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Crossed Keys

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Summary: A Buffy / Jack Ryan crossover about the papal election of 2005.

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Literature > Action > Author: Tom Clancy(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR1843,51802210,0369 Jun 056 Feb 06No

My Kind of Guy

"Crossed Keys"

Summary: This is a BTVS crossover with Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels, revolving around the papal election of 2005.

Timing: Three years after the destruction of Sunnydale; a year after 'The Bear and the Dragon'.


Story Disclaimer:
All characters and locations taken from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series or the Jack Ryan novels (a series by Tom Clancy), and details of the government of Vatican City are properties of their respective creators and distributors. Plot, original characters, and other original elements are properties of the story author. All are used without permission and without intent to profit. Story is for entertainment purposes only. Disclaimer ends.

Chapter One: My Kind of Guy

She clicked on the hotel's remote, to the now-familiar sight of the Biography Channel's piece, about a year-plus old now, on President John Patrick Ryan. Of course, a lot had happened since then; it had been timed for release on Inauguration Day, back in the previous winter. Now, spring was breaking out, at least across the southern parts of the United States. Spring Training baseball was in full swing - no pun intended - in Arizona and Florida, the temperatures were rising along with the hours of daylight, and so forth. A normal American spring for once - not like that horrid one two years ago when the entire crew had been stuck in Oklahoma during "Solitary", as the press had eventually revealed the military operation to be called. She knew... well, hadn't really known, but almost... one person who'd died of that Ebola outbreak, and fully agreed with President Ryan. Constitutional issues aside - and she was one of the few American citizens her age well versed with that document - "Solitary" had been a necessary act for protecting the lives of everyday Americans. The Founding Fathers simply hadn't thought of biological warfare. Or several other things she had to deal with on a regular basis, for that matter.

Flipping channels, she paused on CNN, seeing massive crowds gathering in some foreign land, a towering building overlooking a somewhat familiar courtyard... oh. It sort of looked political, until the caption came up, identifying the site as the Vatican. She'd seen press reports from there, back in freshman year of high school - before all Hell had broken loose in her life - on what had been called the "Peace Bowl". A massive peace conference held at the Vatican that had finally sorted out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it had been intended as the end of war, although apparently nobody had informed Japan, Iran or China of that.

Now, it seemed, something that had not happened in her lifetime was about to. The Pope was about to die.

It probably would have interested her had she been Catholic at any point in her life, or Christian of any kind, really. But she never had been, and her finger was quickly telling the remote to move on. It turned out there wasn't anything better than the President Ryan thing on, so she sat down to watch the exploits of the Leader of the Free World - getting freer all the time was the running joke, now with the Russian alliance - once again. He was really the sort to cut through the crap and get things done, like the time she'd yelled at the Powers that "I suck at Latin, all right?" That thought brought a smile to the corners of her eyes. President Ryan was really her kind of guy - though not in a romantic sense, of course, as he was about the same age as her parents. But she'd voted for him, and planned to do so again, assuming whoever had talked him into running could pull it off a second time.


The evening meal at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was rarely not interrupted these days, and tonight was no different. "Mr. President? Mrs. Foley's on the phone."

That got Jack Ryan out of his chair very fast. Mary Pat, as she was known in the inner circle of government, was one of the Deputy Directors of the CIA. Occasionally - like with China last year - she'd been one of the first to catch onto world events. That was partly Jack's doing; after becoming President, he'd authorized her to triple the number of field agents in the CIA.

"Evening, Mary Pat."

"Evening, Mr. President. Just got a report in from Rome, and a confirmation out of Krakow, of all places."

"His Holiness?"

"He's not expected to last the night. They're trying to decide whether or not to bury his heart in Poland."

"Set up a working group with State. Bring in the Vati... wait, do we even have Vatican desks at CIA and State?"

"Italy usually covers it, but we'll want some Church experts too, I think." Mary Pat was the shoot-from-the-hip, think-on-her-feet type of girl.

"Get it set up. I want at least a paragraph in my morning briefing on it. How the succession works, who the players are, that sort of thing. Scott Adler probably knows half of it already, talk to him."

"Will do, Mr. President. Say hi to Cathy and the kids."

"Same to you and yours, MP. Good night." He hung up the phone, and Dr. Caroline Ryan, known to the Secret Service as SURGEON, finished dissecting her chicken breast. "Cath, in the morning we'll need to tell them to start packing the state funeral clothes and warm up Air Force One."

"The Pope? I saw the crowds on the news. You sure Andrea will approve?"

"I wouldn't miss this for the world. He was my kind of guy."
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