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Summary: It's like what mom used to say, "It's what's on the inside that counts" but then she didn't know about vampires and witches. Or spells that go wonky for that matter.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoySadieFR1544,605085,0579 Jun 057 Aug 05No


Title: Interchange
Author: Sadie
Rating: FR15
Spoilers: Everything for BtVS and Book 5 for HP
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and JK Rowling own all the recognizable things within.

Summary: It's like what mom used to say, "It's what's on the inside that counts" but than she didn't know about vampires and witches. Or spells that go wonky for that matter.

A.N. Sometimes I just get plain sick of the Draco / Spike comparisons. I mean, really now...


We've had a whole year to wind Potter up tightly.

By May and June the stupid twit was so on edge he seemed to have a permanent case of the shakes and had hexed all of his little friends no less than four times each. Our graduation came and passed with no interruptions and Potter was more overly 'cautious' than Mad Eye Moody ever was in his heyday.

So June passed and then July and slowly Potter found himself calming. Oh he was still on edge all right, he's stupid, but not that stupid. Muggles and mudbloods still perished here and there but nothing big.

The war was coming. Everyone knew that. No one knew when.

August 31, the day before we send all the little witches and wizards back to school, we attacked.


This. This is it. This is what it's all built up to. The last seven years...or do you start counting when Voldemort first --

It doesn't matter. None of that matters right now. All that matters is right now, this moment.

The war.

I am in my glory. Cursing and hexing anything that moves. Seventeen years of lessons all coming into play.

Seeing Terry Boot fall from a spell from my wand had been...startling. But to say I wasn't enjoying this would be a lie.

A blur of color quickly catches my eye.

There is nothing worse than being dropped by the jelly leg curse when you've been busy shooting Avada Kedavra's like they're going out of style.

Stupid little mudblood.

I take that moment, before countering the spell, to just catch my breath. I'm not sure when or why it happens but I begin to laugh. I let my head loll to the side and a few feet away some dead wizard stares back at me blankly. It only causes me to laugh harder.

A shadow looms over me and I try to calm myself long enough to discern if it's friend or foe.

Ah, Snape.

Snape hauls me up by the front of my shirt and I'm about to tell him to fuck off when he shoves some liquid down my throat. "What the--"

Snape holds me rigid for a few more moments, staring into my eyes. I'm just about to open my mouth again when he speaks. "Where is Voldermort hiding?"

Motherfucker! I can feel it, the answer is right there, bubbling under my surface. That treacherous bastard fed me a truth potion! I'm just opening my mouth to answer when I'm struck by another curse.

Snape watches me momentarily flap my lips uselessly before turning to his right to look at the advancing Death Eater.

"Now Draco, we can't have you speaking all our secrets," My father, thank god! "Severus...I wish I could say I was surprised. But I'm really not. Unhand my boy Severus, or your death will be most uncomfortable."

Snape sweeps his eyes over the battlefield momentarily. "I doubt my death will be anything other than uncomfortable."

Ah, the old family sneer, "You will wish for uncomfortable when I'm through with you. Now--" I practiced that look in front of the mirror for months and it comes to my father like second nature.

I watch Snape calmly raise his wand and wish my father would shut up and *watch*. And, fantastic, I can't even shout out a warning. Snape merely utters out "Impedimenta". I watch my father topple over in surprise and give a silent laugh.

Come one, come all and watch the Malfoy's dropped by stupid childish curses!

Snape must be thinking the same thing as he shakes his head and turns back toward me.

"You can't do this Severus!"

He just ignores my father, "I can though. And will. Your silencing charm should be wearing off"


"That's right, now tell me again. Where is Voldemort hiding?"

"He's hiding at--"

But my father gives a furious scream and pushes himself up, his wand pointed "No child of mine will be a traitor! I'd rather them dead!"

That son of a bitch! I try to blurt out the rest of Voldemort's location. If I'm getting turned on I'm taking everyone with me.

Unfortunately father's had much too much practice with the killing curse and the green light is hurtling my way at a startling speed.

I clench my eyes shut at the last second, not wanting to see that crazy look in father's eye. And here we have it. The once great Draco Malfoy slain by his own flesh and blood.
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