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Meet the Family

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Summary: Sequel to Sweet Talker and answer to challenge 897

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterBloodPhoenixFR1522,799285,1577 Jun 0511 Jul 05Yes

Ch. 2

Chapter 2

Author: BloodPhoenix

Rating: FR-13 maybe FR-15

Sequel to Sweet Talker and an answer to the challenge listed below from TTH

Paring: Harry/Connor

A/N: The A.I. Gang are now back in the hotel after the final battle at Wolfram and Hart. Also, I’m pretending that Wesley is still alive and the whole Ilyria thing didn’t happen.

Disclaimer: HP belongs to J.K. Rowling. Connor and the A.I. Gang belong to Joss Whedon

Challenge Issuer:

Challenge Name: Meet the family

Challenge Description: #897 Crossover with any genre, where Connor has to meet his significant other's family and then the reverse. Extra Points for: Buffy/Angel pairing. Connor in a slash pairing. Charmed, but not Connor and one of the sisters. Connor and significant other making a bet about whose family is weirder. Demons attacking. Angel going game face. Somebody passing out.

It was three days later, and Connor Angel and his boyfriend and lover, Harry Potter, were on the front steps to the Hyperion Hotel where his Father and the rest of the Angel Investigations, A.I. Gang, lived. It was Harry’s turn to be nervous while Connor tried to reassure him. He’d only met Connor’s father, Angel, the vampire with a soul, once or twice, and he really didn’t even know him all that well. He hoped that Connor’s surrogate mother, Cordelia, liked him.

Connor raised his hand to knock, while Harry silently prayed to any deity that might be listening. The door opened immediately, with a petite, but tough-looking brunette standing in the doorway. Upon seeing Connor, she squealed and grabbed him in a fierce hug.

“Connor oh it’s so good to see you baby. How’ve you been? Did you bring your boyfriend? Where is he?”

“It’s good to see you too Cordy,” he laughed, “I have my boyfriend right here. Come here Harry so you can meet Cordy.” He stepped forward, albeit a little nervously. Cordy looked him up and down, noting the cute hand-on-the-back-of-the-neck nervous gesture.

She knew one thing from just her quick glance-over. The boy had damn good fashion sense. He was wearing a floor length leather duster embroidered with little dragons around the edges in emerald green. His black ridged shirt was tight, leaving a pretty good outline of some amazing abs.

His boots were knee-length and laced up the sides, covering the sinfully tight, low-slung, stone-washed black jeans. Hmm, if she didn’t have Angel she might’ve gone to Britain to find her own British boy. Oh well, Irish is just as good, shethought. She turned to Connor, smiling.

“Well, come in you two. Don’t just stand there in the cold.” She led them inside to a spacious lobby, calling to a bald black man and an even smaller brunette wearing glasses who was poring over a thick, dusty tome. She’d get along great with Hermione, Harry thought.

“Gunn, Fred Connor’s back and he brought his little ‘friend’ with him.” The tiny brunette with glasses (“That’s Fred,” Connor whispered) came over and hugged Connor.

“There ya’ll are. We’ve been waitin’ for what seems like forever for you to get here,” she had a slight accent, and Harry remembered that Connor had said she was from Texas. The big black man, Gunn, ambled over and practically picked Connor up, slapping him on the back once he’d set him back down.

“Yo Connor, good to see you boy. What took ya so long? Your Dad’s been pacing in his office and he’s practically made a hole in the floor.”

“We got a little held up. Mum practically kept bringing us food to take with us since we didn’t want to portkey. We took the train instead. Slower, but better on the digestive track,” Harry said.

“Oh yeah, Angel mentioned something ‘bout portkeys. I’d take the train too from what I heard about them. So you must be Connor’s boyfriend huh? I’m Charles Gunn, but only Fred calls me Charles. Everybody else just calls me Gunn.” They shook hands, each noticing the other had a firm confident grip.

“Nice to meet you Gunn. I’m Harry Potter, but most of the Wizarding world calls me the Boy-Who-Lived. But you can just call me Harry or Captain.”

“Captain?” Fred asked. Harry grinned, flashing white teeth.

“Why yes, I was captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditch team in my Seventh year. The Seeker too. Youngest in a century on the Seeker part. Very rare for a first year to make the team.” Connor rolled his eyes; Harry was very proud of his Quidditch accomplishments. He decided to butt in before Harry could really go into detail about Quidditch.

“Yeah yeah Harry, we all know how talented you are at Quidditch. Now come on, let’s go see if Dad’s put a hole in the floor yet.”

“Fine, fine. Let’s go if you’re so hard up on seeing him. Lead the way mi amor.” He did an exaggerated bow while Connor rolled his eyes and dragged his crazy boyfriend behind him. He was definitely not letting Harry have anymore chocolate ice-cream today. Nope, made him too damn hyper. The only thing good about a hyper Harry was the three-hour sex session. Now that part Connor didn’t really mind. No, not at all.

When they finally reached the door to Angel’s room Connor was trying and failing to glare at Harry for pinching his ass. He’d pay him back for that later. Then he’d have Harry put up silencing charms. He really didn’t want anyone to hear how passionate both of them could be when it came to ‘Happy Horny Hour’ as he and Harry called it.

Connor knocked on the door, calling Angel’s name. They heard footsteps, and the door swung open. In the doorway, the six-foot tall vampire stood. His dark hair standing up in almost-spikes and his hazel eyes focusing in on the two of them. Finally, he spoke.

“It’s good to see you son. And you as well Harry. Come in, come in. Did you just get here?” he asked as he ushered them inside and over to the window-seat.

“It’s good to see you too Dad. Yes, we just got here and our trip was fine. Been pacing in your room again I hear.” Angel just glared good-naturedly at his son before chuckling.

“Yes, I’ve been pacing again. I can’t help it though. Over 200-year-old habits are hard to break. So, you ready for your present from me?”

“What’d you get me?”

“A little something for you and Harry to use. Trust me, you’ll find it very useful.” He got up and went to the closet, pulling out a small box wrapped in bluish-silver paper. Connor opened it while Harry peered over his shoulder, wondering what it was. When Connor finally opened the box, he laughed. His Dad had gotten them a huge book that was simply entitled ‘Sex, and the best ways to have it’. Harry wrapped his arms around Connor, and brought his lips close to his ear.

“I think we will find this useful. What do you think pet?” Connor shivered in anticipation.

“Oh I agree with you. This will be extremely useful. Want me to break out the cock ring tonight?”

“Only if you let me use the nipple clamps and silk scarves.” Now they didn’t know it, but Angel could hear everything they were saying. Vampiric hearing and all that. He was blushing pretty hard. He didn’t know his son knew about those kinds of things, much less used them. And while he was busy thinking of a naked Cordelia to help banish any unwanted images, Connor and Harry were silently laughing at Angel’s embarrassment. They knew he could hear them and they were taking advantage of it. (A/N: Evil little buggers aren’t they?)

“So Dad,” Connor said brightly, “what’s for dinner?”

“Huh? Oh, um I think Cordy’s ordering pizza. Come on, let’s head back downstairs.”

45 minutes later, everyone was in the dining room tearing into a few pepperoni pizzas. Gunn and Wesley were listening to Fred tell a story of when she was 12 and had ridden in a junior rodeo in her home state of Texas. Cordelia was laughing at Harry recounting some of his Potion class’ most infamous accidents. Lorne and Angel were listening to Connor singing the Hogwarts school song. Suddenly, the phone rang. Angel jumped up yelling ‘I’ll get it’ and disappeared into the lobby.

He came back 5 minutes later, mumbling about dumb blondes. He looked up at the questioning faces and said ‘Spike will be here in a few minutes’. Connor and Harry looked excited as did Fred. Connor liked Spike ‘cause he got on his Dad’s nerves even more than he could and Harry just wanted to meet the infamous vampire after hearing all the stories Connor told. Fred just couldn’t wait to see him ‘cause he was one of the few who would turn someone’s spine into a jump-rope if they looked at her wrong.

A few moments later, the door to the dining room opened and in stepped the famous blond vampire. His blue eyes scanned the room, and when they came to rest on Fred, they softened. “Hey pet, how you doin’?”

Fred jumped up and hugged him. “I’m fine Spike. How are you?”

“I’m doing well surprisingly. Me and the whelp were in Africa until yesterday, visiting some old witch doctor. So, heard Connor’s back with his boy toy.”

“That’s boyfriend Spike, and yeah this is Harry. Say hi Harry.” Harry grinned impishly before replying “Hi Harry.” Connor smacked him on the arm and rolled his eyes, the small smile on his face betraying his amusement.

Spike chuckled. “Cheeky isn’t he? So Harry heard you were from Britain. What part you hail from lad?”

“Born in Godric’s Hollow, but raised in Surrey from age 1 until 11. Then I spent the school year at Hogwarts and went back to Surrey for the summer.”

“Ah Godric’s Hollow. Lovely place in any weather, Tell me, was ol’ Dumbledore still there when you went?”

“Yeah, just graduated three months ago. He was the headmaster even in my parent’s time there. I knew he was Transfiguration professor 50 years ago.”

“Really? I went there when he did. I was two years older than him though. Nice to hear he’s still going.”

“Wait a minute Spike, are you saying that you went to a magical school and the current headmaster went there when you were there?” Cordelia asked in disbelief.

“Yeah Cordy I did.”

“That’s what I thought.” She promptly fainted. Angel rushed over to her side while Connor laughed.

“Poor Cordy, guess it was just too much for her to take in.” Harry just shook his head while others just leaned over Cordy, trying to revive her. When she began to stir, Angel glared at Spike.

“You didn’t have to overload her like that.”

“Oh peaches she’s fine you bloody wanker. Cripes, if you want her that much just take her upstairs and shag her already.” The look on Angel’s face was priceless. His jaw had dropped to the floor and he looked like he’d been pole-axed. Cordy spoke up to get is attention.

“You know Angel, if you really want to take me upstairs and make passionate love to me, I really wouldn’t mind, but if you aren’t then pick your damn jaw up off the floor before the flies deicide that’s their new favorite hide-out.”

Angel blinked, trying to let Cordy’s words sink in fully as he sheepishly shut his mouth. When the words finally did sink in, his eyes lit up and he pulled Cordy off the floor and into his arms. He went into game-face and chuckled.

“You know Cordy,” he said, his voice low, “I’d like that.” And with that, he swept out of the room with Cordelia in his arms.

“Damn. I didn’t think he’d take my advice. Oh well, ‘bout time the wanker got laid.” Spike pulled out a cigarette and lit up, inhaling his precious nicotine. Harry and Connor looked at each other before Harry’s eyes lit up. “Hey Con.”

“Yeah Har’?”

“Let’s take Spike’s advice too and try out that book your Dad got us.”

“Good idea.” Then they raced upstairs, leaving the dining room behind. Nobody heard from those two until noon the next day. And it was only early evening when they left.


The End

You have reached the end of "Meet the Family". This story is complete.

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