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Fool for love

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Loves Fool". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: She had been fighting for him with a women she had never met and lost.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Asher(Past Donor)lckybrFR182239,53556064,7844 Jun 052 Jun 07Yes


Thanks for the reviews, im glad ur liking it, if it starts to stray please tell me.

Extra thanks to Mouse AND james who are now my official Beta's for this story, and please review.

Read on.


2. Realization

(Ashers POV)

She was gone.

I had been so caught up with the events of what happened to Anita that I hadn’t even realized she had fled. Now, two days later, I came home to find her gone, the ring I had given her by the photo she had given me. I had let it happen by keeping her out. Jason was angry with me, as was Jean-Claude, though he was better at hiding it. But I did not blame them.

Willow was…Willow, smart, resourceful, and powerful all wrapped in one little redhead. But she wasn’t Anita, and I nearly always reminded her of that fact. It was not fair to her; I had not been fair to her. Though it pains me, I am glad she has fled. She deserved better than me.

“Are you going to go after her?” Jason had asked when I had passed him in the hall.

Would I? We had been together for months. And she had loved me, every part of me, but I had never returned that love. Anita was not even my love, she was Jean-Claude’s so what is it that is holding me back? Hope? Hope that one day we could be as we were of old with Juliana? I let the ring I held fall from my grasp and into the open drawer. All of the things that reminded me of the redhead were in there. Her photos, the ring, and a cute beanie baby she had found of Count Dracula, she found it very amusing when she gave it to me. A slight smile touched my lips as I remembered the blushing and babbling that went along with it. It had been cute, adorable. Willow was cute and adorable. But I wanted more, I wanted Anita, and Willow should not be her replacement, it wasn’t fair. I would not go after her. My mind made up, I closed the drawer and locked it; and turned to find Jason in the doorway staring at me.

“You’re not going after her are you?” he asked, sounding like he disapproved.

“It is none of your concern” I replied, he shook his head and walked away.

“You didn’t deserve her Asher”

As I watched him leave I knew he was right.
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