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Summary: Response to TwistedShorts challenge #06 (Memorial Weekend). Xander remembers his home

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DC Universe > Teen TitansKneazlesFR131497132,8923 Jun 053 Jun 05Yes
Title: Kagagyaven
Author: Kneazles
Rating: FR13
Crossover: Teen Titans
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and I am not making any profit from this piece, it is just for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: Response to the TwistedShorts challenge #06 (Memorial Weekend). Xander remembers his home
Word Count: 478~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Xander looked out the window of the Titan’s Tower. He sighed, recalling his friends from his original dimension.

Starfire floated over to the brooding young man. She looked at his sullen expression. “You are unhappy.” She said. “What has affected your mood?”

Star’s words caused Xander to startle, he shook his head slightly. “Man I’m starting to act like Deadboy.” He said quietly. He turned to Starfire. “I was just thinking about my friends from my home dimension.” He said.

“Oh you have the sickness for your home.” She said wisely. “You must partake in the Kagagyaven.” She exclaimed dragging him to his feet and over to the sofa. “Sit and I will prepare the traditional Bread of Remembrance.” She said flying into the kitchen where she started pouring many things together. “Too bad all our blue food is gone.”

Xander groaned. “Star’s concoctions are worse than Dawn’s.” He said to himself, knowing he wouldn’t have the heart to refuse.

Beast Boy wandered out of the kitchen. “What’s Star making now?” He asked sitting down across from Xander.

Xander cracked a smile. “The Bread of Remembrance because I must partake in the Kagagrin.” He said.

“No—the Kagagyaven.” Starfire called from the kitchen. She carried a lumpy purple and green loaf. “I’ll be right back.” She said setting the food on the table.

She flew through the tower and dragged Raven, Robin and Cyborg into the lounge. “Everyone we must help Xander by listening to stories of Xander’s homeland as he partakes in the Kagagyaven.”

“What’s a Kagagyaven?” Cyborg asked looking at the loaf with suspicion.

Starfire clapped her hands together. “The Kagagyaven is what the people of my planet do in celebration of memories of an old home to fight the sickness of missing an old home. We sit around the person who suffers the sickness and eat Bread of Remembrance while they tell stories of their home!” She exclaimed breaking the bread apart and handing a piece to each of her friends.

“It sounds interesting.” Raven said sitting on the chair, holding the bread.

Robin sat next to Xander. “Please tell us about your home, it will help.” He said.

Beast Boy sniffed the bread. “Umm….Star, what’s in this?”

“The green fuzz from the back of the fridge, the Karlorfka berries, grapes, flour, yogurt and Karnklaph cream.” She exclaimed.

Xander turned green at the mention of the food. “Tastes good.” He said weakly putting the remaining quarter of his piece down.

Cyborg looked at Xander. “So man, tell us how you started fighting crime in your world.”

Beast Boy nodded. “Yeah dude, I’ll get the sodas and you can start story time!” He said dashing to the kitchen and returning with several sodas.

“Thanks.” Xander said opening the bottle. “I guess it started when a girl named Buffy Summers came to Sunnydale…the literal mouth of hell…”

The End

You have reached the end of "Kagagyaven". This story is complete.

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