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Meet the Family

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Summary: Sequel to Sweet Talker and answer to challenge 897

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterBloodPhoenixFR1522,799285,1567 Jun 0511 Jul 05Yes

Meet the Family

Title: Meet the Family

Author: BloodPhoenix

Rating: FR-13 maybe FR-15

Sequel to Sweet Talker and an answer to the challenge listed below.

Paring: Harry/Connor

This challenge just seemed to jump out at me. The evil little plot bunnies wouldn’t let me go. Damn them.

Disclaimer: HP belongs to J.K. Rowling. Connor and the A.I. Gang belong to Joss Wedon

Challenge Issuer:

Challenge Name: Meet the family

Challenge Description: #897 Crossover with any genre, where Connor has to meet his significant other's family and then the reverse. Extra Points for: Buffy/Angel pairing. Connor in a slash pairing. Charmed, but not Connor and one of the sisters. Connor and significant other making a bet about whose family is weirder. Demons attacking. Angel going game face. Somebody passing out.

Connor Angel stood with his lover and boyfriend Harry Potter outside of The Burrow in Ottery St. Catchpole. It was the Christmas Holidays and he was there to meet Harry’s ‘family’. After this they would go back to the States to meet up with the rest of Connor’s extended family. Harry just smiled at him reassuringly as he knocked on the door. Rapid footsteps were heard coming from within, and ten seconds later, several red-heads were at the door.

“Harry!” they all exclaimed. The only girl amongst them practically picked him off the floor with the force of her hug, and he was passed from one red-head to the next. When he had finally been set back on his feet, Harry cleared his throat.

“Guys, and of course Ginny, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend Connor.” Connor stood nervously as seven pairs of eyes raked him up and down. The one who he guessed to be the eldest locked gazes with him, seeming to lay bare his soul. The tall red-head stuck out a hand.

“Hey Connor, I’m Bill, the eldest of this crazy bunch.” Connor shook hands, and then the next one came forward.

“I’m Charlie, second eldest.”

“I’m Percy, third eldest.”

“We’re the Twins, Fred and George or Gred and Forge if you can’t figure out which is which.”

“I’m Ron, Harry should’ve told you about me and Hermione.” Connor nodded at that statement. Harry had indeed told him all about his adventures in school with Ron and Hermione by his side. And finally, the youngest stepped forward.

“I’m Ginny, the only girl. But don’t let that fool you. I’m nicknamed the ‘Pit Viper’ for a reason.”

“Oh? And what reason is that?” Connor asked.

“You don’t wanna know. Really you don’t,” the Twins chorused. By the looks on their faces, Connor decided that he indeed didn’t want to know.

They all trooped into the house with the twins calling out “Mum! Harry’s here!” As soon as the words left their mouths, a plump red-headed woman who Connor guessed to be Mrs. Weasley, came flying into the kitchen.

“Harry dear!”, she squealed in obvious excitement. She picked him up off the floor just like Ginny had and Connor swore he could hear Harry’s vertebrae popping. “Hi Mum. Did you miss me?” Harry called Mrs. Weasley mum after he went into his seventh year in school and since she was basically the mother he never got to have.

“Oh of course I missed you dear. I miss all my children when they’re away. Now who’s this?”

“His boyfriend Connor,” the Twins said in unison before Harry could even say anything.

“Really? So you’re the one who’s been keeping an eye on my baby hmm?”

“Yes ma’am I try to keep on eye on him, but he’s a slippery one.” Connor winked at her and she laughed.

“Oh yes he definitely is a slippery one. I know that from experience.” Connor grinned, oh yes he was definitely going to enjoy their three day stay here. He could feel himself relaxing already due to Mrs. Weasley’s warm sense of humor.

“So, what’s that wonderful smell Mrs. Weasley?”

“Oh you can call me Mum dear. If you’re dating one of mine, you can definitely call me Mum or Molly. And that wonderful thing you smell is my famous smoked ribs with honey barbecue sauce.”

“Okay Mum. I can’t wait to try those ribs. Harry told me you’re an excellent cook.”

The woman blushed and just ushered them all inside. Calling out to her husband, “Arthur get down here and meet Connor”, and shutting the door firmly behind them. Oh yes, he was definitely going to enjoy staying with the ‘Weasley Bunch’ as Harry had dubbed them. And he couldn’t wait to meet Harry’s godfather, the werewolf Remus Lupin. And he really couldn’t wait for Harry to meet the rest of his extended family.

Next chapter Harry will be meeting the rest of the A.I. Gang. I know in ‘sweet talker’ I mentioned something along the lines of ‘to the A.I. Gang’s amusement. Well that was a blooper I accidentally put in. so just pretend Harry has only met Angel. Next chapter is the final one and will be Harry meeting the A.I. Gang.
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