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All the World is Falling

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Summary: Harry gets some terrible news... And Hermione gets a surprise

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Harry Potter > General > DramaKarenUFR1533,269052,93511 Jun 053 Jul 05No

All the World is Falling

Title: All the World is Falling

Author: Karen U


Category: HP/Angel

Pairings: Hermione/?, probable FredB/?

Disclaimer: All Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon, all Harry Potter

characters belong to JK Rowling.

Distribution: ask first

Rating: 15

Spoilers: Angel - sometime during season three, though I'm ignoring Connor

(baby or otherwise) and Cordelia's still all human. HP- Starts during OotP,

just after Harry has arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place

Summary: Harry gets some terrible news... And Hermione gets a surprise...


{ ... Can it be we are all temporarily visiting, can I stay while all the world is falling, in on me... Now all I have are questions and, one big mess here on my hands... is this it, are we all just temporary visitors... -Diana Anaid, Temporary Visitors... }

He walked into number 12 Grimmauld Place with no small amount of trepidation, not at all sure what he would find inside. The outside of the shabby place wasn't exactly a promising sight, though he had to suppose that just about anywhere would be better than the Dursleys. Frowning, he pushed aside the feelings of doubt, knowing that there just *had* to be some answers to the dozens of questions he had waiting inside the old house. The news he'd had that summer couldn't exactly be called news... Just words of encouragement from Sirius, and a few vague letters from Ron, letters that had hinted at something bigger, but he couldn't tell what that was. He hadn't heard from Hermione Granger, his other best friend, at all, and that disturbed him more than a little, especially considering the fact that Hedwig hadn't even been able to deliver the letters he'd written to Hermione. Every time he sent the snowy white owl off to deliver a letter to the girl, Hedwig would come back days later with the parchment still tied to her leg, the words 'return to sender' hastily scrawled on the unopened letter. He hadn't been sure what to make of that, as Hedwig had never mis-delivered a letter before, and the handwriting on the parchment hadn't looked a thing like Hermione's. He was hoping to get an explanation now that he was here at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix - of which he still hadn't received an explanation as to what the Order was - and he was also hoping to finally get to see his friends. Despite his annoyance at not being told anything, he'd grown steadily more worried about Hermione as the summer had stretched on, and he'd received no answers as to her whereabouts from Ron or Sirius, and part of him had gone to hoping that she and her family had simply gone into hiding over the summer, something that would make since now that Voldemort was back.

"Oh, Harry, it's so good to see you! Need to put some weight on you, of course," Mrs. Weasley said as she approached him, engulfing him in one of her trademark hugs as she spoke, somehow managing to make him feel as if she were eyeing him critically even as she hugged him. He supposed it was one of those mother things. He wouldn't know, as he couldn't actually remember his mother, and Aunt Petunia had barely ever looked at him at all. "You'll have to wait a bit for a meal, though, as the meeting's about to start. Go upstairs, then, you'll find Ron easily enough. Second floor, third door on the right."

"Meeting?" Harry said questioningly, and Mrs. Weasley smiled at him.

"Don't you worry about that, dear. That's for the grown-ups. Now go on-"

"Mrs. Weasley?" Harry asked before she could walk away, and the redheaded woman looked back at him.

"Yes, dear?"

"Is Hermione here? Is she coming?"

An odd look came to the woman's face, one he couldn't really read, and Harry felt his heart sink as Mrs. Weasley shook her head. "No, dear, Hermione's not here. Why don't... Why don't you speak to Ron about that?" the woman suggested, and when Harry shot a look over his shoulder at Remus Lupin, his former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher seemed to be avoiding his gaze. He jumped a little when Mrs. Weasley came over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, guiding him towards the stairs. "Go on, now. Ron's been looking forward to seeing you, and he can explain everything."

Frowning, Harry trudged up the stairs, shooting another look over his shoulder at the adults, watching them until he was too far up the steps to see them anymore, and he sighed as he walked down the hall, finding the third door on the right as instructed and knocking on it.

"Go away!"

"Ron, it's me," Harry called out, and the door was opened almost instantly to reveal his freckled friend, who had grown at least another three or four inches since he'd seen him.

"Harry, you made it!" Ron exclaimed, pulling him inside, and Harry sent him a bemused smile.

"What? Did you think someone would kill me as I flew here? You're as paranoid as Moody."

"No, it's not that, it's just..."

"Just what? What's going on, Ron? Where's Hermione? Why wouldn't your mother tell me why she wasn't here or if she was coming-"

"She's not," Ron told him, looking sad. "And I couldn't tell you in my letters in case they were intercepted, because then people would know-"

"Know what? What's going on, Ron?" Harry demanded, knowing he was repeating his own words from just seconds before, but the frustration at not knowing what was going on was mounting to an unbelievable height. "Is she in hiding-"

"She's gone. She's never told her parents about the wizarding world, not really. They never knew about the Sorcerer's Stone, or how she was petrified in second year by the basilisk, and she certainly never told them that your godfather was a convicted murderer... Innocent, of course, but convicted. But..."

"But what?"

"They read a letter that was written to her, I don't know who'd sent it, but then they wrote to Mum, and well... Mum told them all about Cedric, and warned them about You-Know-Who, and... She thought she was keeping them safe, she didn't know what they were going to do," Ron hurried to explain to him, though Harry could tell that Ron was more than a little angry with his mother about what had happened.

"What did they do, Ron?" Harry asked, dreading the answer, knowing it would be bad, but it was still like a blow to the gut when Ron spoke the words.

"Her parents broke her wand, Harry. They broke Hermoine's wand, and they sent her away."


"We don't know, Harry. They wouldn't tell us. They wouldn't tell us anything at all."
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