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Summary: It's like what mom used to say, "It's what's on the inside that counts" but then she didn't know about vampires and witches. Or spells that go wonky for that matter.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoySadieFR1544,605085,0589 Jun 057 Aug 05No

Part 1

Part One

Draco's eyes snapped open as if he'd been doused with icy water. He takes in a great, quaking gulp of air as his vision comes into focus.

A Weasley loomed over him. Female. Except...

Draco frowns as he looks at the face above him. The hair was too red, eyes not terribly vacant, not enough freckles. Too young to be the mother and too old to be the littlest Weasley. Actually kinda hot, Draco drawled mentally.

"Who are you?" Draco asked, his voice coming out raspy and dried.

"Get him some water," She called over her shoulder, her hands smoothing over him. "How're you feeling?"

Draco let his eyes drift shut as the redheaded woman continued stroking his face. It felt nice to be fussed over, especially after...death? Draco frowned, his eyes popping open. Where was he? Heaven perhaps, with a pretty little redhead, whose shirt he could see down from this angle, at his beck and call. Except, he certainly hadn't earned his way through those gates. He repeated his earlier question, "Who are you?"

"Me?" She looked a little disappointed at the lack of recognition and he almost felt bad. "Willow, remember? Red?"

"Willow?" He didn't know any Willow's. Except for that stupid tree on the Hogwart's grounds. But this woman was much better endowed.

A tall brunette appeared at their side with a glass of water. Willow thanked her and helped Draco into a sitting position. She brushed her breast against his arm and any other time he would have made a leery comment about it but he was too thirsty. He gulped the water greedily and it sadly did little to help.

"Willow, 'member?" Her eyes were all big and doe-like and Draco did feel bad for not knowing her, "Witchy Willow?"

"Witch?" Oh, well *that's* relieving.

"Yeah." She gave him a bright smile and continued rubbing his back.

Draco groaned, clutching his head. Why did she expect him to know her?

"Willow, this isn't--"

She turned to look at a blonde woman her age, "It's fine!" Willow snapped, before blushing at her outburst, "We were careful this time! He's just woozy. Being a little dead does that...I'd guess."

"Dead?" He *had* been dead?! Fucking father! So...wait a sec. "You raised me from the dead?"

"Willow!" The blonde ground out again. "You said he'd--"

"He was! I-I checked! Mega Witch here, Buff! He was between Hell and limbo." She turned her attention back to him and gave him a weak smile.

Hell. Why is he not surprised?

The buff blonde looked pissed though. "Wills, you know I love you but if you tore him from heaven..."

Willow was blushing and pulling away from Draco, "Buffy I swear! He wasn't in heaven, I made absolutely sure!"

The blonde still looked pissed, "You were positive I wasn't either! He sacrificed himself to save us all! They wouldn't shove someone like that into hell."

Willow now looked close to tears, angering Draco. "Would you piss off you stupid bottle blonde! Leave off her."

The group turned to stare at him. He now saw past the three young women and saw a forth and four men as well.

The pirate-looking male crossed his arms, "You know, can't say I missed him."

"Miss me? What the fuck are you people talking about?!" Draco turned back to the redhead, "What happened? How long was father killed me, where..."

"Your dad?" The tall brunette was crouching down next to him. "Spike, he's been dead for, like, ever..."

"He's dead?" Draco's eyes widened. Had it been Snape? Wow, all in one-- "Wait, who the hell is Spike?"
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