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Hands Down

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Summary: evolved from FfA fics. Ash has been charged with the murder of his friends after the events of 'Evil Dead 2'. What's a guy to do?

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Movies > Evil DeadLucindaFR1521,745041,6759 Jun 059 Jun 05Yes

Hands Down 2

author: Lucinda
rated Y-14, similar content to the source materials
main characters: Lindsey MacDonald and Ash (Army of Darkness)
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from A:tS or the Evil Dead movies.
Distribution: any lists that I send it to, otherwise please ask.
Note: FfA #, post Evil Dead - Ash has lost his hand, but is in the modern time, an employee at S-Mart.

Lindsey MacDonald sighed, shuffling through the papers. "You need to help me if I'm going to help you, Mr..."

"Call me Ash. Mister makes me start looking for my father." Ash leaned back in the chair, glancing around the office. He still wasn't certain why this guy had offered to take his case. Mr. MacDonald had claimed that the whole situation had 'caught his interest', but there had to be something more to things.

"Fine, Ash." Papers were dropped into a pile. "We've danced around official forms and questions, you're well aware of the charges. I'm going to be blunt, and I want you to be honest with me. Did you kill the other people on that camping trip?"

"No!" He jumped to his feet, slamming his fist down on the table. "I could never have... No, I did not kill them, Mr. MacDonald."

"There's not very much evidence, but it does make it pretty clear that your friends are dead." The lawyer looked over the table, and his eyes were calm and cold. "What happened in that cabin, Ash?"

"Is there something in those papers about the guy who owned the cabin?" Ash looked at the stack of papers, certain that there had to be a good deal more than just the paperwork accusing him of killing his friends and fiancée.

Shuffling the pages, the lawyer pulled out a small stack, held together by a green paperclip. "He's an archeologist, specializing in ancient Middle Eastern cultures. What does that have to do with your camping trip gone bad?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Ash muttered, sinking back into his chair. Without thinking about it, he tried to push his hair out of his eyes. It didn't work as well without the hand. "It was just... unbelievable."

"You'd be surprised just what I'd believe." The lawyer’s hand started to spread out the papers, one finger working at the paperclips, trying to remove them.

With a look that mingled surprise and alarm, Lindsey MacDonald grabbed his hand, pressing it to the table with a whispered, "Stop that!"

"Problems?" Ash asked, staring at the strange sight of the man forcibly holding his hand against the table. It actually reminded him of part of that whole mess in the cabin.

"They gave me an evil hand." The muttered words were almost too faint to catch. "No, nothing too serious to deal with."

"The archeologist had a book, Mr. MacDonald. It was called the Necronomicon." Ash decide to take a chance, and toss out a few details.

"What?" The expression of shock wasn't the blankness of somebody trying to figure out how to pronounce that strange word. "Did someone... open the book?"

For a few moments, Ash debated how to answer his lawyer. Finally, he looked up, hoping that all the painful memories weren't in his eyes, and the words rasped out, "I think he had to open it in order to read it out loud for his record. We... we found the record, and it got played. That was the freakiest thing that I'd ever heard."

"Then things got ugly." The words weren't a question, and Lindsey MacDonald looked grim and worried. The hand that had been making a mess of the paperwork tapped on the table, and he could see a line around the wrist where the shade of his skin changed. It didn't look quite like a tan line. Maybe there was something to that evil hand comment after all...

"Yeah." Ash didn't give any more details. "Things got ugly."

"The Necronomicon, dead friends, and collapsed bridges..." Lindsey MacDonald shook his head with a rueful sigh. "I think this is turning out to be more interesting than most of my paying cases, hands down."

"You missed the severed hand." Ash grumbled.

"No, that was an unconnected situation entirely," Lindsey insisted, glaring at his hand. "It was purely an internal affair."

"I meant mine." Ash resisted the urge to smile, because there really wasn't anything funny. Just the irony of a guy with a severed hand getting a lawyer who'd lost a hand. "It got possessed."

"A possessed, evil hand?" Lindsey blinked before looking at the fidgeting hand suspiciously. "This one isn't yours, is it?"

Peering at the hand, Ash checked for a little scar just behind the second knuckle, a lingering reminder of his neighbor's garden fence. He wasn't certain if he was relieved not to see it or creeped out that he was actually checking for his scar. "No, I don't think so."

"Good, I think." For a moment, there was an awkward silence.

"You were right though. I don't think telling a judge that the archeologist recorded a passage from the Sumerian Book of the Dead and unleashed evil demons would be a good defense." For a moment, Lindsey looked thoughtful. "We need something a little more easily believed than the truth, and I'm going to help you find that something."

end Hands Down 2.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hands Down". This story is complete.

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