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A Life Derailed

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This story is No. 5 in the series "A Changed World Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: BtVS/The Shield - Kate Lockley's first assignment for the Council is tracking down a rogue Slayer. Captain Monica Rawlings must choose between duty and an old friend.

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two

“Dutch, Claudette what have you got on the school beatings so far?” Captain Monica Rawlings asked as her detectives came through the door.

“Not much,” Dutch said. “According to the witnesses one girl did all the damage. A Lucy Sutter. Just turned fifteen today. According to her transcript she gets goods grades. Never been in any real trouble. Teacher says she’s been acting ‘fidgety’ the last couple of days. Then today she just went off on her classmates. Put four of them in the hospital.”

“You’re sure one girl did all that?”

“That’s what the witnesses say,” Wyms replied. “Even the teacher. Students outside say they saw her jump from a second story window and take off.”

“How the hell could she pull that off?” Rawlings asked.

“We don’t know,” Dutch replied. “We figure she started up on drugs. Something laced with PCP or some designer drug concoction.”

“Problem is, her teacher and the other students all say she was clean,” Wyms added. “So whatever happened, it was recent.”

“Any indication of gang involvement?”

“Nothing so far, aside from the possible drug connection,” Dutch answered. He looked over at his partner who flashed him a look. “It’s possible the kids and the teacher are too scared to tell us what really went down. Hard to believe a fifteen year old girl, even strung out on drugs, could lay six people out and put four in the hospital.”

“So what’s the plan of attack?”

“We’ve got Danny and Julien sitting on her house in case she turns up there,” Wyms said. “Another unit is bringing the mother in.”

“Ok,” Rawlings said. “Leave Vic out of it for now. He’s still working the One-Niners heroin connection. You two run with this case. Hopefully the mother can give you something useful as to what set this girl off.”


“Hey Kate,” Kate Lockley turned at the sound her name being called.

“Amy,” she said. “How was class this morning?”

“Just the usual stuff,” Amy replied. “How are you settling in?”

“It’s been a good couple of weeks,” Kate replied. Buffy had talked her into being the head Watcher for Council’s new LA branch. Kate had been reluctant to take the job at first. But Buffy had proven very persuasive. “Barb’s team checked in from scouting Lake Sunnydale. Just the usual nests around the place. They’ll be back this late this afternoon.”

“Good,” Amy said. “Thank god the tourists stopped hanging out around there. It was mess trying to keep the place safe for the first couple of years.”

“I haven’t asked yet, how long have you been at this?”

“Since Sunnydale,” Amy replied. “I was there at the end. I guess you could call it the beginning too.”

“You’re majoring in both Theology and Mythology right?”

“Yep,” Amy said. “I’m planning on being a Slayer and a Watcher. It was Faith’s idea. Something about keeping the tweed brigade in line.”

“That particular double major has to turn a couple of heads …” Kate was cut off when a man’s voice shouted from behind her.

“Ms Lockley,” the voice said. “Willow’s on the phone. She says it’s urgent.”

“I’ll be right there,” Kate turned to head back to her office. “We’ll finish our talk later Amy.”

“Catch you later,” Amy said. “I’m going to go finish my homework. My team is patrolling the area around Wolfram and Hart’s old offices tonight.”

Kate nodded in reply. A couple of minutes later she was picking up the phone.

“Hey Willow, it’s Kate,” she said.

“Kate, a new Slayer just appeared in LA,” Willow said over the phone.

“You found another Potential,” Kate said.

“No a Slayer,” Willow said. “She came into her power about an hour or so ago.”

“You didn’t know about her before?” Kate said. “I thought you guys tried to keep track of all the Potentials and contact them before they turned fifteen.”

“We try,” Willow said. “But the detection spells aren’t full proof, especially in areas with high magical backgrounds like southern California around the Hellmouth. The old Council use to miss Potentials all the time. The only detection spell that has ever worked perfectly is the one for detecting a newly called Slayer. And our little detector just went off. Some girl turned fifteen today and became a Slayer.”

“I take it you want me to find her,” Kate said.

“That’s the plan,” Willow said. “Take one of the other Slayers with you. Amy would be a good choice if she’s available. She spent the first year after Sunnydale tracking down Slayers in the US. She’s pretty good at dealing with the new girls. She’ll give you the run down on how we approach newly called Slayers.”

“Anything I should watch for?” Kate asked.

“It’s a little different for all the girls,” Willow said. “Here let me put Kennedy on.” Kate waited for a few seconds then heard another click. “Kennedy?”

“I’m here babe,” Kennedy said. “Can you hear me Kate?”

“I can hear you,” Kate answered.

“Ok,” Kennedy said. “Like Willow said, it’s a different for all of us. She probably experienced a rush of some kind. She might be a little clumsy while she adjusts too her strength. If she’s one of the girls who is sensitive to magic she might be drawn to anything mystical around her. Some of girls get a little aggressive when they first feel the rush of being a Slayer. Willow’s right. Amy should be able to handle this.”

“Do you have an idea where she is?” Kate asked.

“I’ll send you an e-mail of where the detection spell said she was when the Slayer awakened,” Willow said. “I can’t get you any better than that.”

“We’ll get on it now,” Kate said. “I’ll talk to you when we find her.”

“Call Cleveland,” Willow said. “We’ll give the Buffy the heads up. She and Faith like to talk to all the new Slayers as soon as they can. She’s my next call.”

“Alright Willow,” Kate said. “Then I’ll talk to you guys after that.”

“Works for me,” Willow said. “We’ll talk to you then. Bye.”

“Goodbye Willow,” Kate hung up the phone and then called out to one of the office staff. “Hey Phil, go grab Amy. Tell her we’ve got a newly called Slayer to track down.”

“Yes Ms. Lockley.”


“Mrs. Sutter,” Wyms said. “Anything you can tell us would be helpful.”

“I just can’t believe my little girl could do anything like this,” Mrs. Sutter said. “She’s a good girl. Lucy gets good grades. She was on the honor roll last year.”

“Mrs. Sutter, is it possible Lucy may be using drugs?” Dutch asked.

“Not Lucy!” Mrs Sutter shouted. “She wouldn’t go near drugs. She’s seen what they’ve done to other kids. She has a future. She’s not going to throw that away. You’ve all got this wrong. My little girl did not do this. Somebody else did this.”

“How has she been acting the last few days?” Wyms asked. “The people at school say she’s been fidgety. A little hyper.”

The woman shrugged. “Her birthday was coming up. She’s always gets excited about her birthday,” she paused. “She has been a little jumpy the last couple of days. But it was nothing big. I swear my Lucy’s never raised her hand in anger in life.”

“Mrs. Sutter,” Dutch said. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this. But this kind of thing. The fidgeting, sudden violent behavior, the only way to explain it is drugs. Unless there is some history of mental disorder.”

“Nothing like that,” Mrs. Sutter said. “Lucy’s never had any problems. Worse she gets is claustrophobic. She sometimes used to sleep outside in the treehouse her bother built. Please, I have to go home. Lucy could be there soon. I have to be there.”

“Just relax,” Wyms said. “There is a patrol car watching your house. They haven’t seen any sign of your daughter.”

“Make sure they don’t hurt her,” Mrs. Sutter said.

“Hey Scooby take care of Mrs. Sutter here,” Wyms said. She handed off Mrs. Sutter to a uniformed officer who walked her away. “Something is not adding up with this. Why would that girl start taking drugs?”

“Maybe she was just experimenting,” Dutch replied. “Hit a bad batch of something. Wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened. Girl pisses away a promising life for one chance to get high.”

“Let’s check in at the hospital,” Wyms said. “Maybe one of the people she attacked can shed some light on what happened.”
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