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A Life Derailed

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This story is No. 5 in the series "A Changed World Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: BtVS/The Shield - Kate Lockley's first assignment for the Council is tracking down a rogue Slayer. Captain Monica Rawlings must choose between duty and an old friend.

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Television > Shield, ThejustaguyFR18817,09234517,90113 Jun 059 Dec 05No
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A Life Derailed

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BtVS or The Shield and I am not making any type of monetary gain from this story.


BtVS – Set roughly three and half years after ‘Chosen’ spoilers through season seven.

The Shield – Set early in season four. Just after the episode “Insurgents“

This is set in my ‘A Changed World’ universe but it is a stand alone story.


Chapter One

“So what are we looking at?” detective ‘Dutch’ Wagenbach said as he entered the school.

“Five kids got the crap beat out of them along with their teacher,” Officer Danny Sofer replied. “Four of them are on the way to the hospital. Broken arms, cracked ribs, they’re all banged up pretty bad. Two of them were knocked unconscious. A couple of others caught a little of it.”

“Who all was involved?” detective Cluadette Wyms asked.

“According to the principal, all the kids were from the honors class,” Officer Julien Lowe replied as he led them up to the second floor. “Good grades don’t get into trouble. Not gang affiliated. Two of them are on the football team.”

Wyms and Wagenbach walked into the classroom and froze. A dozen desks had been overturned. There was blood on the floor and some splatter on the walls. The window was shattered.

“How many people did this?” Dutch asked.

“Witnesses say one girl did all of this.” Sofer replied.

“You’re kidding,” Dutch said. “Maybe this is gang related. They’re all just too scared to talk.”

“All say the same thing,” Sofer replied shaking her head. “Including the teacher. One girl took all six down.”

Wagenbach looked over at a young woman standing off to the side talking with one of the uniformed officers. She had the makings of bad welt developing on her right eye. “You’re the teacher?”

“Yes,” came the reply. “Abigail Turner. I just can’t believe this.”

“So what happened?” Wyms asked.

“It was Lucy,” Mrs. Turner said. “She just went crazy. She tackled Tim, the boy sitting next to her. She just went off. I’ve never seen anybody move that fast before. Rondell and Scotty tried to pull her off. She just knocked them away like they weren’t there. I swear to god Rondell must have gone back at least six feet. He’s second string offense line on the football team.”

“Mrs. Turner,” Dutch cut in. “You’re saying one girl, this Lucy, put four people in the hospital.”

“I know how it sounds,” she replied. “But she just went insane. She went after anyone who went near her,” she pointed at her eye. “How do you think I got this? Lucy practically took Leticia’s head off when she tried to calm her down. And she’s her best friend. She hit her so hard blood came out of her mouth. She kind of stopped after that, looked around all panicked and then … then she jumped out of the window.”

“We’re on the second floor Mrs. Turner,” Wagenbach noted. “She’s not outside. You’re trying to tell me a girl jumped out of a second story window and ran away.”

“That’s what the kids outside say,” Julien said.


“A few kids in the gym class outside heard the window breaking,” Danny replied. “Three of them swear they saw Lucy hit the ground, roll, come up on her feet and just start running.”

“You’re shittin’ me. That’s impossible,” Dutch said.

“Mrs. Turner,” Wyms said. “Can you tell us a little about Lucy? Any drug problems, difficulties at home, gang ties?”

“Lucy?” Mrs. Turner said. “She’s a good girl. She gets good grades. Never taken drugs in her life. Her mother is saint. Kept both her kids in school and away from the gangs. Her older bother is on scholarship to UCLA majoring in chemistry. Lucy’s even smarter than he is.”

“Has anything changed in the last few days?”

“She’s been really fidgety the last couple of days,” Mrs. Turner replied. “I assumed that was just because her birthday is today. She turned fifteen.”

“What was she like today?” Dutch asked.

“Like I said fidgety,” Mrs. Turner explained. “You know, hyper, always moving around. Her leg was bouncing up and down. I thought it was just nerves. Wasn’t affecting her school work. She aced her math quiz yesterday.”

Dutch nodded and motioned to his partner. The two moved off to a quiet corner of the room.

“What do you think?” Wyms asked.

“Sounds like drugs to me,” Dutch said. “Heroin laced with PCP maybe. Meth, maybe some designer stuff mixed in. That would account for the fidgeting, strength and seeming immunity to pain.”

“Drugs. Could be gang related,” Wyms noted. “We may need to call Vic in on this one.”

“We can handle this without Vic,” Dutch said.

“Rawlings orders, anything with potential gang ties or drug related Vic stays in the loop,” Wyms said. “I don’t like it either.”

“Fine,” Dutch conceded. “We need to send a unit out to sit on the girl’s home. Let’s go find the mother.”
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