

"How do you figure?" Snape asked he realized that she did have a

point, although he was loathe to admit it.

"The Powers don't just randomly do things," she retorted and at his

perplexed look she went on, "higher beings? The ones that control the

universe? They must have a reason for wanting the two of us here at

this moment. What it is I have no idea, but there must be a reason."

"How do you know it was these Powers?" Snape asked.

"Who else could it be?"


"What the hell are deatheaters?" Buffy responded with a snort, "If I

haven't heard of them, what makes you think that they have heard of


"They know a lot of things."

"Is everyone in your dimension as smart as you?" Buffy asked

sarcastically and Snape's eyebrow shot up. He looked about ready to

retort, but Buffy dropped the spell she had on him, sending him

sprawling to the ground. He pushed himself up angrily, before

stalking towards the laughing girl.

"How dare you!" he raged, "Do you have any idea who you are dealing


"Mr. Cranky pants?" she responded and he glowered at her. "He who

glowers a lot?"

"I am a top wizard, I could turn you into a lizard or a rat." Snape

responded and the girl didn't even have the decency to look scared,

she looked like she was yawning!

"Been there, done that." She responded and Snape's eyebrow went up,

someone had turned the chit into a rat, why wasn't he surprised? "So

barring Deatheaters, who else could it have been?"

"If," he told her like he was teaching the brats back at

school, "What you say is true, why us?"

"I am guessing that you are a hero/warrior of sorts?" Buffy replied

and he nodded, "There you go."

"There is no way you could be a warrior! You're so tiny!" Snape no

sooner said those words, than he was looking up at Buffy from the

floor. "How?" he hadn't seen her move, no one was that fast.

"I'm spry." She replied, "It's not like it will matter to you

anyways. I am a vampire slayer."

"The slayer is a myth." Snape shot back, mentally slapping himself

when he realized that in her dimension they may very well exist. He

then wondered why he wasn't dead. She should have been able to sense

the darkness in him.

"Yes, you do feel dark," she said, Snape tensing as he waited for the

strike that was sure to come from the slayer, "But your goodness

outweighs it." His eyes shot to hers searching for the truth in her

words and Buffy smiled, "I know, slayers aren't supposed to

discriminate, but kill all evil. But I wasn't one to follow the


"How is it that you are reading my thoughts?" Snape asked, "Why do

you choose to be so selective about your "victims"?"

"I'm thinking that you are able to read my thoughts as well." Buffy

replied and Snape nodded realizing at once that he hadn't used

Occlumency on her. "The PTB must really want something from us if

they are letting us read each others thoughts." She stopped to think

about how to answer the second part of his question, "I wasn't raised

in a typical slayer fashion. The Council never found me until after I

had been called."


"When one slayer dies, the next is called." Buffy replied, "Or that's

how it went until I changed it."

"You changed it?" he asked looking slightly impressed.

"I sort of died." Buffy told him, looking sheepish. So it's not

normally how one goes about change, unless you count martyrs that is.

Buffy shook off her thoughts as she got the usual response from him,

"You died!"

"It was only for a minute," Buffy replied defensively, "I died and

called Kendra and then she was killed by the evil bitch Dru and the

psychotic slayer was called who is now in prison." Buffy smirked when

Snape looked confused, she waited for him to ingest it all and for

the questions to start coming.

"But you died." He repeated lamely while trying to take in

everything. She had defeated a lot as a slayer, she must have,

because she looked older than eighteen and that was when most slayers

had died. If they had any one like her on their side they wouldn't

have to worry about his so called master.

"I got better," Buffy replied, and then grinned as she heard his last

thought, "Are you into bondage?" Snape looked slightly confused,

before realizing that the annoying chit had heard his last thought.

"What?" Snape exclaimed as he looked at the mischievous chit, "No I

am a spy." He said dryly. Buffy did not look surprised, merely bored

and Snape wanted to rattle her more than anything. He wanted to make

her afraid of him, like everyone else was.

"So, who is this we you keep referring to?" Buffy wanted to know, he

looked at her wearily wondering if he should, "I sort of gave away a

big secret of mine, your time for show and tell." Snape didn't look

swayed in the slightest until Buffy began to pout,

"Alright! Alright! Enough, just stop that infernal pouting," he said

never realizing how much a pout could affect him and thanking Merlin

that his students didn't have that pout down. "The "we" I keep

referring to is The Order of the Phoenix. We are an organization that

is opposed to Death Eaters and what they stand for."

"Secretly, of course." Buffy said with a small smile which Snape

returned briefly.

"Of course."

"So naturally mostly everyone knows about it." Buffy said her smile

getting bigger.

"Naturally," Snape replied, "or at least the people bright enough to

figure it out." Buffy nodded slightly and there was a brief moment of


"So a game?" Buffy asked and Snape sighed in annoyance but quickly

agreed, if only to avoid the pout that Buffy would send his way.

A couple of Hours Later

"I'm bored." Buffy said, throwing the cards down, as she got up and

began to pace.

"And what do you propose we do about it?" Snape asked a sneer on his

face. She frowned at him in annoyance, before a smirk appeared on her


"Strip poker!" she replied.

"No!" he said, "Absolutely not!" she pouted and he held firm in his

resolve not to give in.

A Couple of Minutes later

"Lose the shirt." Snape said with a smirk.

"You must be cheating," Buffy replied as she unbuttoned her shirt.

Her nipples puckered as the cold air hit them. Buffy smiled slightly

as she heard his intake of breath, this could be a lot more fun than

she thought.

"I most certainly am not." He replied, reaching for the deck of

cards, but Buffy beat him to it.

"I think that it is my turn."

"Not that it will help." He replied, although his eyes kept straying

to her nipples, barely concealed by the lace of her bra. He wanted to

lean forward and capture one, sucking on it…

"You do remember that I can hear what you are thinking right?" she

asked dryly, although a flood of moisture seeped down her vagina.

Snape flushed slightly and Buffy chuckled, realizing that he did not

remember that they could hear each other. "Guess not." She quickly

dealt the cards. During the game she had lost her shoes, socks, and

shirt. He had lost his robes, socks, and shoes. They were even if it

weren't for the fact that he was wearing more clothes than her.

"It's not my fault that you wore so little," he replied and Buffy

began to pout. Snape sneered at her, but he was definitely enjoying

the game, the tent that was prominent in his pants was the proving


"It's not my fault that California is so hot." Buffy replied as she

looked him over. Without his robes on he seemed bigger some how. She

snickered as she realized that he was attempting to hide his erection

from her. Smirking impishly she sent a very heated thought his way,

of herself on her knees with her mouth wrapped around his dick.

"If you don't stop that, I won't be responsible for my actions,"

Snape replied as the image burned itself into his mind, this was not

something he was used to, a woman that desired him. He knew that this

was something that he would always remember. He wanted to touch her

skin see if it felt as soft as it looked. He wanted to kiss every

inch of her body and taste what she tasted like.

"Promise?" Buffy said huskily as she pictured herself sliding a hand

between her thighs and fingering her clit. She had realized that life

was too short and she may as well enjoy, besides she didn't think she

would live past Glory. A groan of surrender sounded from Snape as he

reached across their makeshift board and dragged her across it,

pulling her onto his lap. He caught her lips in a searing kiss,

trying to convey the extent of emotion that he was feeling. He didn't

know how long he would have her for, but he was going to stop the

games the two of them had been playing.

"Promise." He replied as his hand slipped up her back and to the bra

catch. He deftly undid it and pulled away watching as the bra fell to

the floor. "I've been wanting to do this all night." He told her as

he caught one nipple in his mouth, sucking hard. Buffy could feel the

pull all the way from the top of her nipple to her core. She let out

a strangled moan when he began to nibble on her nipple and toy with

the other one, plucking at it. She clenched her hands in her hair,

holding him to her, though he had no intention of going anywhere. He

lad her back onto the ground, his lips never leaving her nipple. Once

he had her on the ground, he ran his hand down and began to remove

her pants. Buffy gave a snort of laughter when he couldn't get the

button undone.

"Need some help?" she asked and he sent her sizzling look that

answered her question. She began to work on removing his clothing.

She pulled his shirt over the top of his head and threw it across the

room. Reaching down, she felt his cock through the front of his

pants, caressing him. Her smile broadened when he pushed himself into

her hand, silently begging for more. She felt anther flood of

moisture leak out at the thought of him wanting her as much as she

wanted him.

"Need some help?" he said huskily, smirking at her as he unbuttoned

his pants and pushed them down. He cock bounced free and all rational

though fled the two of them. They could only feel the burning desire

coursing through them, what each one of them was feeling. The

slightest touch sent shivers of pleasure down their bodies, pushing

them further into the madness.

Buffy felt as though she was on fire. Every part of her body was

tingling with pleasure and she wanted to sing out in pleasure. She

raked her nails down his back, pushing against him, but he only

teased her. He rubbed against her wet folds, making himself wet,

before positioning himself at her entrance. He entered her briefly,

just the head before pulling all the way out. Buffy let a groan of

frustration as he continued to tease her in this way for a while.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Buffy pulled, hard using her

slayer strength and pulling him into her. They both let out a moan of

pleasure as he entered her fully. He stayed still for a moment trying

to regain the control he was so proud of. Buffy whimpered and he lost

himself in it. He began to move in and out at a slow pace. They

weren't sure how long they moved together but suddenly, he was moving

faster and faster. A hand slid between their bodies, playing with

Buffy's clit and sending her over the edge.

"Severus!" she shouted, she reared up and bit him on the neck, hard.

Snape felt the expulsion of pain filled pleasure as he toppled over

the edge. He felt himself pulsing inside of her, even as she pulsed

around him. He collapsed on her, breathing heavy and attempting to

become level headed, but she continued to pulse around him. He felt

himself harden again and he couldn't believe it.

"Again?" she whispered hoarsely and he gave a chuckle, before pushing

deeper. She whimpered and arched against him, oblivious to anything

but the pleasure.

Some time later

"Buffy! Oh thank god!" Willow announced, shaking Buffy, who was lying

in her bed.

"Severus!" Buffy shouted as she came to, staring directly at Willow.

"I thought you would never wake up." Willow exclaimed, hugging her

friend, when she realized that she was naked. "You're naked! What

happened?" Buffy looked at her friend, bewildered about it too.

"I don't know." Buffy replied, the longing she could feel stirring

deep inside and calling out to Severus. She glanced around the room

and saw that there was no trace of him. "I don't know."

"It's okay." Willow replied, holding her friend tighter as she began

to cry.

A Week Later

"I have to Dawnie." Buffy said as the tears began to fall.

"But the energy will kill you." Dawnie said and Buffy looked at her

sadly. Since her interlude with Severus, she had not been the same.

Everyone knew it, but no one was willing to bring it up.

"Listen." Buffy said, telling Dawn everything she needed to know,

before turning and running towards the portal and jumping. She felt a

tingle, like when the other portal got her and she closed her eyes

waiting, knowing that Dawnie would be safe.


Snape sat broodingly watching the students do the potion that had

been assigned. He had been far more Snapish than before. He even took

points from Slytherin.

"Neville-" before he could say anything else something that looked

fairly familiar began to form, like the portal he had seen before. He

ran underneath it knowing that was where he needed to be. He caught

her just as she fell through, her wounds were substantial, and he

could tell she was dying. Without a backward glance he ran towards

the medical wing.

"Promfrey! Help her." He laid her gently on a bed, not letting go of

her hand as the medi-witch began to help her. But before she could,

light began to sparkle around her wounds until they healed

themselves. Buffy fell into a deep sleep and the medi-witch did a

full check of the girl.

"She's perfectly healthy." Promfrey exclaimed, "Do you know her?"

"Yes," Snape replied not looking up from Buffy. Promfrey had never

seen the potions master so at ease as she had now, she went out on a


"I can assume that the baby is yours?"

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Another Tuesday". This story is complete.

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