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Breaking Down is Easy

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Summary: Destiny isn't always easy...

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > DramaKarenUFR1511,0670192811 Jun 0511 Jun 05No
Title: Breaking Down is Easy

Author: Karen U


Category: BtVS/Harry Potter

Pairings: Hermione/Draco, Faith/Oliver Wood, possible Harry/Dawn and


Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters belong to the wonderfully talented

JK Rowling. All BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, who is a god among


Distribution: ask first

Rating: probably PG-13

Spoilers: BtVS - starts in early season seven, but may go up to Chosen.

Harry Potter - through Goblet of Fire, I guess, though I'm ignoring all things related to Viktor Krum.

Summary: Destiny isn't easy...

Notes: Okay, this is set in the beginning of my version of year five for Harry and the gang, which means they're 15, as is Dawn. Vi is 17, as are Fred and George Weasley. Oliver Wood is 19, Faith is 20, and Buffy and company are 21. I won't be using anything from Order of the Phoenix.


{ ... You can run but you can't touch... I don't think I like you much... Heaven knows what a girl can do... Heaven knows what you've got to prove... I think I'm paranoid... And complicated... I think I'm paranoid... Manipulated... Bend me... Break me... Any way you need me... All I want is you... Bend me... Break me... Breaking down is easy... All I want is you... I fall down just to give you a thrill... Prop me up with another pill... If I should fail, if I should fold... I nailed my faith to the sticking pole... Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me... Maim me, tame me, you can never change me... Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me... Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me... -Garbage, I Think I'm Paranoid... }

She despised Divination.

It was a stupid, pointless class, one she wished beyond anything that she hadn't had to take. Unfortunately, it had been required. Professor Trelawney, of course, saw death at every corner for Harry, and had, on more than one occasion, informed her that her mind was nothing more than mundane... Far too mundane for the art of Divination.


She didn't need to read tea leaves or look into a crystal ball to see the future, she didn't need to have her palm read to know about her destiny.

Yes, she knew about destiny. Far more than Professor Sibyll Trelawney realized.

Destiny was in prophecies, written in old books with wrinkled pages, found on parchments and scrolls, not in the nasty bits at the bottom of a tea cup. She knew that, she understood that. She understood destiny... But sometimes she wished that she didn't. It would be much easier if she didn't understand it, if she wasn't so bloody smart.

The thought was a jolt to her. Never before had she thought it would be good if she weren't so smart. But she was... She was smart enough to know where to find the information she wanted, smart enough to be able to tell the real from the imaginary. She was smart enough to know that she was different. She'd always known it... But the surprise had come when she had learned that she was different in more ways than one.

She was smart, and she worked hard, and she studied so that she would never be behind. She couldn't afford to get behind... It just wouldn't do. She wasn't going to let anyone say that she wasn't smart enough to belong. She'd read the books before she had come to the school; it hadn't been a surprise to her when she'd been called a Mudblood for the first time. It hadn't surprised her to hear the whispers behind her back. Muggle-born, she was. Different.

If only they knew.

So she had studied, and she had learned, and she had made sure to get the best marks in her class. She had made friends as well, something she had never been able to do before. And her friends were different, too. Harry Potter, with the legend that surrounded him, a hero by the time he was a year old. Yes, he was different. But Ron Weasley was, too. He was the sixth of seven children, the youngest of the boys, and he didn't have Percy's uptight tendencies, or the mischievous personalities of Fred and George. He wasn't the baby, like Ginny. He was just Ron. Simple, normal Ron... And he was happy with that. And it made him different.

And that was that... A trio of different kids that somehow found one another, then found more trouble than they had ever bargained for. Harry was the champion, she supposed, Ron his faithful friend and sidekick... And she was the brains. The know it all that did most of the research and had little of the fun. She wasn't as carefree as they seemed to be, which was odd, seeing as someone tried to kill Harry pretty much every school year. She was uptight, with her nose always stuck in a book, too conscientious of the rules... Yet still they remained her friend. She didn't understand it, often didn't understand them. Just as they didn't understand her.

They had no idea how little they actually understood her.

But she was content with that, this friendship without any true understanding, because they were the first real friends that she'd had. And because of them, Neville and Dean and Seamus were nice to her, though girls like Lavender and Pavarti often looked at her as if she were some sort of science experiment. An experiment that had gone horribly wrong.

She didn't mind it, though, because their general avoidance of her gave her more time to study, more time to learn things, more time to work hard and prove that she truly belonged. At least, she hoped she belonged. She had to belong somewhere, didn't she? And Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was the closest thing she'd ever felt to home. The magic in the air felt right to her, as did the desire to learn everything that went along with it. She had been awed at first, and she had believed totally in the safety of the castle, something that had definitively been proven wrong on Halloween of her very first year, when she'd been attacked by a troll in the bathroom. But safe or not, it had become her home, a sort of refuge for her, away from the eyes of her parents, away from the stares that questioned how they, two normal people, had ended up with a daughter that was so... Different.

Different, like destiny, was a word she understood very well. She would always be different. Even here at Hogwarts, surrounded by other witches and wizards. Witches and wizards that would never really understand her.

And so it was that she stayed up in her room in Gryffindor Tower, her nose buried in books as she learned everything she possibly could, trying to be ready for what was to come. Trying to be ready in case destiny came calling.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Breaking Down is Easy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jun 05.

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